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Six different views on building the Westville Dollhouse

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The Westville Dollhouse Kit is a country favorite around Greenleaf. You will find this blog useful for tips a decorating ideas as build your Westville Dollhouse.

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Thank you for choosing Greenleaf Dollhouse and the Westville Dollhouse Kit!

I am so in love with this house! My customer is a Dream. She is so easy to please and she has been so kind the entire ride. I posted pictures every night and she always told me how much she likes it. I was so worried at first about if I would be finished in time and would she like.....Well as of today, she still has not seen the completed pictures but I found out that this is a gift from her AND her sisters!

This will be a gift for there mother's 80th Birthday and they promised to send me pictures of the event! I hope there mother love the house and find much delight in shopping for furniture and carpets for it.

Okay, I'll shut up and let you see the pictures. Tell me what you think of the house!! I painted the clay green to look like grass! :angry:

blog-4-1159668678_thumb.jpg blog-4-1159668695_thumb.jpg

blog-4-1159668714_thumb.jpg blog-4-1159668735_thumb.jpg

blog-4-1159668755_thumb.jpg blog-4-1159668777_thumb.jpg

Please see my Westville Gallery for MORE pictures!! Remember you can build Memories for your family too. Start your house today!!

Complements of Minis on the edge

Today, I woke up with butterflies in my stomach! I can't beleive this house is almost completed! I have to add clay to the base, flowers, and grass & trees and have it done TODAY!! :angry:

I am so worried about accomplishing this. This house MUST ship Monday which means it has to be at the Pack N Mail place Tomorrow!

Well I started with the grass lawn and added it in some places. I then added paper clay because it takes a while to dry. I sculpted stone in the back foundation and fed the lead in wire through it. I also added clay to the chimney!

blog-4-1159668190_thumb.jpg blog-4-1159668283_thumb.jpg


At 1:00 am, things were dry enough for me to paint. You gotta look at tomorrows blog to see it :huh: . I am Done!!!

Complements of Minis on the edge

Well today is a challenge! I still have the base to do. She want it to have the appearance of a lawn and I am thinking a a good way to create this effect using paper clay.

Mean while, I did touch up paint, checked all lights again and stained the shingles! I have to have this house at the Pack N Mail place on Friday!


I could sit and stare in the house all night! Lights make the house look so real!

blog-4-1159667746_thumb.jpg blog-4-1159667790_thumb.jpg

I even started playing with my dolls just to see what it would look like with "life" added to the house


This is Anna coming up the stairs (which is carpeted with plush hunter green carpet)


On the porch


Complements of Minis on the edge

I added all of the shingles today and added clay to the foundation of the house (Three sides) I fed all of the wires to the bottom of the house so that a Power strip could be used OR you could add a strip of tape wire and solder the hardwire to the tape wire (I will show this on my next house). This house I used a power strip because of the time constraints :angry: I am loving it though! I also added the Chimney!

blog-4-1159667342_thumb.jpg blog-4-1159667363_thumb.jpg

blog-4-1159667385_thumb.jpg blog-4-1159667413_thumb.jpg

Complements of Minis on the edge

My hobby knief decided to bite me hard today on my right thumb!!! Sheesh, why does these things happen when I cannot afford a delay? :angry: I also spent a while the other day in the doctors office with Rachel because she has strep throat again! The doctor treated me for it too so we are both on meds :huh: .

Moving right along anyway, I took a day off and waited a day to start working back on the house. I added window seats, the stair rail and more trim (to make the wallpapered rooms look more manicured ) and the closet door & front door and trim Ohh my!

I even started on the shingles! I have decided to move the position of the chimney since the fireplace is in between the two living room windows, I thought the chimney should be there also. B) My customer says so far she is so pleased with the house. She has no idea how much she is encouraging me! Every night I go to bed I look at the list of things that still need to be done and I feel I will NEVER get it done in time!!

