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Modifying The Roof

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Like several other people, I wasn't happy with the way that the roof was done in this house and wanted to modify it too. The two peaked rooms, and the way that the roof came into the house, eliminated a lot of usable space. So, we decided to modify it.Here's what the original roof (back wall) looked like before we changed it:blog-361-1135084990_thumb.jpgJimmy decided that he would raise the roof line on the smaller room to enlarge the room, and also to give a more even space. He took the piece of wood which that wall portion had come out of to make himself a pattern (because there are tabs there), and then he cut another another piece of wood to go on top of that area, adding about 1 1/2 inches to the height on that area. He glued the piece in, and then put wood putty on it.blog-361-1135085005_thumb.jpgblog-361-1135085013_thumb.jpgJimmy says if you don't want to sand all that wood putty, if you have a cat, just put some milk on the wood putty and let them use their sandpaper tongue on it. Funny guy. Chloe must have been "helping" again (or trying to lick his eyebrows off), which gave him THAT idea, LOL!Anyhow, he then cut a new board to make a straight roof to go across the area that he raised, and glued it in. Then he cut another board to make a room divider, and voila, you now have a larger and more usable smaller room (the recipient will be happy because she's now getting a bathroom, LOL!)! And of course we used our normal method of weighting down the roof while it dried--the old trusty paint can!blog-361-1135085042_thumb.jpgblog-361-1135085051_thumb.jpgHere's what those two rooms look like now. The larger peaked room is enlarged, and the smaller room is enlarged and opened up. If you look at the last picture, you can see the line where the piece was added to raise the roof.blog-361-1135085118_thumb.jpgblog-361-1135085100_thumb.jpgblog-361-1135085066_thumb.jpgNow, what to do for the trim ...Compliments of LPCullen

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and how wonderful it looks!

now Im feeling the green eye monster coz I shoulda held out til Jimmy

figured it out for me....but noooooo I just couldnt wait!

great job!

nutti :blink:

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Linda, that is similar to what I told you I am planning to do. I am gonna raise it a bit more though beause I want to make a bedroom with a sitting room attached (Very girly). I LOVE it! You can also make the roof a rooftop garden by using the plastic "iron" fences wink.gif Just a hint.

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