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Off to the (red) brick road...


I'm a bit of a fabric addict, I suppose; Joann's run (well okay, I probably spent over an hour in there :prop:), and an online order from Etsy:


Decided that I must have a chimney. (I know it's not regulation height. :prop:) Egg-carton bricks are addictive; trying out the base color (barn red), which I think I'll try to tone down a bit with charcoal and peach:


What you can't see is that I've added a battery pack (will be mounted on the base on the back side) because I decided that I must have a lit fireplace (the main battery pack didn't have long enough wires, and those lights are all used up in the house anyway). By the chimney base, I decided that I must have a lit basement window. While I was at it, I poked a hole by the porch door so that I could have a porch light too. I bashed a hole in my nice papered parlor wall, yes I did:


Need to decide whether the mantel will be of brick, or painted. The brick is growing on me; I don't think I'm done cutting tiny bits of egg-carton yet.

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This is such a pretty build.

I love shopping for fabrics, so many color combos that I never would have imagined together.

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