I only blogged this because I wanted to show everyone what determination can lead you too. Besides going crazy, you can end up with a fully completed house built, painted, electrified AND wallpapered witha base :lol: :lol:

This shot show the inside.


I am pleased at the time of taking this picture .When I downloaded it on the computer, I noticed the walls look unfinished and shabby! I can't have that happening now so do I run to hobby lobby AGAIN? Of course!


The window seats are removable just in case my customer wants to change the fabric.

blog-4-1159666827_thumb.jpg blog-4-1159666857_thumb.jpg

Shingles started before I dozed off to sleep



Checking to be sure that all of the lights are still working


Complements of Minis on the edge

Well today I painted the fireplace and I also added burning embers to it so that there will be a nice warm glow!

To see how I do this, click HERE to see my other technique on doing this click HERE.


Here is one of it lit up


I also added the roof parts today! I am a little busy bee


I don't like the gaps showing up in between the roof line and the siding. Though it is glued down correctly, it just don't look clean :angry: I can't have that! So I added some wood strips. You can see one on the left side and the right side has not been added yet. I will paint this white too. :huh:


Complements of Minis on the edge

Well, I talked to my customer on the phone and she did not picture the trim to be Hunter green around the windows. She wants it white. I am so worried because too many coats of paint can make an item look sloppy and because the green IS dark, I will have multiple layers on painted to prime and cover the dark color :huh: .

She only wants the shutters Hunter Green :angry: Well, I guess I missed that detail so today I started doing that. I also decided to add the shutters to the house (Thats right more punching out wood peices and sanding them and painting them) but the effect is WONDERFUL!! I Love the stark white background and then the shutters on top :lol:

blog-4-1159664832_thumb.jpg blog-4-1159664853_thumb.jpg


She also wanted me to make a wood fireplace for the living room and she wants window seats where the bays are. I think it will really add that special touch to this house!

I added paperclay and sculpted the bricks for the inside of the fireplace.


Complements of Minis on the edge

Well, I cme up with an idea for those boring bays!! I took out my spackle and found my brass stencils and decided to add some details to the rectangles that are in the bays.

blog-4-1159664144_thumb.jpg blog-4-1159664165_thumb.jpg

I also started painting the house. As I started doing this, I decided that the Bays were still too plain and I decided to add some wood rope trim to the top parts of the house.

blog-4-1159664220_thumb.jpg blog-4-1159664405_thumb.jpg

blog-4-1159664459_thumb.jpg blog-4-1159664439_thumb.jpg

Complements of Minis on the edge

The bays are looking a bit too plain to me! I keep looking at thhis house and trying to figure out what I want to do with it. My customer does not want paper clay on the bay :angry: . I gotta put on my OTHER creative hat to figure out something. Meanwhile, I decided to add all of tthe siding on the house now. It is easier to do this now instead of waiting till the roof is on. I also tape down all of the lose wires now and cover them with siding.

blog-4-1159663780_thumb.jpg blog-4-1159663844_thumb.jpg


Complements of Minis on the edge

Day 3

Today I added the window sills & Trim to this beautiful house. I love the style of this house!


This was all l did today. It seems like just a little bit but you gotta remember that each one had to be punched out and sanded then painted :angry: Will I be finished in time?

blog-4-1159663348_thumb.jpg blog-4-1159663578_thumb.jpg

I also decided to add the siding to the porch so that I could add the door trim. I had a problem with the window & siding. I did not like how it was butting up and decided I have to do more cutting tahn I anticipated:


It looks more neat cutting it this way and looking at t his house, I see I will be doing this a lot!

Complements of Minis on the edge


Day 2

Today I selected the wall paper. My customer says her mother has flower wallpaper. She has blue flowers in one, forest green and she also has a yellow colored wallpaper in here house. So I looked through my big stash and came up with these

blog-4-1159662409_thumb.jpg blog-4-1159662450_thumb.jpg


I add my wallpaper as I build. To me this is the easiest way and the neatest way to add the wallpaper. I sure wish Linda lived closer to me! I added the bay windows today too and there sure are a lot of gaps here. I took out my handy dandy spackle to fill those spots & I tell you, this stuff really does a great job for sure!

