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Orchid Completed

This house was a really fun build! My houses never feel completed without a Base with trees & flowers and my customers usually expects them of me now. I Think I love the bases myself with flowers because to me, that is what really make my houses look realistic. When I first started using bases (About 10 years ago) I used cardboard because I personally used to love to change them and it was lightweight enough to pick up and have it glued to the house. I then switched to thin wood but had to have the square edges because I don't do power tools. Then I moved on to foam core or builders foam. I tell you this because ALL of theses methods can give you wonderful results. It just depends on what you feel more comfortable using.

This is a picture of the house before I added flowers and trees to the base:


This is the house completed with the base with Trees & Flowers added:


Now please note that I had to take pictures while inside my house. It has been raining and storms for the past 2 days so I have not been able to go outside but I am anxious to share this house with you all. Remember to Have fun while you mini!

blog-4-1156545576_thumb.jpg blog-4-1156545610_thumb.jpg blog-4-1156549338_thumb.jpg

I dressed the window seat and added a couple of dolls to the scene :angry:


Complements of Minis on the edge








Thanks so much you two! I really had fun with this house! I LOVE seeing how everyone did things so different to the same house too!

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Tracy WOW another great job. I really envy your stone and brick work. Congratulations on a job very well done.

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