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New Project

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Well, I guess it isn't actually "new", but It hasn't been posted here yet- I'm working on a 2D art piece, currently.  

About 18 months ago, I started to plan a new pen and ink/stipple piece.  My little ones do so much damage to my minis, thanks to the lack of a separate workroom, that I have had to leave it dormant for at least another year or so.  A drawing, on the other hand, I can lock in a closet or someplace else that the kids shouldn't get into.  So, I started planning on the new piece.  During the first week of April, 2017, I spent the week in the hospital for a scan to detect seizures (I don't have them, it turns out), and I knew I would have endless hours of nothing to do and not many distractions, so I started plotting and inking in a massive 30 inch by 40 inch drawing of a Union Pacific Railroad Big Boy.  At 120 ft long, over 1.2 million pounds and with sixteen drive wheels and a firebox bigger than my first two apartments combined, they were the largest steam locomotives ever built.  I worked on the picture the entire week I was there, but did little after I returned home.  After my motorcycle accident this past February, I had time again to work on it in the rehab hospital, so I did.  I have been working on it at least a few hours a week since then.  If I can get some free time, I hope to have it done by early 2019.  

I'm also posting a few more photos of the accident.  After a couple of near-death experiences from it, I'm finally riding again, but not as much.  While I was still on a lot of pain meds, I was able to borrow a sharpie marker from one of the nurses and marked up my cast.  I was really out of it, but I think it turned out well.


IMG_1241 | by precisionreplicas  
29292354698_a591fff52a_c.jpg IMG_1070 | by precisionreplicas






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