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    Mini Man

  2. The final decision about the landscaping was not to change a thing. LOL I mentioned to Bruce that I was thinking about changing it and he said he liked it just the way it is. Since this is primarily his house, I left things as they were and just got a better picture. Close up pictures of the landscaping are in my gallery.



  3. The Westville Dollhouse Kit is a country favorite around Greenleaf. You will find this blog useful for tips a decorating ideas as build your Westville Dollhouse.

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  5. The Arthur Dollhouse Kit remains one of Greenleaf's most popular kits. You will find this blog useful for tips a decorating ideas as build your Arthur Dollhouse.

    The Best way to navigate this blog is to select a members name from the category are to the left. That will sort all the blog entries so that you will be looking at one persons progress as the move through their construction of the Arthur Dollhouse.

    Please Keep in mind that blogs are in reverse chronological order, so you we recommend that you scroll down to see the start of this dollhouse kit, and then scroll up to see the progression through the building progress.

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  6. Step 3 calls for the middle sized tower pieces to be added. It is on sheet number 3. I have also glued the tower top on. This is what it should look like.


    Part F Step 1

    The instructions calls for the front roof part to be added. This is what it will look like. Mine is NOT glued in because I am going to shingle mine 1st because it is hard to shingle around the tower and cut the shingle correctly. I am also thinking about adding a Garden deck by opening up the roof this time. you'll see that soon.


    Part F Step 2

    This is the other roof side that had to be added now


  7. This house is made for a customer of mine and she did not want too many flowers up front but you know me, I gotta have flowers and trees and some form of life to the house. Also, because this house was being shipped very far away, I could not add a huge base to it so, I took some foam core (1/2" thick) and glued it to the bottom of this house. I then covered it with "Sheet Moss". I then added trees, moss and flowers to the the base to give this house the appearance that the yard is kinda unkept and this is what we have now. I will add more pictures shortly!!! I am so pleased because I know for sure now that this house will be featured on the front cover of It will be featured in the April 2007 Issue :banana:

  8. The Haunted Dollhouse Kit is a fun way to celebrate to decorate you house for Halloween. You will find this blog useful for tips and decorating ideas as build your Haunted Dollhouse.

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    Please Keep in mind that blogs are in reverse chronological order, so you we recommend that you scroll down to see the start of this dollhouse kit, and then scroll up to see the progression through the building progress.

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  9. blog-352-1160104488_thumb.jpgblog-352-1160104346_thumb.jpgblog-352-1160104367_thumb.jpgblog-352-1160104382_thumb.jpgblog-352-1160104403_thumb.jpgblog-352-1160104422_thumb.jpgblog-352-1160104440_thumb.jpgRay and I completed the Orchid today.

    We really enjoyed the opportunity to build and blog as a part of the Community Team.

    I counted the days in my blog as I knew Ray and I couldn't build each day due to work and other family obligations (my dad suffered a brain injury a couple of months ago).

    We were very surprised to see that we could build a lovely house in under 2 weeks. Ray and I had never built a house using a kit before this Orchid. What a lovely experience.









  10. JULY 7, 2007

    Just before Jimmy's death, I was working on the wallpaper in this house, I had done most of the kitchen, all of the livingroom, and was working on the bathroom and the bedroom. Here's where I was at that time.



    JANUARY 20, 2009

    It took a long time to be able to touch this house again, but I started working on it again in January 2009. I had to finish paperclaying the chimney, and begin the brick around the bottom of the house. For those of you who met "Gigi" (the kitten that was roughly one week old when I got her), she has taken a liking to helping me with dollhouses....



    JANUARY 22, 2009

    Continuing to work on the color scheme for this house, I chose to go with pinks and greens. Finished painting the bricks the "main" color on the chimney. Boy was that tough! I've also FINALLY finished my wallpapering in the house, and I'm pretty pleased with it. That gap in the upper pink (bed)room was done by Jimmy (he never could build straight), so I left it alone and didn't try to fix it, since it was his "mark". I've also started installing window casings.





    JANUARY 29, 2009

    I need to go ahead and finish installing the windows--and by the way--I did it wrong the first time. I keep forgetting that when you are working with double hung windows that you MUST put the window pane in BEFORE you attach the window casing to the house. Well, I forgot. Again. Oops. Had to take them back off, LOL! I've also started adding the trim, which is being done in darker shades of pink and green.


