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The Roof and Vikings!


I decided today was the day to try out the copper color on the roof. In my gallery is a how-to on doing a verdigris roof treatment. It's a good thing I wrote it all down as I would have forgotten it all! LOL! Before I did the whole roof, I wanted to try this out on the smaller roof section to see how it was going to look. I started by putting on a coat of Metallic Bronze by Craftsmart. blogentry-3022-0-26312300-1438283840_thu I thought I did a major oopsie for a minute as I was going to glue strips on the roof before painting. Then I realized without the strips, I'd be able to sand the first coat smooth. Serendipitous for sure! I cut 1/4 inch strips from thin cardboard and glued them down. blogentry-3022-0-02903200-1438283855_thu After a couple more coats of the Bronze, these pieces were set aside to dry overnight. blogentry-3022-0-99799200-1438283865_thu Really like how this is looking and found I can arrange the cardboard strips to hide any gaps here and there. I've been working on a ridge cap that I hope is not too over the top...just not sure how to paint it yet. Mulling this over.
The Viking hammer was also found and I had one happy Minion! Then I found a small boat in my stash and he was tickled pink! blogentry-3022-0-60764800-1438283880_thu As you can imagine, it didn't take long before all this joy was noticed by the other minions. Before I knew it, they were all on board and singing Viking songs at the top of their lungs! blogentry-3022-0-06103100-1438283894_thu I think they were Viking songs.....although I did catch a "banana" somewhere in the song and when "underwear" came out, I thought they were all going to fall out of the boat they were laughing so hard. I don't know what it is with these guys and underwear....So we are a happy group all together in the shop for sure! Have a great day all!
P.S. Just noticed there are only seven in the boat....I hope no one fell overboard! Maybe he took the dirt bike out for a spin.....


After taking my kiddos to the Minions movie, I don't understand how you can communicate with them at all!! I was one thoroughly confused Gram. What a crazy movie. I couldn't, and still can't, make heads or tails out of it all. I need a translator I guess or maybe just be a kid. sigh ...


Now, the Inside Out movie - I got that one!! It was one of those that has two levels of entertainment - the kid giggle version and an adult more thoughtful side.


I was very proud of myself for scoring a 50 % for the two movies.


Love the copper and all your trim. Can't wait to see what comes next. Hide the Captains eyes or give him some Google glasses to keep him busy, if you are blinging again.

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LOL! I guess that's why I didn't really know what they were singing!  Maybe they're like the Furbees, the more English they hear, the more they know....I haven't seen the Minion movie yet, I know all these guys are going to want to go.  Will have to hide them in my purse so I don't have to buy tickets for all of them......

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