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The Third Day

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I started looking at my cave and wondering what I could do to add something different. The corner looked so bare and I decided to make a shelf there.blog-317-1126731194_thumb.jpgHere is the shelf before it was all clayed up:blog-4-1126734619_thumb.jpg blog-317-1126731249_thumb.jpgI did not want to sculpt stones down in the cave so I decided to add more pieces left over from the cup holders randomly on the walls so that when I add the clay there will be parts sticking out.blog-317-1126731270_thumb.jpgI know where I want the candle lights to go and I decided to add a fireplace which will have a flickering light and it also makes the other lights in the house flicker a little. <_< I just cut it out of foam board (1' thick) and it looked like this:blog-317-1126731476_thumb.jpgI decided I liked it here better:blog-317-1126731537_thumb.jpgI added paper clay to the cave:blog-317-1126731601_thumb.jpgI then started adding clay to the roof:blog-317-1126731673_thumb.jpgMore to come soon!!!Complements of My Mini Shop

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