    FEBRUARY 22, 2009

    Time to work on getting the staircase installed. I know some people go ahead put that in much earlier than me, but I didn't want it in the way when I was wallpapering, so I've waited until now. I also put the trim around the fireplace and the mantle in.







    MARCH 06, 2009

    I need to go ahead and get that brickwork on the bottom of the house done. I tried to start it earlier, but discovered I wasn't quite ready to do that yet. Because I need to run the brick up to the bottom trim, I've gone ahead and installed it--with Gigi's help of course! And for those of you who think "oh she's so cute!", lemme tell ya, that lil girl is a monster! She is forever taking off with my brushes, my paperclay tools--whatever she can get her lil paws on. She takes things out of my pocketbook, and she puts things in my pocketbook....



    MARCH 25, 2009

    I've got my bricks done on the bottom of the house. I've tried to stay with the pattern on the chimney. I'm really thrilled with how well it went together.... Now I've got to paint it all....



    JULY 09, 2009

    I've got my bricks along the bottom painted, and if you'll look closely, you'll see that, since the house is pink and green, there are also pink and green bricks, LOL! Not many, just a few. I'm also working on installing the porch railing, since I need to have the porch railing on to start the roof. Hey, y'all see my truck on the other side of the street? That's what I had to end up doing to keep the kittens out of it... LOL!




    JULY 13, 2009

    Time to start paperclaying the roof. Got my lines drawn, and doing the "roofing thing". I want to make this look like a slate roof, and I decided to do a pattern in it. So, I'm doing four straight, and four curved. I just cut the tips off the sides to make it curved.


    AUGUST 02, 2009

    Still working on the roof, but I've almost got it done.


    AUGUST 04, 2009

    Yippeeee!!!! DONE paperclaying the roof, including the ridgecap! Now I've got to give it a few days to get good and dry....


    AUGUST 09, 2009

    Been painting on the roof. It has several different colors. I started with a dirty wash, then did a darker wash of dark burnt umber. Then, using a "criss-cross" or "slashing" motion, I'm adding a dark brown, dark gray, light brown, and light gray into it.



    AUGUST 11, 2009

    If you will remember, this house already had a recipient, and I've just discovered that her last day is Friday (she's getting married and moving to Maryland), so I MUST have this house completed by then, but I'm almost finished! I've clear-coated the brickwork on the chimney, bottom and roof. I've started doing touchups. I'm not real happy with that trim along the bays, so I'm going to have to change that. Then I can get my balcony railing and the doors in.




    AUGUST 14, 2009

    Hey everybody! Guess what! I'm finally FINISHED! Except, last night I realized I had started doing the touchups on the white trim in the wrong shade of white so I was up this morn at 4:30a repainting it, LOL! Here's the finished product!













    Hey, remember I told you this house had a recipient? Well, after having the house on display all day in the office, around 3p I finally handed her the keys and told her it was her house. She looked at the keys...


    and upon discovering it was hers, immediately wrapped her arms around it, LOL!



    Then she decided to go and make a sign for it....


  11. But first, the banjo clock and upholstered chairs for the living room, that I made from Kris' tutorials. This is the first time that I've tried a sofa (I expanded Kris' patterns for the chairs), but they all turned out well. I lowered all the seats by one thickness of foam board, as I had done for the Calico Critters hedgehog family in the Shadybrook Cabin build.


    This is the first time that I have put piping all the way around the cushion (top), but I figured that I had to with the couch cushions, and the others would look funny if I didn't. I'm pleased with how these turned out-- the fabric was a good weight for this.


    I had measured that left wall to see how long to make the couch!


    Then I turned to another of Kris' tutorials, "bed with faux caning", which is unfortunately not on her blog anymore (but I had printed out this tut to pdf). The mattresses are from her shabby chic bed tutorial. This is the first time I've tried the buttons; they turned out OK, but I might look for some tiny nail art for buttons next time. This is the first time I've tried this bed tutorial; I used Kris' general directions, but I fit the height and width dimensions to what I actually needed for the mice (so I ended up making my own templates). I gessoed them then spray-painted them with the Krylon Chalky Finish spray paint that I've been using (which is actually a slight satin sheen) and I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out.


    I got the rugs cheap on amazon.

