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Day 2

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Today I selected the wall paper. My customer says her mother has flower wallpaper. She has blue flowers in one, forest green and she also has a yellow colored wallpaper in here house. So I looked through my big stash and came up with these

blog-4-1159662409_thumb.jpg blog-4-1159662450_thumb.jpg


I add my wallpaper as I build. To me this is the easiest way and the neatest way to add the wallpaper. I sure wish Linda lived closer to me! I added the bay windows today too and there sure are a lot of gaps here. I took out my handy dandy spackle to fill those spots & I tell you, this stuff really does a great job for sure!

Here is another shot The window Sills has been added. I also added stained windows in the living room bay area on the inside and decided to add a dim light there so that light will shine through and highlight them.


Complements of Minis on the edge

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You have me SO inspired. I have a Westville that I am ready to pull out and build for my mother. She has always wanted a dollhouse.  

Question: How did you hide your wiring? You have done an amazing job on this house!!! *But of course, ALL of your houses are beautifully done!!


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