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Five different views on building the Haunted House

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WELCOME to my home

Well mercy me. I really wuzzunt expectin' no guests to come a-callin' this time of day. But now that y'all are hear, come on in. Have some of Miss Hatties special tea. I gay-rone-tee it'll have ya feelin' like a young girl on her first date. Come in! Come on in. Don't mind spot. He only bites bad folk. And thas' not you now is it?blog-317-1128396092_thumb.jpgThis here's mah livin' room an the place where I first meets mah new clients. I also sells potions, and such as yew can see over yonder on the shelf. That big leather book on top was handed down through seven generations of the women folk in my family. Now y'all don't pay no never mind to an old ladies foolishness by all them hats on that rack there. I jes cain't resist picking up one hear an there on one of my trips into town. I do so love mah hats. Have yerself a seat on that there couch while I go put some water on for some tea. And if'n that flea bitten cat is aroun' here somewhere and bothers ya lookin' for some pettin' jes push him outta yer way. blog-317-1128396123_thumb.jpgOk, hope y'all weren't too bored lookin' around my lil ole livin' room. But the tea's ready so y'all can come on in tha kitchen and we'll visit over a cup. Lack I said, this here's a special tea and it'll make ya feel what for. Cackle. come on now. Don't be a-feared. Lemme jes move this ole weejee board and tarrot cards outta yer way. Oops! Jest ignore that weight loss spell. That wuz fer a "client" that wuz in here jes a little bit afore y'all came a-callin'. blog-317-1128396153_thumb.jpgWhat's that? Well of course I heated it up on that ole cook stove. And I gots a really good well down to some GOOD water. But I gotta get someone in here to fix that danged handle that done fell off agin. Y'all know a good handy type man that maybe needs a spell in exchange for a bit of work? Ya can see I got a few more of my special supplies in here too. The place is kinda small so I do my fortune tellin' and give readin's in here too.blog-317-1128396176_thumb.jpgY'all know what? I gets really good feelin's about you. I don' normally trust folks all this easy but I thank I may just let ya'll see my private stuff. If'n ya won't to, jes come up upstairs. Be right carefull now'. They's kind of steep an a bit rickety too. Ole Jeb, who lives further down in the darker part of the bayou had someone put an awful hex on him. An' he needed it taken off. I was really cramped in this tiny lil shack so he fixed it fer me so I could use the attick upstairs. So now I gots a really nice private place, all my own. Come on up. I'll show ya.blog-317-1128396202_thumb.jpgThat there's my bed. T'aint very big but it's soft and comfterbull, and I gots plenny o blankits fer those nights when it gets a bit chilly and that blue norther starts a-blowin so hard the moss might near falls offa the trees. What's that? That lady up in tha picture? Why that's my third cousin' Marie, the voodoo Queen hersef who lives down yonder in N'orluns. She taught me an my momma both lots of her most powerful magic, for when it's needed.An over here, I keeps my personal items, and, (whispering) don't tell nobody but I also do a few personal stay healthy spells on mahsef when I gets to feelin' old. I don't look 68 do I? blog-317-1128396226_thumb.jpgNow watch yer head comin' thru this door. This room is my most private place. It's where I do my most powerful spellin' an conjurin'. You really should consider yerself privleged to see this room cuz y'all could count on the fangers of one han' the number of folk that seen it. Y'all unnerstan' I can't letcha stay in here too long. The forces of the spirits I keep aroun and active in here can really hurt those what don't know how to control 'em. They heps me keep Spot in line ya know? I'll show ya in a few minutes when I takes ya outside.blog-317-1128396249_thumb.jpgWell I surely hope y'all enjoyed yer visit? I see the tea is already makin' a few of ya wanna go dancin'. I hear they got a decent fiddler down to the ice house tonite. Might be a fun place ta go kick yer heels up till the tea wears off a bit. Looket there, unner tha house. Ya can see Spot all alert an watchin'. He KNOWS I gots anuther client comin' soon so he keeps an eye our fer me. Y'all come back now real soon. Hattie makes the best potions and does the mos powerful magic in all of 20 parishes 'round here. An' I so love havin' cumpney over. Next time ya come I'll give ya a different tea. A bit stronger'n this one was. But ya gots to start out slow ya know? Bye bye now. Come back an visit soon.blog-317-1128396271_thumb.jpgHattie waves g'bye.

