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the kit is here!

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The UPS driver left the box on DH's truck's hood so he didn't have to get out of his truck, he was pulling out of the yard as I ran out to get the box. The first thing I did was to open the box to see if everything was there; one window's missing from the acetate sheet, but I have already thought how I'm going to bash this cutie and will make a replacement.I scribed floorboards & nailholes in the livingroom & upstairs floors & began to prime everything else. The "floorboards" have been stained maple & sealed & everything's lying flat to dry. The livingroom floor is already dry, so I masked it to prime the porch floor. I'll begin painting the porch floor & ceiling tomorrow & finish priming.One side of two partition pieces & one side wall needed filling with spackling compound, looks almost like termite holes!blog-13-1115757715_thumb.jpgblog-13-1115757727_thumb.jpgComplements of havanaholly

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