    Now let me tell you about these chairs; I have made the parson's chair quite a few times and they have turned out moderately well, which is why I keep making them...! :prop: Well these guys fought me the whole way, and it took me a while to figure out why. First of all, the backs were too bendy-- looked like Dr. Seuss curlicue chair backs, so I ended up gluing tongue depressors on the back and dremeling them down (after they'd dried pretty well) so there wouldn't be too much thickness on the back.


    So that turned out pretty well. Then I got to the part where I was upholstering the chair backs, and I started to figure out that this fabric was too heavy of a weight for this design. There is some "fabric sculpting" that has to take place on the chair back and the cushion; I have always had difficulty with it, but never had wrinkles like this happening:


    So these chairs all had to have boxing to hide all that massive wrinkle, which is the first time I've done this on a parson's chair, but actually I like the way it looks.

    I abandoned the original cushions because I couldn't get them to look nice (fabric too thick) and they would make the mice sit too high anyway. Went for a simple pad.

    Found some cheap-ish 1mm waxed cotton cord on amazon; I sanded it down a bit with sandpaper before applying so it would stick in place, but it is growing on me-- the cord that I had been getting is a bit bigger, so this looks more in scale.


    Finally, some of the little odds and ends that my aunt sent me-- thanks, Aunt J! :)


  12. This house is getting closer to complete! sorry for the bad photos...the exterior stonework actually looks alot better in person...the flash really washes out the color.

    i need to paint a few more of the stones, i missed them when i did the painting. at some point i'll add landscaping and fill in the cracks with moss. I still need to shingle, touch up stain here and there on the inside, polyurethane all wood on the inside, low gloss finish to the painted trim on the outside, fix the dormer window, and do something about the red paint on the wall in the bedroom. i was using the utility knife to file down something and got scuffs on the wall. haven't decided if i will try to color match it to repaint or just use a wall hanging of some sort to cover it.

    i pretty much made this house the exact way that i did with my first chantilly. i like the wood ceilings that i included this time and my stonework is better. this is one of my favorite dollhouses, i love the staircase!

  13. The Little girl inside of me must really want out because this project is actually flowing totally according to my plans. Last night I went to bed very late (or early depending on what you call 1 am). I had my music pumping and I was going with the flow. Sometimes, when I am thinking too hard about other things (real life things), my creative juices goes into overload.

    First, right before I went to bed last night, I started on this bed for the upstairs room. The rooms in this kit are very small so I wanted to utilize the space and give the impression that there is more space in here than it actually is.

    I have always considered my style of artistry to be more on the side of an Impressionist. The definition of Impressionist is * <b>a literary or artistic style that seeks to capture a feeling or experience rather than to achieve accurate depiction.</b> Through my blogging of this cottage, I wish to share with you new inexpensive ways to achieve the look of some expensive things that we buy in miniature. You will be able to do this with card board scrap pieces of wood and dollhouse wallpaper or even scrapbook paper. My goal is to try and help YOU, learn how to achieve the look of realism by applying skills of an Impressionist.

    I already knew that today, I would do a tutorial. After I started making this bed last night, I wish I had been more awake so that I would have thought to take out the camera to take pictures of <b>How<i></i></b> I created it. Here is a shot of the Bed I started on last night and at the end, you'll see what it ended up looking like when I completed it.


    Today's tutorial will be on how to make a Cornice. You will need:

    cardboard, scissors, tacky glue, wallpaper (or scrapbook paper), balsa wood and lace trim. First, you need to take your cardboard and cut it a little bit wider than the width of your window. I will not use measurements because, every window has different sizes. You can also cut your wallpaper pattern. It should look like this when cut:


    Next, take your tacky glue and spread glue over the entire piece of cardboard. You can then glue the wallpaper to the cardboard. You can use a credit card to smooth the wallpaper down to be sure there are no bubbles. It should look like this:


    Next, you will take your lace trim and glue it to the bottom edge of your wallpaper


    It should look like this when that step is completed


    Next, you can take your wood and cut it a little bit shorter than your Cornice piece like this:


    Bend each end of your Cornice and glue the wood block in place to help keep the shape of the Cornice when glued in place. Turn your Cornice over because once the glue is dry, it is ready to be attached. It should look like this when completed:


    You can even add an extra step by adding some lace curtains. I just used some lace found at Hobby Lobby or Micheal's. You would do this by gluing the lace to the backside of the Cornice before you attach it to the wall.