waiting for the paint to dry

well I have been on a small break from the house. Ive been waiting for the lights to get here I ordered from HBS. today they arrived and I dont think I can use 2 of them. :blink: will have Dean look at them and see what he thinks.I had to go back and restick all of my floral moss to the roof. spray adhesive does NOT work for this type of thing...well not for me at least. so I used good ole Aileens tacky glue which is wonderful for most all projects,though it was asked why not use the glue gun?? well duuuhh coz that was to easy and less mess...not exactly how I do things. <_< so I used crackle on the shutters and windowboxes...guess I let it dry to long and its not crackling so Now I will have to do some sanding to age it. the porch rails and window trims are white...but only till dry than I will give them a dirty wash as well. I painted the porch floor gray over crackle....I wonder if I didnt get it shook up enough? because I usually am much happier with my results. but as its a Haunted house Im not gonna get to shook up over it. :o this house is not being done the way I had originally planned but than they seldom do around me. I wanted to use paperclay for the outside walls for a stone cottage...but I think the tissue effect came as a good substitute. I have to cut my chimney tonight and get it started. 2 thoughts as to how I will do this...1st use floral styrofoam and cut stone shapes into itor use foamcore of the builders foam and spackle adding aquarium rock to it like I did on the Glencroft....I have to say I am leaning to this. but before I do it Im going to go get something from Walmart which I hope will set it off and make it look interresting. no photos just waiting for the paint to dry.TTFNnutti :o


Well I put in some time on my house today.

I have finished the paint effect on the spell room.

the fireplace has a insert..such as it is....actually I really like it.

I wanted to go up the wall with it but that stonework look has got me beat for now.

but I am very happy with it.

and I have the stairs installed.


than tonight I worked on the outside. I mod podged the house with tissue paper

I also did something I have seen elsewhere..not sure if I got it right but it works for me. I took some houseworks brick on a sheet and cut some off and put them on the walls than built up the tissue till it knda looked like it was comming out of the wall like the plaster has fallen off. I painted it all antique white...I will dirty was it after the paint dries...like tomorrow. :o


here I insert a "nutti" Im working on the mod podge and tissue stuff when I casually tip the house....forgetting...I had the house full of goodies because I had been playing agian....of course I did this just as hubby walked in. so he had a good lol at me <_< "sigh"

after painting I mixed me up someblack dirty washed and gave the fireplace a wash.


this made a big difference to me in how it looks. I am working on a full wall mantle.

but for now Im off to bed!

Haunting in Missouri

nutti :blink:

The Third Day

I started looking at my cave and wondering what I could do to add something different. The corner looked so bare and I decided to make a shelf there.blog-317-1126731194_thumb.jpgHere is the shelf before it was all clayed up:blog-4-1126734619_thumb.jpg blog-317-1126731249_thumb.jpgI did not want to sculpt stones down in the cave so I decided to add more pieces left over from the cup holders randomly on the walls so that when I add the clay there will be parts sticking out.blog-317-1126731270_thumb.jpgI know where I want the candle lights to go and I decided to add a fireplace which will have a flickering light and it also makes the other lights in the house flicker a little. <_< I just cut it out of foam board (1' thick) and it looked like this:blog-317-1126731476_thumb.jpgI decided I liked it here better:blog-317-1126731537_thumb.jpgI added paper clay to the cave:blog-317-1126731601_thumb.jpgI then started adding clay to the roof:blog-317-1126731673_thumb.jpgMore to come soon!!!Complements of My Mini Shop

