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Building Basic Structure


Jimmy begins construction of the Haunted House. He put the side pieces to the floors, and then weighted them down using paint cans until they were dry. He said it was easier to do it this way because there are no notches for the front walls so you needed something stable to glue them to--hence the laying of it on the floor like that until dry.blog-317-1127686475_thumb.jpgblog-317-1127686509_thumb.jpgThen Jimmy begins putting the front of the house on. He says this is a real simple little house to build, and quite fun.blog-317-1127686563_thumb.jpgblog-317-1127686605_thumb.jpgblog-317-1127686640_thumb.jpgblog-317-1127686674_thumb.jpgThe base structure is now complete, and we will now work on the exterior of the house.Compliments of LPCullen


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