    This is what the room looked like at the end of today:





    I did my workout this morning. I totally believe that having a healthy body & mind helps me be the Best person I can be for myself & my family and I can share my best and most creative work with my clients.

    Today my workout consisted of Shoulders & Arms & Ab RipperX (P90X) . I hurt all over but, it feels great because it's a "good" hurt. Thought Of The Day ~ "Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be" ~ Thomas à Kempis

    Many times, we look at others successes or accomplishments and think we can never reach our individual goals because we view the other person as someone not human. Each of us are just plain human beings. Set you Goals and work towards achieving them! Keep them in front of you! So many of my friends are working out to get healthy this year. It's so fun to share Minis & healthy living with them. Feel free to join us too. You are not alone!

    Thanks for stopping by to read my blog today!

  14. sorry guys, i haven't been on in a while to update everyone on my progress on this house and how i am getting it done. anyway, here is an up to date picture of the front of the house.....


    i have used sandpaper to texture the exterior walls where needed and rectangular shaped pieces bought in packages from hobby lobby to make the quoins for the corners of the house. The colors i have chosen to match my living room colors because that is where this house will wind up in the end. for the interior, i cut new stairway openings in the center of the floor spaces so that they weren't directly beside the walls. i don't know if i have posted about this before, but i also made a back for this house out of foam-board. so when completed the house will have four sides and be completely enclosed. A first for me. I will continue to update as i begin really getting into the interior decor of this house and adding walls and flooring to it.

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  15. First of all, let me introduce Santa. I found him in a gift shop, back in the 75%-off Christmas sale stuff, in a little German-heritage town not far from here. I don't believe he'll live in the mushroom, but he comes by frequently to check on the elves and their progress. Do you think he's carrying a lantern because he doesn't think I'll solve the lighting dilemma? ;)


    While I was thinking about the lighting, I did some aging on the oven wall. I love these artist colors. I got them on the clearance shelf at Hobby Lobby for about a 10th of the original price. I love 'em!


    After I finished the fireplace, I tidied up the work area a bit. Decided to put the fiber optic lights away, as they didn't always come on and I just couldn't figure out what to do with them. When I opened the electrical storage, I found some clear plastic stars -- meant to be mirror hangers -- that gave me an idea. The plastic tubing + the stars + a light . . . well, here is the prototype. I taped a silk flower to the wall behind the star. This is mounted on the first floor wall that I'm not using, just for the sake of experimentation. I can run the wires beneath the house, up through the floor and the tubing, and voila! A sort of sconce. The prototype has already been replaced in my head with something a bit more Christmasy, but this will give you the idea. There will be five sconces around the ground floor -- one of either side of the bay window, one on either side of the front door, and one on the oven wall.


    I'm still not sure how to handle the other five lights for the upstairs living area, but there is a place in the oven wall where I can run them through the floor. After solving at least half of the lighting challenge, I gave myself some time to do something easy, so I took some bits of balsa and a stain pen and made this little shelf. It's going to go on the oven wall.


    While waiting for the stain to dry so I could glue the shelf, I pulled out some fabric to audition for the ground floor. I thought if the elves are busy making toys, that white floor is going to get pretty grungy in a hurry. Sorry for the blurry picture. I think the camera was still set on macro for the shelf photo. Anyway, I think I'll make a thin cardstock template and use this fabric as a floor covering.


    The elves remain nameless, but they don't seem terribly upset my their mini anonymity. (I like the way that sounds when you say it out loud: mini anonymity.) ;)

  16. Latest Entry

    We returned from Europe with a new vice: vintage modern plastic HO-scale houses. The model railroaders who hang out on the Greenleaf forum will have a good laugh at me this time... although I had trains when I was a mid-sized child, I know nothing about this scale.

    Earlier in the spring, I'd impulsively bought the Plasticville contemporary house and a swimming pool at Bruce's Train Shop so that my plastic wedding party from Half Moon Bay could have somewhere to get married. This was supposed to be my Only HO Building. You can almost hear the ring of "famous last words," can't you?

    Here's what happened at Ingrid's Second Hand in Vienna...


    and at a second-hand shop on the Via del Ponto Sospeso in Florence.


