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Tracy Topps Completed Lily!

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This house is made for a customer of mine and she did not want too many flowers up front but you know me, I gotta have flowers and trees and some form of life to the house. Also, because this house was being shipped very far away, I could not add a huge base to it so, I took some foam core (1/2" thick) and glued it to the bottom of this house. I then covered it with "Sheet Moss". I then added trees, moss and flowers to the the base to give this house the appearance that the yard is kinda unkept and this is what we have now. I will add more pictures shortly!!! I am so pleased because I know for sure now that this house will be featured on the front cover of

http://www.dollshousemag.co.uk/ It will be featured in the April 2007 Issue :banana:

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Congratulations on the magazine cover Tracy, It is absolutely a piece of art! I hope they are doing a whole article on you also.

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Congratulations Tracy, you are an artist. I only hope that I become as talented as you and many of the others I've seen in here.

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Hello there,
Your achievement is breathtaking realism! What a beautiful job! I love.
The idea of ​​the foam on a corner of the roof very much.
Thank you for the pleasure I had to itemize your pictures.
Have a nice day.
Thierry B
I am writing this post from France using Google translator, thank you for your indulgence.
I would like to link your blog on my own blog (http://montoutminimonde.blogspot.fr/) but I can not find the URL that begins with http www //. etc. (maybe because I go through a machine translator to readyou) would you be kind enough to forward it to me
Thank you so much!
See you soon.

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