Here is another shot The window Sills has been added. I also added stained windows in the living room bay area on the inside and decided to add a dim light there so that light will shine through and highlight them.


Complements of Minis on the edge

I received a order for a Beacon Hill on September 18th. The house is to be for my customers Mother who was brought up during the Depression and always wanted a dollhouse. This will be a surprise gift for her. My customer needed the house completed and delivered by October 6th. :huh: Could I do it. Well I said of Course I can :angry: . But after finding out the size of of her mother's house, she decided that she wanted me to build the Westville house instead. And then the fun began!!

I ran downstairs to my garage and pulled out the Westville kit and opened it. As usual, I checked all of the sheets to be sure I had them all and all the while, I was thinking about my customer. How sweet of her to do this for her Mother! So I started to get nervous. Will I meet her expectations? She want the house to be White & the trim to be Hunter Green. Of course, I told myself last year that when I build this house again, it would be ALL paper clay. Well, maybe I can get a little bit in but my customer wants it to be built as it is on the box so I must restrain my creative ideas!

Join me for the fun!

These are the picture from my first day! The shell went together so fast that this is the only picture I took. I blinked and it seemed all of the walls were up!


She mentioned she would love for me to electrify the house so I am doing that. First I drill a hole on the first floor ceiling and the 2nd floor "floor"


I then pull the wire through that


I did this for all of the rooms. I then cover the wire with tape to keep them flat and to be sure that they are covered when I add the glue to cover the wire with the hardwood floors I am using

blog-4-1159661922_thumb.jpg blog-4-1159661885_thumb.jpg


This is what the house looked like at the end of Day one:


Complements of Minis on the edge

Addendum: 10/13/05

I decided to take interior pictures for my friend to get some ideas for finishing the house. Because of the privacy wall I had to figure a different treatment for the balustrade.


Then I decided to "lend" some little people & furnishings for The Tour:

In the kitchen we have the family daughter at the utility closet door. The white wire table & chairs are from a $ store, the teapot is off the top of a spoon I found at Wal Mart, the basket of apples is a mini "housewarming" gift from me, and the rest of the things in the kitchen are how-to'd in other parts of this blog.


Mama put Baby on the windowseat in the parlor, so the pillows I embroidered & made barely show up. The upright piano is a Mini Mundus kit and I made a bargello tapestry seat for the bench to replace the rather ordinary kit fabric; I crocheted a matching granny-square runner for the top.


I made a privacy screen printie to screen off the commode; Junior's out of luck trying to find a glass or brush his teeth, but at least he's not ruining his nice suit sliding down the banister.


Last, but not least, we find Papa showing off the bedroom, possibly wondering if he can grab a quick nap before I snatch them all out of there. The bed, nightstand and chest of drawers are HOM kits. the mattress & pillow ticking are from a wornout pair of DH's skivvy drawers (I'll bet that's more than you wanted to know!).


