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Final steps

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These are pics of the final steps we did to finish this house. It is currently finished and hanging on my livingroom wall. My son keeps walking by it and saying "thst's so cool" and turning the lights on, looking a minute at it and turning the lights off.

Well, The attic needed some type of light, Since I decorated it to be int progress of being remodeled, I thought a hanging bulb would be nice.


When I put this piece of trim on the top Of the shingles, I noticed a gap. I needed something decorative to cover it. Ahhh, some leftover pieces from an old house, (sweetheart), that I did not use.


Finall the side of house uder the porch needed a little something so it was rocked to match the side under the kitchen.


Ohh and a little bashing before appling therocks, and it because usefull space, instead of wasted space.


Will have pics of the house set up as soon as i get the camera downloaded and the pics resized.


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