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Step 5 - Inventory the results thus far..... - time for another coffee break


So, this is how it looks right now:

This one a bit closer:

I think this will work. I'm going to dig through my stuff to find some chains and figure out how to attach the whole thing at the ceiling so that it looks good.


Looks wonderful. Will it hang down with the small tip at the top or the bottom? 

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the tip will be the bottom of the lamp. I'll use the brass tubing to attach a small something to the ceiling - I might just drill into the beam it will hang down from to make sure it stays up there. 


I swear, I will never complain about the prices of these handmade lamps again. This is the result of countless hours.....


But, I'm in touch with a glass artist who might make me large hollow glass beads with a bigger opening for globe lights - that might be a bit easier to make. I'm also playing around with a chandelier but I think I would like to have bi-pin bases with replaceable bulbs for that one. My luck the last bulb would rip off the wire again and I would most likely open the window and throw all that lamp making stuff away...

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Oh dear, no throwing it out the window - not after all you've done to figure it all out so far. Please. It's looking great and getting custom glass would be a real treat. Take a breath and keep going.

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