complements of havanaholly

11.) A bit further along

I would like to blame the slow progress on my weird life, but … some of the problem is due to being overly ambitious in what I wanted to do here and underestimating the amount of work involved. Well, what else is new, Judith?Progress since the last posting.-- The porch and balcony flooring is down and stained. The balcony railings are glued into position (this took more time than I thought it would). I still need to ‘gussy’ them up a bit. The porch just has two square columns supporting the balcony. This gives the porch a nice open look. I need to add some trim here and there. There will be two steps up to the porch. The steps will go across the entire front of the porch.blog-242-1129222959_thumb.jpg blog-242-1129223059_thumb.jpg-- A full view of the interior. Notice that I actually worked out the “flying staircase” blog-242-1129223156_thumb.jpg-- The living room. The colors for the living room came from the Kleenex box that Andrew found, part of which is now the picture above the fireplace.blog-242-1129223259_thumb.jpg blog-242-1129223362_thumb.jpg -- The spindles for the stairs are just thin dowels glued to the outside edges of the stairs. I like the way this turned out. The railings need to be fixed into place. The buffets under the stairs are the bottoms of two Michael’s hutches painted gloss white enamel. blog-242-1129223452_thumb.jpg-- The sink has been “built-into” the bay and ‘cabinets’ have been built to connect the sink to the frig and stove -- that was trickier than I would have liked – but it looks very nice. The piece behind the window is a Styrofoam form covered with white cardboard. The side pieces are a small box cut in two and pushed into irregular diamond shapes and stuffed with Styrofoam to keep that shape. The counter tops are from a vinyl floor tile (Home Depot). I will put silver door pulls on the doors to make them look like cabinets. blog-242-1129223531_thumb.jpg blog-242-1129223618_thumb.jpg-- The color on the walls and ceiling is not right. They are a blue with some white rubbed in to make an illusion of sky with wispy clouds. My sister found the wonderful bedroom set by Aztec, and the bed came with all that wonderful bedding. The glass door goes out to the balcony. (pic 9)blog-242-1129223704_thumb.jpg-- The 2nd floor hallway, showing the bath (walls unfinished), also.blog-242-1129223821_thumb.jpg-- The den is a slight problem area. For some reason, after the scrapbook paper was on the walls for about a week, it turned translucent in areas and discolored in some areas. I always glue scrapbook paper with YES glue, so I don’t know what happened here. I am removing it and will replace it with solid white vinyl wallpaper. I will add colored trim to make the red, white, and blue look I wanted originally. Yuk … The desk is a soft maple not red. I bought the sofa, chair, and desk from Craft Club.blog-242-1129223900_thumb.jpgB) Complements of judith


I have actually been "finished" with the Westville for more than a week, but I have been waiting for some good natural daylight to photograph it. That hasn't happened yet, so I went ahead and photographed it today. Unfortunately, the actual colors of the house are not showing up because of the lack of sunlight, so I will re-photograph it at another date, perhaps when I do the actual "tour" of the house, since this is one that I will keep.I still have some exterior and interior trim to put on (as soon as I find it ...), but here is the outside of the house. The door is not actually installed yet, and the "stained glass" does not show well on the front door.blog-242-1128891276_thumb.jpgblog-242-1128891316_thumb.jpgblog-242-1128891350_thumb.jpgblog-242-1128891389_thumb.jpgI had a lot of fun wallpapering this house. Here's a full shot of the back of the house.blog-242-1128891424_thumb.jpgNow I'll take you from room to room, and we'll start in the livingroom and work our way on around and up. The last picture of the livingroom shows the detail of the wallpaper. Jimmy designed me some trim to go around the bay windows on the inside, and he has not yet finished doing the window seat in the livingroom.blog-242-1128891455_thumb.jpgblog-242-1128891489_thumb.jpgblog-242-1128891523_thumb.jpgblog-242-1128891565_thumb.jpgHere's the kitchen and diningroom. I had been wanting to use this wallpaper for quite some time, because I like it. The last picture shows the detail of the wallpaper. I have not yet finished with the staircase.blog-242-1128891597_thumb.jpgblog-242-1128891634_thumb.jpgblog-242-1128891678_thumb.jpgblog-242-1128891717_thumb.jpgNow we go to the second floor. I wasn't sure if I wanted a bathroom in the house or not--mostly because I had found a vintage crib and wanted a nursery in this house, so, here's the nusery.blog-242-1128891748_thumb.jpgblog-242-1128891786_thumb.jpgblog-242-1128891819_thumb.jpgHere's the bedroom. I got a beautiful comforter set with different colors of purple in it, and I have a white metal bed which will go into this room. I'll show you all of that when I do the house's tour.blog-242-1128891847_thumb.jpgblog-242-1128891878_thumb.jpgblog-242-1128891909_thumb.jpgAnd, finally, here are the attic rooms.blog-242-1128891942_thumb.jpgblog-242-1128891982_thumb.jpgblog-242-1128892015_thumb.jpgCompliments of LPCullen

October 3, 2005

I completed construction of the kit yesterday, but today I finished the last item of decoration, the stove.