The Fastest Blog Ever

Or so I would like to think. I didn't really read the directions for this one, for some reason I found the print difficult to read. I kept with the kit design on this one except for changing the stairs. I filled in the staircase hole and moved the stairs into the other room against the wall. I plan to put a fake trap door at the top of the stairs in their new spot. Instead of making a haunted house, my house looks more abandoned. The glazing has been knocked out and vines are growing through the partially boarded windows. The door stands ajar, probably from some adventurous child on a dare.I hinged the front door with hem tape, it worked very well. I used spray paint (my new best friend) to paint the house and the trim. The yellow paint went on very streaky which gave the trim a very old weathered look. I loved it. I left the porch post off but used the decorative pieces. I made the railing from another piece of scrap wood and mitered the adjoining edges.The vine is from one of those tiny wreaths you can get at the craft store, 6 for 99 cents. I soaked the wreath in warm water until it became pliable and then I stuck it on the house. I used tape to hold it into place until it dried and then added glue to tack it down in spots.I'm going to try to find a home for this adorable little house, which is why I didn't go all out. As it stands now, the new owner can continue with the derelict house theme, make it into a halloween house, or (with a few changes) into a cute little cottage. I love this house. I would keep it if I could.Compliments of CatColorado

The cave

well although I am done with the building of the house.

I am not done with the display I am creating for or real world spookhouse.

tonight my SIL and her daughter came down to help with the paper machie....its been a long time since we had done this and next time I will bite the bullit and get the plaster strips tracy recommended. the way we did it took hours. but it is done while we girls worked on the caves my sweet hubby installed all of my lights.

And then we added one to the dungeon and one to the cave. And when all the lights are out in my house the stain glass windows shine and I am so happy its all turning out. this is my first major project of this kind and it is so much fun.

step 1


step 2


step 3 putting it all together.


As you can tell the painting and planting have not started.

although I did grab a few greenery stems from Hobby Lobby when I went there for the lights. I grabbed as unusual as things as I could find.

I hope you enjoy the photos.


nutti <_<

Starting the kit

I usually work on a dollhouse after Darrell has built the shell. This time I am building the shell. It seemed a simple kit and I have never put one together from a kit. The first day I got the house I put all the sheets in numerical order and numbered each piece. I built the base and test fitted the wall marking the few changes I wish to make. I plan on making this house into a shack one might find on the bayou or back woods somewhere. I am brainstorming how to decorate the outside. I usually add trim ect to the outside after the shell is put together. The trim I need on this house requires me to add it before the walls go up, I believe. My first attemt at decorating the walls yesterday was a small disaster. Darrell pointed out that none of the board I had glued down were straight, so I had to rip all of them off and start over again.Compliments of DarrellandMelissa

Started the walls

I started putting the trim I had to tear off, back on the wall. I made sure it was as straight as I could get it.blog-317-1126246506_thumb.jpgI put the walls together and test fitted the secong floor.blog-317-1126246436_thumb.jpgDarrell suprised me by "helping" , well that's what he said he was doing. What he did was make sure the walls were straight, without his help it probally would look like an abandoned shack instead. I did have a little trouble with the center divider wall lining up correctly. The changes I made were to square up the windows, and open up the divider wall to allow more floor space.blog-317-1126246309_thumb.jpgThats all for today, tomorrow I will start the aging wash, and start instaling the wooden floor and porch.Compliments of DarrellandMelissa

Shadow Cliff Day 5

I have added the chimney stack and some stone around the windows. It is beginning to look like home :o blog-317-1127274583_thumb.jpg blog-317-1127274728_thumb.jpg blog-317-1127274740_thumb.jpgblog-317-1127274760_thumb.jpg blog-317-1127274774_thumb.jpgI will started painting this house and as I have said in the past, the paint is what makes the house comes to life. <ahttp://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/forum/\html\style_emoticons\/blink.png' alt=':blink:'> ;)Here is a picture:blog-317-1127275099_thumb.jpgI was going to do a how too regarding the stain glass windows because I used real lead but I deleated the pictures by mistake. Sorry :o <_< This is not the finished house though I am really close now.Complements of My Mini Shop

Shadow Cliff Complete?

