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Stump Fairy House, doors and windows

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I haven’t posted in a while because this is a really busy time on the farm getting ready for winter, plus I am still doing a lot of sanding on the inside to make the wood smooth, and sanding is a boring topic for a blog.  Sanding makes a mess and has to be done in the shop, and it is very cold out there right now.  I have been wavering on making windows then cutting holes or making holes then the windows, I can see pluses and minuses to both ways.  Windows are going to be tricky because of the nature of the stump, I doubt the thickness of the walls is exactly the same anywhere in the stump.  I have decided on a small curved top window with a single vertical pane divider.  My inspiration is a odd window in the back of my barn.  To combat the varying thickness I am going to make a 3 part window and file the trim inside the opening to match the walls.  The door will also be curved on top.  There will be 3 windows in the front, two upstairs and one down,  and the door, so far one on the side downstairs, and that is as far as I have gotten.  The other side with the large opening will have a door in the opening so I don’t think any other downstairs willdows will be necessary.   It seems like I need to know where furniture is going before deciding on other windows, so I will think about that.  

I started knitting on my bedspread, the center is done, now doing the 4 side strips.  I like how it is coming out with the DMC pearl cotton Andalusia US size 0 knitting needle.  The below picture is the one that cane with the pattern



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