I marked on the back piece where the oven box would go and glued on the sides. When they were dry I painted the back between the sides & the adjacent sides ultramarine blue. I mixed black with the ultramarine and painted the rest of the foamboard stove parts with it. I had cut down some of the half-shingles to make a top and glued them to the back, and just below it I glued a piece of stripwod to hold the upper grill shelf.


I painted the razor package with two coats of black. When it was dry I glued the larger piece of grill to the top. I glued four plastic earring backs to the front of the razor package.

I made a top & bottom for the oven box by gluing together two layers of white posterboard, which I shall leave white. I made sides for the oven top.

After the oven door dried I outlined it with a silver-colored gel pen. I glued the watch bezel to the door for a handle (the door doesn't open) and I glued half a tiny steel snap fastener over the door for a damper. I glued it to the front of the oven.


When it was dry I glued the top & bottom on, and the sides. When all that was dry I glued the razor package to it. I glued the old watch battery to the middle of the back, just under the upper grill shelf.

I cut down two white plastic cocktail forks and glued one to each corner of the bottom of the oven bottom.


I cut the rest of the hinges & clasp from the clear half of the little plastic box left over from the kitchen link, and it is now a "pyrex" baking dish.

I installed the stove in the range surround. I am giving my friend white wire table & chairs for the alcove in the kitchen bay. She is on her own to make herself an icebox <_<


complements of havanaholly

October 2, 2005

I finished the roof with a last row of half-shingles at the apex. Once everything was good & dry I pounced a gray wash over the chimney bricks followed by swiping a damp wad of tissue over them. I mixed the gray ten parts white to one part gray and diluted it 300% with water. After I did the chimney I added a miniscule touch of ultramarine blue and cut the wash with another hefty bit of water and washed the shingles with it. It gives a silvery gray overlay of the cherry stain, which helps considerably.blog-242-1129236423_thumb.jpg blog-242-1129236505_thumb.jpgI have measured for the oven box on a scrap of foamboard and scribed a door and made a cutout for the watch glass surround, which I have glued in to dry. I shall have to fill the spaces between the parts of the surround the watchstraps attached to, probably some of my ubiquitous scraps of foamboard. I still have some of the brassy bugle beads to use for door hinges. I hope I can get some of this to show up in pictures <_< complements of havanaholly

October 1, 2005

I have been shingling today. All that cherry stain is overwhelming, I shall have to calm it down with a gray wash & some sponging, which I'll do along with the chimney.

Speaking of the chimney, I went back & popped off the shingles covering where the chimney went and installed it. The shingling is going so smoothly on this house I got into a "zone" <_<

I cut out a piece of foamboard for the stove back and used some of the scrap ends of shingles for the top trim. I've installed the stripwood for the upper grill shelf support. I have no black spray paint, so I may try brushing on the black paint. Next I'll figure out dimensions for & cut out the oven.

I stained two more sheets of shingles for a total of eight of the sheets, but it doesn't look as if I'll need them all. I might, though, I have one last row all the way 'round that will be cut down for the apeces.


complements of havanaholly

SEptember 30, 2005

I had to perform a partial amputation on the verge over the porch balcony, it wouldn't fit like in the picture.This morning I bricked the chimney. It needs drybrushing, which I'll do later.I stained the scalloped shingles with the cherry stain & laid down a course of them, and so far I really like the color. Something I'm trying different this time is to run a strip of aluminum foil "flashing" down the roof seam under the shingles.blog-242-1128390996_thumb.jpgI also rehung the front bay shingles nearest the porch, they had canted apart slightly at the top.complements of havanaholly