Well, I have been having so much fun with this house. It is a shame I can't get outside to take some decent pictures of the house since it is still raining and there is a overcast outside ;) .

This is the way the UN-Haunted house looks so far. B) I "think" I am finished. I added a hand made rose vine to the front of the house and a "mossy" covering around the cave entry way. I added "wisps of smoke" to the chimney pots I made. This was a fast and fun build. I did not use the instructions because I did not like the format. I don't like to read instructions and I found these hard to read for some strange reason LOL. I am known for not reading directions even when I buy stuff from IKEA. My husband makes me put them together cause I almost always throw out instructions (Before we assemble so that is a problem for him LOL)

The house was so simple to put together that the instructions were not needed. Opps. I just remembered, I have not put the furniture together yet. (Where are those instruction :o <_< ). Please enjoy the pictures of what I have done! I can't wait to see what you all do to your kits. Remember, if you can dream it, it can be done!

Please note that this blogs haunted ghost skin was NOT picked by me but the owner of this forum. I do not create haunted houses! It's not my thing :blink: Love & hugs my friends :o

Now back to the dollhouse fun!

blog-317-1127764121_thumb.jpg blog-317-1127764188_thumb.jpg

blog-317-1127764230_thumb.jpg blog-317-1127764323_thumb.jpg

blog-317-1127764394_thumb.jpg blog-317-1127764433_thumb.jpg

blog-317-1127764526_thumb.jpg blog-317-1127764540_thumb.jpg

Complements of My Mini Shop

sept 11

hmmmmm where did I leave off??well last night I stained all of the inside trim and the floors of the haunted house the Mahogany stain I like so well. than I went to the internet site where I had see this ghost comming out of the wall. I wanted to achieve this effect in some way. so I got out the foil,cheescloth,fabric stiffner and the head I made earlier this month with glow in the dark fimo.blog-317-1126497811_thumb.jpgyou can see by the photos the aluminum foil frame. I draped the cheescloth and sprayed WELL with stiffner. let dry overnight. while waiting for this to dy I took some of the peices I stained and started to install them .like the handrail in the stairs and the stairwell bannisters. by this time its 3am and I gotta go to bed. when I got up and got started I took the foil out of the ghost and than I glued both parts to the wall. Im not sure if anyone else can tell the ghost is suppose to be going through the wall but I can and I like it.blog-317-1126498075_thumb.jpgthan I started going through some of the furniture I had set aside for this type of project and started dressing the place...I wanted to make sure it made a good first impression on the friends and family.blog-317-1126498182_thumb.jpgnow I dont have a sink and an old witches house Im sure would not own a fridge.so Im going to build the trestle table and put one of my wash barrels on it and the hand pump I have....dry sink. the stove doest look so bad.blog-317-1126498309_thumb.jpgthis is the spell room and the bedroom much left here to do...I am in a wait and see period now...coz I cant do anymore untill the lights I have ordered gets here.than I will know how to proceede with the chimney.still have made no choice on how to finish the porch. or what color to trim the house in....I really am leaning to using the same blue/purple I used for the spell room for the shutters and fancy work.no I need to make the front door stained glass and the bedroom window and Ill be done with inside. this has been a fantastic project. and I have loved doing it!cant wait to see more......TTFNnutti <_<


not much done so far today as the morning was spent birthday shopping for the daughters 14th birthday tomorrow.bit I have managed to get the floral moss on the roof and I LOVE it!thanks to Pumpkin :blink: I also dirty washed the whole outside and boy what a difference a day makes.it looks so old and dingy. hubby and kid very impressedand I am very pleased myself!blog-317-1126388180_thumb.jpgblog-317-1126388202_thumb.jpgnow its time to go back to the kit box and get out the door,windows and porch sections. today is the offical one week of this project it just moves right along.nutti <_<

Putting in the holes!

