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Let The Wallpapering Begin!

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Jimmy wanted me to wallpaper the downstairs rooms, since he has great plans for the wallpaper. Of course, that consists of tearing up the wallpaper ... and other things ... The downstairs rooms were very easy to wallpaper, and I like the wall that the spackled ceiling looks with the wallpaper. blog-317-1128051345_thumb.jpgblog-317-1128051355_thumb.jpgJimmy decided he would finish spackling the upstairs rooms. Got impatient, couldn't wait on me, which suits me fine since I didn't like spackling. I'm not sure he liked spackling either, since he told me I left him the "hard" parts ... did not, he just didn't wait for me to finish!blog-317-1128051432_thumb.jpgblog-317-1128051443_thumb.jpgCompliments of LPCullen

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