Day 26 09-28-05

Today I've been working on painting the shutters. As I mentioned elsewhere, I really like the design of the shutters. I am using a combination of colors, and I have used the teal for the outside colors, and an olive-ish green for the interior colors.blog-242-1128048885_thumb.jpgI'm also just about ready to install the interior window trim, so I went ahead and put the window panes into the interior window trim. Of course, I did it backwards, LOL! But that's OK. blog-242-1128048894_thumb.jpgCompliments of LPCullen

Day 25 09-27-05

Well, I'm still doing trim. I want to put most of the shutters on the house, except for the bay windows--I plan to leave them off there. Jimmy has taken them out, and I have sanded their edges and gotten my standard coat of "primer" on them.Jimmy has also taken out some of the balcony railings for me, and I have sanded those as well. Now, for the porch railings, I wanted to have that mostly put together before I painted it. So, Jimmy took out all my pieces and I sanded them down and he then glued them together. Well, I wasn't too happy with the way that the posts themselves looked--it sort of looked like a bunch of pieces of wood put together instead of porch posts. So, I talked Jimmy into putting some wood putty on the porch posts themselves--not the railings, just the posts--and then he sanded it down and made it smooth so it looks like a porch post. This picture shows some of the shutters, and also the porch rails and posts. It's not a good picture, but if you look closely, you can see where the posts were wood puttied.blog-242-1128048641_thumb.jpgCompliments of LPCullen

September 29, 2005

I installed the "faucet" & "taps" on the bathtub first thing.


Then I dry-fit the roof and newspapered the attic portion. I also painted the bathroom portion over the left wall, but painted the corner where the other side of the left attic roof joins the front of the roof over the porch in situ . I'm going to leave the bedroom portion white & call it part of the ceiling.

I assembled & painted the chimney, and will begin to brick it later.

I cut down the Gillette razor pack and primed it with clear nail enamel. I also cut my grills from a plastic fruitbasket and painted them for the stove I'll build later. I had fun removing the surround from an old wristwatch for an oven door. It will be state-of-the-art, I couldn't get the watchglass to come out :o


I painted the roof trim pieces. I do NOT look forward to the verge/ bargeboards, the plywood has already begun to delaminiate for me <_<

I've installed the roof, this one fit the best so far :blink: . As soon as I finish the chimney I'll mark my shingling lines & prep the shingles. I'm still leaning toward a cherry stain.

complements of havanaholly

September 28, 2005

Today I finished the interior trim. The red trim really looks good in the kitchen and the bedroom colors seem to go together. The bathroom is sort of monochromatic, but once I get the fixtures in there it may look better.blog-242-1128389994_thumb.jpg blog-242-1128390142_thumb.jpgI have one more complaint about the assembly. If, when I was originally building & installing the stairs I had known how the banister posts/ newels went I would have done them first thing in case there were cosmetic problems that could be corrected with spackle/ wood putty. Installing them at the end, so to speak, involves contortions of hands from the back of the house to assemble something at the far end of the dividing walls. Not fun. Of course, I would have done the stairwall strip differently, too :blink: <_< Amongst my many little "treasure" boxes are a couple full of what I call "found" objects (non-miniaturists might call them "garbage" or "trash") from which I selected items to make the bathroom fixtures.The lavatory is made from a single-serving whipped butter tub, three earring backs (like the kitchen sink) and scraps of foamboard & wall covering.The bathtub started out the clear acrylic "blister" from packaging that I painted white on the "wrong" side, with the aforementioned earring backs and a foamboard scraps surround covered with masking tape and painted the trim color.The commode is made from a wee wooden egg cup I found in one of the countless thriftshops we fisited on our trip this summer, the seat & lid are card covered with a wood-grain contact vinyl with a metal bead "hinge". The tank is a single-serving jelly packet with the flusher made from a jewelry finding & a bead.The wastepaper basket was once a single-serving coffee lightener container (duh).blog-242-1128390269_thumb.jpg blog-242-1128390440_thumb.jpgI have removed the roof/ gable pieces and I shall prep them tomorrow after I install the bathroom fixtures. I'm still thinking about what to color the shingles & how.complements of havanaholly