Jimmy has continued with the white washing of his trim, and has also added some black marks on the trim ... just because. I'm not sure why, but I like it.blog-317-1128050911_thumb.jpgHe also bricked his chimney, and then decided to "knock some of the bricks out".blog-317-1128050972_thumb.jpgHe then began putting his holes in his roof. He has further plans for that, but I am not allowed to disclose them ... he says it's a surprise.blog-317-1128050989_thumb.jpgblog-317-1128051003_thumb.jpgCompliments of LPCullen


well I have stained the stairs and some of the micheals hutches of which I have torn in half. I have papered the bedroom,kitchen and livingroom(twice)I have painted what didnt get papered. blog-317-1126166038_thumb.jpgthis is photo of my checking on furniture placement....ok I was playing!note the livingroom wallpaper and the gaping hole in the side that will be a fireplace at some point.blog-317-1126166153_thumb.jpg now you can see the colors. isnt that paper better? and yes I papered over the other paper...it wasnt comming off with ease so I just said...hey its a haunted house! :o I mived blue and this wonderful purple to get this coloring the spells room I am not done with the painting in here....a dry brushing of metallic silver and than some irredesent glitter. on the main wall. photos or posters of some kind. I was thinking of taking some of our Halloween photos and shrink them for a collage on the wall. also in the hole on the wall is a fireplace box to hold the paperclay for the fireplace....I have ALOT of those skull pony beads and Im going to use them in the fireplace. I also have tiny spiders as well. I havent tried to age the kitchen paper yet....it looks so nice....maybe our Miss witch likes things clean and tidy while she brews up all those potions. I ordered 3 lights and some lit embers....yes I was gonna try Tracy's ember technique but it was priced right and one less thing I have to do. I also got the hard/round wire for the lighting not real sure where it will goI am making a chimney from foamcore perhaps I could hide the wires in there ...somehow. we are entering a world of unknown with electricity.but Im sure Ill muddle thrugh. the kit goes together very quickly and it really is a cute house... I know it doesnt seem very haunted now...but remember I just got started.the dungeon has been painted gray need to start the spiral stairs I hope to put in there.all in all very satisfying.nutti <_< :blink:


The inside has been covered with boards to keep with the design of the house.blog-317-1126908191_thumb.jpgThe outside is starting to look like I visualised it. In this picture you can see the screen door and steps leading to the porch, as well as the porch posts themselves. The screen was made from coffee stirrer sticks and panyhose. The steps were made from scraps from the kit.blog-317-1126908315_thumb.jpgDarrell created an arched door, out of the scraps from the kit, for the second floor doorway.blog-317-1126908243_thumb.jpgHere you can see how we used pieces of leather to make hinges for the door.blog-317-1126908368_thumb.jpg.I think it may be easier if I add the second floor winow and inside trim before gluing the roof on. The trim will have to be constructed to match the new shaps the windows have. Wait untill you see the roof, not sure what we have planned will work, but will try it.Compliments of DarrellandMelissa

Preparing Exterior

First, Jimmy drew some lines on the house. He wanted the house to appear that it was made out of boards. For the exterior of the house, he used a piece of siding from another house as a guide and drew some lines using a pencil.blog-317-1127687637_thumb.jpgThen Jimmy used a smaller board to draw lines on the first floor room floors, and also on the front porch. blog-317-1127687602_thumb.jpgNow it's my turn, and I wanted to make sure that the wood was sealed and wouldn't warp when I got ready to do some color washing to age the house, so the first thing I did was stain the house on the exterior, for the simple reason that Minwax stain is also a sealer. Plus, the stain of the wood added to the tone of the color wash, or so I thought.blog-317-1127686792_thumb.jpgblog-317-1127686839_thumb.jpgCompliments of LPCullen

my build is done

well the porch is on and the windows are in and the shutters and windowboxes are on also. I put the back roof on and will cover it with floral moss tomorrowso I am officially done with this build. and but for a few odds and ends the decorating is finished as well. blog-317-1126852545_thumb.jpg I have decided to display this house at the Library for National Miniature month in October. so no more photos of the inside till I have it filled with all my goodies bed made and curtains hung....I have this really great web material from a pair of gloves the kid wore a couple of years ago. I had soo much fun doing this house.this is a recomend for a beginner. and it would be great decorated in alot of different ways as our other builders will soon show. I thank Greenleaf for giving me this opportunity to let the creative juices flow!TTFNnutti <_<

Let The Wallpapering Begin!

