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paint on the outside and started a room :)

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i'm really getting into this house now...yesterday i did the first coat of paint on the outside...am pleased with how its looking...just as i imagined :D

I think i might wait until i get the windows to do the next coats and then the ageing so its onto the inside :ohyeah:

blogentry-2040-1281872973_thumb.jpg blogentry-2040-1281872992_thumb.jpg blogentry-2040-1281872962_thumb.jpg

I started a room today...did the 3 tower ceilings too .....the top tower room will be a garden room...its a room that Debra and I had planned to do in some house or other...we had the wallpaper picked out and the design all ready to go :banana: but never got around to it so i thought i'd do it in here :banana:

blogentry-2040-1281873003_thumb.jpg blogentry-2040-1281873012_thumb.jpg

Linda (1/2 scale)






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Wonderful to use an idea you and Debra had talked about...a very nice touch. The floral design accents look great...I am getting the feel of your inspiration house. :p

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lookin great linda!!!!!!!! wow, i better kick it into gear!!!!! your catchin up fast!!!

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