    The house in the first two photos and the garden shed are from the German manufacturer Faller, which is probably better known for models of quaint European buildings. The garden shed really belongs in a community garden plot away from the houses. The twin houses are unmarked, though an afternoon's digging suggests Pola as the most likely manufacturer, simply because the company was in business in the 1960s and their products were widely distributed, sometimes boxed for other companies such as Jouef or Playcraft, making it advantageous not to mark the buildings.

    The orange Italian house was made by Lima, a once-major brand that may (or may not) be revived by Hornby.

    Although the streetcar -- a necessity for a European suburb -- advertises Viennese mega-brand Manner, it is made by German toy company Siku. It's new, thanks to a toy shop in a far suburb of Vienna that plied us with champagne for some reason we lacked the German to grasp. We had less trouble grasping the champagne flutes and the toys.

    One piece I fervently wanted but could not find on this trip was a suburban rail platform (no station, just a platform with a doner kebab stand). So when a vintage Pola kit showed up on eBay, I promptly bought it and will count the days until it arrives. (No Pola link, as its HO and N scale lines are now part of Faller.) And then the husband said it was a good idea to order a set of four Smart Cars... from Germany. Okay. At least it'll be an ecologically sound community.

    Although I never intend to run actual trains, I have to add this link to the site of a man who's building his own realistic fictional Austrian small town. I am hoping that if I stare at it long enough, I will not start buying HO scale OBB engines.

  17. Latest Entry

    Having had some time at hands at home with no major renvotions going on, just sort of relaxing and enjoying that so to speak. That has given me the opportunity of mini-ing and since the Adams is the house I have that isn't emptied out and sits on the table (oh well along with the tray of the Buttercup but that is another story LOL)

    Christmas was great with lots of minis which allready have made their way into the Adams filling up space and giving it a home and lived in look. We have started talking about the accessories necessary as well ;) there is always something to hunt for right?!?

    Going to see what I can make myself, have a few ideas on a few tihngs, others I am going to be lazy and buy I suppose, maybe...

    OK, the bathroom, that really sn't a bathroom as it is short of the actaul tub, but...

    needs ships, boats and schooners to fill up a shelf along the long side in there, towels and toothbrush and those little things along with some laundry, soap bar, towel rod with towel, purr-haps a sponge as well, hmm think that is about it for now.

    Then there are still a few items to go into the kitchen, what is depending on the exterior sink-table I have in mind, will see what I can do there LOL

    In the living room area, there are still a few "bits and pieces" that I want to place on the shelf that goes along the gable overt the door that leads to the bathroom, I have my mind set on those lighthouse plates, those would be neat along with a lighthouse or two... Will see if I can hunt some of those down. It also needs some pet food packets, pet food dishes and some curtains as well as the fabric panels I want to use to enclose the little shelf next to the AGA, oh and there needs to be wood basket as well as a coal thingy and a mope or tall brush for the cleaning.

    For the upstairs, most of the things are there, have plans for making that short wave radio to go on top of the desk, as well as cutting and rolling those blueprints of lighthouses and ships etc. A wood basket and purr-haps a rug, not sure about the rug thoguh. I warm and cozy blanket in beige, green and brown shades is a must though. There is also this little crawl space up under the attic, I am thinking fishing nets, those netted floating whatever-they-are-called-in-English, cardboard boxes and wooden boxes, oars (I have coffe stirrers to use for that) a coat rack/hangers for the warm coat, a folded knitted sweater, would love one of those beige patterned ones, (one can dream about finding these things right???)

    I have a plan otherwise to make something to work otherwise, or for now.

    Then we definitley need fishing gears, a creel (is that what it is called?) and I have an idea about how to make that one with scraps of leather and some sort of evenweave fabric. THen I need to make a few fishing reels as well as fishing poles. Have one but it is sort of bulky for the fishing line holders. And it would be soooo neat to have one of those old kind of diving helmets as well... Purr-haps there is some sort of action figure I can steal that from :D

    Hmm, I am sure there will be more added to the "Must" list, but that is it for now.

  18. Latest Entry

    I guess I have neglected this blog for too long.

    For the past eight months I have been working frantically to get the house ready for Tom Bishop's Chicago International show coming up this April. It won't be finished in time, but it will be close.

    The more pressing deadline now is the Orlando dollhouse miniature show coming up this weekend. I will be a vendor there, but I will only have the unfinished Tudor on display. The Bed & Breakfast will not be there as it is currently undergoing repairs from the accident that occurred two years ago. With the Chicago show coming up, I finally started the unpleasant task of working on it again. I have dismantled the damaged parts and will spend the next two months rebuilding her.