Jimmy wanted me to wallpaper the downstairs rooms, since he has great plans for the wallpaper. Of course, that consists of tearing up the wallpaper ... and other things ... The downstairs rooms were very easy to wallpaper, and I like the wall that the spackled ceiling looks with the wallpaper. blog-317-1128051345_thumb.jpgblog-317-1128051355_thumb.jpgJimmy decided he would finish spackling the upstairs rooms. Got impatient, couldn't wait on me, which suits me fine since I didn't like spackling. I'm not sure he liked spackling either, since he told me I left him the "hard" parts ... did not, he just didn't wait for me to finish!blog-317-1128051432_thumb.jpgblog-317-1128051443_thumb.jpgCompliments of LPCullen

Learning to Spackle

Well now, I have come and I have seen and I have spackled! Kinda like -- frosting a cake! I spackled the ceilings (and yes, it's upside down) of the first floor rooms, and then I spackled one area of the upstairs rooms. The upstairs rooms are to be entirely spackled, since I don't really want to wallpaper them, LOL!blog-317-1128051146_thumb.jpgblog-317-1128051155_thumb.jpgblog-317-1128051170_thumb.jpgblog-317-1128051179_thumb.jpgAnd, I have discovered that I do not like spackling and should stick to wallpapering, which is MUCH easier for me!Compliments of LPCullen

Jimmy has begun adding some trim to his house, and creating his own version of "architectural detailing".blog-317-1128050557_thumb.jpgHe has sort of white washed the railings, and then he decided to "break" some of the railings, to give it a more run down appearance I guess. He also cut some of the porch "planks" and made them stand up ...blog-317-1128050676_thumb.jpgblog-317-1128050687_thumb.jpgblog-317-1128050698_thumb.jpgNow, we seem to be running into a little problem here. Hubby seems to think that because he is doing this house with barely any input from me that he is entitled to full use of ALL (and there are many) of my paint brushes. That wouldn't be such a problem, but he usually ends up using the one that I need! GGRRRRR!Compliments of LPCullen

It's here! Day One.

I was so excited to get this kit. This is one of those kits that can be done MANY different ways. As a matter of fact, I plan on doing two of these. They are Quick to build & easy to Edit.blog-317-1126123132_thumb.jpgI decided to create a Cave under the house. This house will sit on a Mountain Cliff base. First, I started building the house.blog-317-1126123221_thumb.jpg blog-317-1126123261_thumb.jpg blog-317-1126123277_thumb.jpgblog-317-1126123310_thumb.jpg blog-317-1126123406_thumb.jpgI decided I did not like the Window Grids so I cut them out:blog-317-1126123443_thumb.jpgI decided to create the base by using materials I had on hand. Some people are afraid to use Foam Board because they think it is not sturdy enough. I like it because it is light weight and I can cut it with my hobby knief.blog-317-1126123548_thumb.jpgI added the walls. It will add another 9 inches to the hieght and 17 inches wide and 11" deep. blog-317-1126123687_thumb.jpgI used Grill scewers (grocery store item)to add the side walls to the front wall. This will help keep this baase in place while the glue dries. blog-317-1126124058_thumb.jpg blog-317-1126124078_thumb.jpgI pushed it in about 3 or four inches and cut the exposed parts off with my east cutter.I then took those Drink Holders you get from Mcdonalds and cut them up and glued them on the base. I also use tape till the glue dried. I used a hot glue gun after a while because this will NOT come off after I am finished.blog-317-1126124216_thumb.jpg blog-317-1126124234_thumb.jpgI decided to add stairs to the side of the house I cut seven 2" x 2" (approx.) peices and hot glued them on. The clay and plaster strips with give it extra strength.blog-317-1126124347_thumb.jpgAfter looking at this I decided there needed to be an entry way into the base so I cut out a opening:blog-317-1126124402_thumb.jpgThis is the inside so far:blog-317-1126124446_thumb.jpgComplements of My Mini Shop

