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Short and Sweet - Using Paint.....


1. Open the file in paint. In this one, I use the inch setting to see how big the design is of the paper: almost 6 inches x 8 inches - so it is way too big.

2. I use the resize function in the home tab to reduce the size. I chose 30% - that should reduce the sample to 1 3/4 inches by 2 1/4 inches  - that translates to 1 3/4ft by 2 1/4 ft - looks about right.

3. Use "select all" function and copy function. 

4. Change the paper size - I use 17x11 - legal - that's what I print on 

5. Go to the View tab - and zoom in until the original design appears pixelated and paste. Then move the copied part into  position - you can use the arrow keys to move it and match the pixels.

6. Repeat until the full length of you paper size is filled.

7. Use the select all - copy function and repeat the pattern across the paper

8,. On this one, the pattern is offset - so I had to add to the bottom of the second column. After the second column, I can copy and paste until the end of my paper. 

9. Zoom out and make sure it looks correct to you in terms of pattern size and try to imagine if you could see that on your wall. If it seems too large - reduce the size in 10% increments until the pattern has a size that looks correct.

What helps me:

Zooming in until you see pixels as little squares helps with matching offset patterns - you can line up better and use the arrow keys to move the copied design one pixel in any needed direction.




Wallpaper 2.jpg

Wallpaper 3.jpg

Wallpaper 4.jpg

Wallpaper 5.jpg

Wallpaper 6.jpg

Wallpaper 7.jpg

Wallpaper 8.jpg

Wallpaper 9.jpg

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YAY! Thank you for sharing. I know that was time consuming. American Miniaturist always has neat wallpapers and printies, I can't wait to experiment.

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