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Crown Moulding

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Supply List:

Cornice or Crown Moulding

Tape Measure


Craft mat or flat ruler

Miter Box with razor saw or Easy Cutter

Low Tack Tape (blue painters tape)

Painting Supplies


Scratch paper


Crown moulding is a wonderful addition to any doll house. It can be difficult to cut.

This tutorial will shows how to do it.

Step One:

Determine the ceiling or top side of the moulding. With a pencil, label each side.


Step Two:

Measure the length of the near the top of the walls where the moulding will be installed. Write down the measurements. Double check the measurements.

To transfer the measurements to the moulding, lay the moulding wall side down on a ruler with the decorative edge facing forward.


Notice that I didn’t make the mark directly on the end of the moulding. I never do. It can be difficult to catch that end dead on. It is much easier for me to move it over a smidge to get a good, clean cut. Also, it cutting an outside corner cut about a 1/2" or more from the end of the strip. I also draw the direction of the cut.

TIP: It may be helpful to sketch a diagram of the room with the measurements and the type of corner you are cutting for.

A note about inside and outside corners

Most interior rooms are rectangular and are square. Most of the cuts will be for inside corners. Some rooms like the first floor of the Buttercup will have outside corners.


Bay windows are usually all inside corner cuts; however, the angles will not be 45 degrees for hexagon shapes. If cutting moulding for an exterior of a house, window cornices, bookcases and fireplaces most of the cuts will be for outside corners.

When cutting for inside corners, think of cutting out an upside down 45 degree triangle.


When cutting for outside corners, think of cutting out a 45 degree triangle.


TIP: Save scrap moulding for trimming out other minis like bookcases and fireplaces.

Step Three:

To cut the crown moulding use a miter box and razor saw or an easy cutter. Both the miter box and the easy cutter have a fence and table. Lay the moulding with the wall side against the fence and the ceiling side on the table.


Line the pencil mark up with the blade of choice, hold the moulding firm against the fence and cut. If you are using a razor saw, pull the blade toward you on each pass through the wood: don’t saw. The miter box and easy cutter both have two fences. To make the second cut the moulding may have to be positioned on the opposite side.



TIP: After the first cut of the moulding strip lay it on the ruler or craft mat to check to see if the second mark is still accurate.

Step 6:

Dry fit the moulding in the room. Use low tack tape to hold it in position if the house can’t be turned over. If everything looks good remove the moulding to paint.


When the paint is dry glue in. After the glue is dry, check to see if any of the corners need to be touched up. If they do, protect the ceiling and walls with painters tape and paint. It is easier to fill gaps with paint in minis than with wood filler.


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