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it is finished

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it is finished and waiting for my Aunt to come pick up sometime in March.

she wanted to do some of the finishing touches so I am doing nothing else decorating wise.

the steps are built but not attached so she can transport it better.

my thoughts ...The house when done is fantastic. the rooms are not bad size and the layout is different from other houses making it a unique addition to any dollhouse collection. Due to all the little extra trims this house does take some extra care. maybe not a good choice for a first time crafter...although one of my favorites was built by a first timer. so there ya go.

if you are looking for a challenge with a beautiful house as your results this is the house for you!

a disclaimer....I had this kit almost finished but for the trim work soon after I got it...due to surgery and my lack of interest I took far longer on this house than I needed to. so if using these blogs to judge how long it will take to do these houses please keep this in mind.


nutti :banana:

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Lynette, it's lovely and I think the stained trim looks outsanding! Another excellent job, my dear!

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You are giving me hope, I am new to the hobby!!  I got the Lily kit about 2 months ago, I was going in for knee replacement surgery and thought this would occupy my time.  Little did I know, #1 you really don't sit around crafting and #2 My recovery was extremely quick!  Back to work in just under 3 weeks!  That being said I am just on the windows.  I had a bit of confusion, but soldiered on!!!  I hope I can post pictures soon when I am done!!!  

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