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The Glencroft: Day 2-3

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Happy Thursday!

Yesterday ended up being a much more productive day than I had previously anticipated. I picked up a couple sheets of foam board and traced and cut out all my sub-walls!  Since I thought this would take much longer, I ended up having time to finally start gluing the house together!  

I ended up gluing almost the entire front facade. The fireplace wall and staircase will be glued in later after I pre-finish the staircase pieces. (Once glued down, this part will be super hard to reach comfortably) The pictures I attached below were all taken this morning and show the glued together rooms with the sub-walls in place to make sure they fit correctly and look right.  You can also see the larger living room and dining room widows. This evening, I plan on starting the paneling in the stairwell area so I can get that segment glued in.  Im also expecting my Heidi Ott wall sconces to arrive today as well as a pack of 1/16 basswood to start my paneling. (CANT WAIT!)

 I'll update with more photos tomorrow!  Cheers!






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