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Stump fairy house


I was excited to get my led lights from Evans Designs the other day, I am waiting for some crystals to work on the light that will go in the peak of the roof.  I need to get it in place before I do more work on the roof so the wires can run between the layers.  I think I may gave to get some chain to hang it, I was originally going to fix it in the peak, but hanging a little would be better.  I have been doing a ton of sanding, and still have lots to do, the curves of the stump and the hardwood will make it a long project.   The door is cut, and that is making it easier to sand some of the inaccessible parts.  I have been playing around with door and window placement and have settled on a door and window design, I would like them rounded on the top, the door will be strips with bands at the top and bottom.  The windows will be rounded on the top with a single divider vertically, I got inspiration from a window in the way back of my barn that is built like that.  

Two pictures of the opening:



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