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waiting for the paint to dry

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well I have been on a small break from the house. Ive been waiting for the lights to get here I ordered from HBS. today they arrived and I dont think I can use 2 of them. :blink: will have Dean look at them and see what he thinks.I had to go back and restick all of my floral moss to the roof. spray adhesive does NOT work for this type of thing...well not for me at least. so I used good ole Aileens tacky glue which is wonderful for most all projects,though it was asked why not use the glue gun?? well duuuhh coz that was to easy and less mess...not exactly how I do things. <_< so I used crackle on the shutters and windowboxes...guess I let it dry to long and its not crackling so Now I will have to do some sanding to age it. the porch rails and window trims are white...but only till dry than I will give them a dirty wash as well. I painted the porch floor gray over crackle....I wonder if I didnt get it shook up enough? because I usually am much happier with my results. but as its a Haunted house Im not gonna get to shook up over it. :o this house is not being done the way I had originally planned but than they seldom do around me. I wanted to use paperclay for the outside walls for a stone cottage...but I think the tissue effect came as a good substitute. I have to cut my chimney tonight and get it started. 2 thoughts as to how I will do this...1st use floral styrofoam and cut stone shapes into itor use foamcore of the builders foam and spackle adding aquarium rock to it like I did on the Glencroft....I have to say I am leaning to this. but before I do it Im going to go get something from Walmart which I hope will set it off and make it look interresting. no photos just waiting for the paint to dry.TTFNnutti :o

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