It has a roof

Well in the southern area , where this house is, the rain began to fall. This immediately caused the roof to rust. How ever on a good note, it also helped the plants grow. You can see Spot the guard "dog", in his favorite spot under the porch. (You can tell him, he's not a dog if you like, I'm not gonna do it). Hattie started hanging a few curtains to brighten the place up a bit.blog-317-1127525963_thumb.jpg IN the front yard on the right side you can see a young tree. It was made from a small tree form and leaves from one of those long vine wreaths you can get at the dollar store. The leaves for the tree in the distance also came from one of those. You can see Spot's tail sticking out, wagging and hoping for a visitor.blog-317-1127525918_thumb.jpgThis is my first attempt to make spanish moss, (something I have never seen in real life), I hope I did ok with it. You can see some of the shrubs the rain helped grow. The path is still being worked on. It will lead to the "Greenhouse" , Where Hattie grows her magical and poisionus plants.blog-317-1127525944_thumb.jpgThis picture is here just because Darrell likes the red checked curtains and "spot" so much. He has helped me weave such a story about this house.blog-317-1127525895_thumb.jpg The stairs are in, but I am not taking pictures untill I finish decorating. I noticed on these pictures, I forgot to put a door knob on the front door and a handle on the screen door.Compliments of DarrellandMelissa

Have been busy

I have been very busy on the house the last few days. I added newspaper wallpaper and wooden beams to both second floor rooms. This was another war against warping. Each individual page of newspaper was cut out and applied. The beams are made from some scrap craft type sticks I had laying around.blog-317-1127322622_thumb.jpg blog-317-1127322642_thumb.jpgIt took me a few tries to come up with a workable roof. I wanted it to resemble a tin roof. I used corragated scrapbook paper. Darrell spray painted the papers for me, as I can't be around those fumes. As you can see by the clamps on the back edge, I'm still fighting the warping war.blog-317-1127322683_thumb.jpgThis next picture is here because I finally won the war aginst warping. This time instead of gluing the boards down, and regluing the warpage, staining, regluing the warpage, waiting untill dry and gluing some more, I changed my tactics. I stained the boards. While they were still damp I cut them to size and glued them on. I attached a clamp at each seam and won the war. there was no need to reglue anything.blog-317-1127322745_thumb.jpgThe roof and flashing are on, but still need to be aged, that will take a few more days. The door and screen door have been attached. The steps are just sitting there, as they will be glued on after it has been attached to the base.blog-317-1127322822_thumb.jpgThe house has been attached to the base, steps glued on, and the landscaping has begun. It will have a rock pathway that will line up with the rock pathway to the Greenhouse (built earlier and on a seperate base).blog-317-1127322771_thumb.jpgAnd last but not least, here is a close up of the porch.blog-317-1127322706_thumb.jpgToday I plan to start aging the roof, landscape some more, and put in the kitchen curtains.Compliments of DarrellandMelissa

The Haunted Dollhouse Kit is a fun way to celebrate to decorate you house for Halloween. You will find this blog useful for tips and decorating ideas as build your Haunted Dollhouse.

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furniture and more

We added the door handles (no picture) and a stove pipe.blog-317-1128389245_thumb.jpgHere is some of the furniture that came with the kit and what we did with it.Both of the round tables were painted off white. One of them has a printie glued to the top.blog-317-1128389222_thumb.jpgThe end tables stained nicely and antiqued.blog-317-1128389201_thumb.jpgI added some upholstery to the chairs.blog-317-1128389172_thumb.jpgThe bed stained nicely as well. The blanket is reversable.blog-317-1128389003_thumb.jpgStay tuned for a tour of the completed house.Melissa