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And on we go.... Step 4.5 - cheating my way to a bulb....


Another option - and more or less the one I chose for the light base is using an existing light fixture. One like this for example:

My thoughts behind it are rather economical in nature.

Last year I bought 4 hanging globe lights for $6.50 plus $2.50 in shipping. That's $9.00 for four lights - nothing I make can beat that. So, with the help of my trusted hair-dryer I took them apart..... I now have:

- four white glass globes to be used for something else (make that three because I just broke one...)

- four chains that I can use

- four brass tips from the bottom of the globes

- four flame tip bulbs - already wired with plugs.

And another option is to buy grain of wheat LEDs pre-wired and try to make something out of them.

The pre-wired LEDs have a rather thick protective shrink plastic cover over the connection points which makes them somewhat bulky.

While I had no issue removing the plastic

The only brass tube I found to cover the base of the bulb to make it look like a fitted fixture was 3/16 and did look a bit too .... I don't know what to call it - it just didn't look right.

I tried to ways of using it, but none of them made me really happy...

I used a finish washer and a short piece of brass tube to hold the bulb centered. While this idea certainly has merit - it does need more work to look right.

I also thought about using a long piece of brass tube that would attach to the ceiling adapter, and then attach the dome with chains - still didn't look right:

That's when I decided to use the flame bulb from the globes:

One copper tube and a bead later:

That's what it will look like:


And now you know why these pesky little treasures cost so much. The time investment is enormous. If you were paid by the hour, you couldn't afford your own work!! We artist types never think to count our time as valuable enough. Good luck,

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Well, I got one finished - I had both but literally ripped the bulb off the wire and now have to wait for a replacement. I was not able to solder the wires back onto the bulb because there was not enough of a connection point left.... oh well...... Give it another two weeks and my bulbs should be here and then we do it all over again......

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Oh how frustrating that must be. Creating in our minds works so flawlessly but in RL - not so much. :)

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