    I plan to focus on the Tudor's roof during the next two evenings. My almost 4 year-old son got into my workshop last year and nearly destroyed the roof framing. Besides the needed repairs, I have to extend the roof trusses and flooring to cover the 2 inch extension I added several months ago to accommodate the bathroom.

    The first floor is only missing a few light fixtures. All of the staircase banisters were completed several months ago and add to the view from the main entrance.


    The 2nd floor is about 75% complete. The landing is completely finished, the 2nd floor bed room still needs mortar for the hearth brick work, crown molding and a light fixture, which it will get on Saturday right before the preview show. The bath room needs a ceiling panel and crown molding, the columns and arches installed over the tub surround, and the far exterior wall installed. The Library's walls, floor and windows are installed, but it still needs wall paneling, books and bookcases. It also needs a coffer ceiling, fireplace mantle (the last to go into this house) and chandeliers. The other mantle, in the bedroom worked out rather well, I think:


    The current view gives you the idea of what it will look like when its completed.


    I doubt I will get the attic interior sheathed at the show, but I can always hope.

  19. I waited 10 years to get a Beacon Hill. I didn't want to build one, and I couldn't have one shipped off ebay, so I had to wait until one showed up locally. In 10 years, I saw 1 perfect Beacon Hill (finished and furnished) get away due to the seller being 3 hours away. They were only asking $75! But then many years later another one appeared. The house was done nicely on the outside, and the interior was unfinished but primed except for the hallways. They wanted $200, but it sat for weeks and went down to $60. Seller delivered it to my door amazingly! It was meant to be and I love this house. My 1:12 miniature collection is now complete! 

    It all happened so fast, I felt like this house was making it's way to me as much as I was trying to get it into my collection. Definitely meant to be. Fate is great.


  20. My poor neglected Tennyson. I lost interest in this house. I walk by it everyday. Alysia was going to finish it but then she became a teenager. <sigh> I was looking at her today, wondering if the five minute room rescue would work on her. Maybe just working on the house will get her back in the zone.

  21. I've made the railings/banister for the stairwell.

    Here are a couple of pictures.



  22. Well well well i finally did something on the half scale house ;)

    I stuck the roof on...put on the battons and did the first coat of paint.....yay me :D

    blogentry-2040-1297682829_thumb.jpg blogentry-2040-1297682811_thumb.jpg

    blogentry-2040-1297682796_thumb.jpg blogentry-2040-1297682782_thumb.jpg

    Linda :blink:

  23. Well this was the sign that greeted me when I got to the office yesterday. It was hanging on the door to Bev's office which I usually past through to get to mine. While I was explaining that we had to use the other entrance to my trusted travel companion, Seven the Dog, Bev popped out to tell me about our guest.


    This is Snowball, the one eyed, seven toed, deaf cat friend that is staying with us for a while. She was living with Bev's sister who can no longer have pets, so she is in search of a good home. Usually, this is the first step in adding a long term addition to the Greenleaf family; the cat friend is just on visiting status for a while until we finally admit the truth. We haven't had any cat friends living here in over a year, so this may truly be short term. Honestly though, as soon as I saw the "one eye" and "deaf" on the sign, I was figuring out where to put the litter box. We're suckers for purring fur around here and a cat that is down on their luck gets bonus points and the seven toe thing is the icing on the cake (my Grand Pops use to think it was a good omen). I'm staying out of this decision, but I'm betting that we have a new cat.

  24. blogentry-505-1179541250_thumb.jpg



    Well it has really been awhile since I updated my blog. And since I have been working on my E.R. again the past week I thought I should post some pictures and write a few things.

    As you can see from the pics I have changed the color from a light green to "sunflower yellow" I am MUCH happier with this color and I think it compliments the house well. There is still one side of the E.R. that I need to put siding on, but I am going to be doing a paper clay stone chimney on the side so I need to complete that first.

    I also changed the color of the paper glay stones that are on the gable. The darker greys just didnt seem to go well with yellow. so i used more softer tones.

    I started to sand and paint some of the exterior window trims.. I have decided to go with a "antique white.

    Well thats really it for now. Im hoping to finish the rest of the window trims this weekend. I'll post more pictures later :whistle: