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I waited 10 years to get a Beacon Hill. I didn't want to build one, and I couldn't have one shipped off ebay, so I had to wait until one showed up locally. In 10 years, I saw 1 perfect Beacon Hill (finished and furnished) get away due to the seller being 3 hours away. They were only asking $75! But then many years later another one appeared. The house was done nicely on the outside, and the interior was unfinished but primed except for the hallways. They wanted $200, but it sat for weeks and went down to $60. Seller delivered it to my door amazingly! It was meant to be and I love this house. My 1:12 miniature collection is now complete! 

It all happened so fast, I felt like this house was making it's way to me as much as I was trying to get it into my collection. Definitely meant to be. Fate is great.


I like how this looks from the outside. THe siding needs a little help, but I like the windows - this was apparently a bash of two houses - not sure which one was used as the addition. Love the windows on the attic addition.



Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 8.34.04 AM.png

Electronics are getting smaller and amazing things for the dollhouse are becoming more affordable (I love the battery lights for those of us who can't do wiring), and now I am interested in adding...SOUND to my house.

Lundby is selling a modern console that will play music from your bluetooth device. 
I like it, but of course, I'd rather pipe 40s classics through a vintage console radio into my 1940s house.
Here are some gorgeous working radios, but they aren't bluetooth and they are beyond my price range.
So now I am thinking I might try to make my own...with a near-1 inch cube bluetooth speaker for $13, 
and a custom olde tyme radio container I'd have to build for it. Or find a pre-built radio that is hollow.
I just love the idea of piping in period music. 
Or if I had a haunted house, I could have spooky sounds going. Or even simple random sounds like a doorbell or phone ringing. 
Could be fun. Could be creepy. 
Check out this one - it sounds pretty cool! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqdYCm0i6HU
It uses a USB unit which is bigger and will require some fiddling with cords I think, but it is a lovely item.


If that doesn't work, try https://lundby.com/en/ and select the Wallpaper link. It lets you choose a house, then a room and it will create a PDF template for the walls of that room...I LOVE IT. 

I wish Greenleaf would consider this level of investment as they make their laser houses. I know since each build can vary, the templates might not be perfect (Lundby is so pre-manufactured I know it is easy for them to do this), but it would be a great time-saver for those of us who inherit/rescue houses that need some sprucing up (without having to take things apart). 

It's fun to see how easy Lundby has made this - I printed out several templates and will be redoing a house I got on ebay which was redone in the 80s with too much dark purple. Can't wait to make it look happier!

Deb Young no longer sells this amazing limited edition kit - and it doesn't appear on her site (http://youngatheartminiatures.com/shop/)  anymore probably because she was inundated with fans wanting a kit that is no longer available. But I saw photos and it was amazing. I am posting some below. The 2nd floor hallway with tall ceiling and tall book cases is such a great idea for a hallway. I'm going to try that in a 1:12 house.  I also like how the small rooms have such tall ceilings...it just works. 





“The real thing is a total fascination which does not go away.”


“I can never remember a time I wasn’t fascinated by doll’s houses,” says Lauren Child, the author and illustrator. Her version of The Princess and the Pea, set in a doll’s house, is republished this month, and next year she will present a BBC documentary on the Museum of Childhood’s exhibition and her own lifelong passion for the subject. “You either are or you aren’t a doll’s house person,” she says. “The real thing is a total fascination which does not go away.”

Betty Pinney's house:



I found this a very close-to-home story about finding an old dollhouse and bringing it back to life, as well as listening to the inner-self which, when dollhouses are involved, is sometimes called the inner child - but dollhouses are for all ages inner or outer:

"It had been stored in a barn," Donohue said. "The windows were rusted, but I saw something in that doll house that I just had to have, even though my daughter and granddaughter rolled their eyes at me when I decided to buy it."

She rehabbed a 1947 Keystone and it looks great!



So I tend to come across fun links that are neither craigslist/ebay related, nor news/TV miniature related - but are more like archival links to interesting pictures of other people's stuff...OK, so maybe more like a Pinterest page, but I'd rather just share them straight with you instead of making people log in to Pinterest or dealing with that.

Today's find:


You can click on the links below for closeups of the rooms - I love the hallways and the woodwork. It has a basement!! It took this couple 20 years to make it and she says it took only hours to furnish it once they brought it out of the basement. Wow.





I've been finding some great links out there...going to start listing them in this blog instead of cluttering up General Mini talk. I really just want to archive them so that someone might find them via the search feature...they might find something of interest - I know I did when I came across these things.

Today I highlight a favorite childhood memory of the Smithsonian's Faith Bradford house.







I heaved a sigh of relief when Emma arrived back home. I had been worried that she might not make it after what happened to famous travel doll Molly (see Molly's thread in the archives).

She made it - along with Jack and the Vicar Hawthyn (whose arm was tidily sewn into a sling).

She also arrived with the cutest and tiniest souvenirs and some lovely items to start her dowry with!!

She first went to consult with her own local Vicar:


And then attended a welcome home tea:


You can see several of her wonderful souvenirs on the table and cabinets surrounding her. In the bag is a miniature gouda cheese!!

The postcard album is adorable and contains little postcards of her actual visits!!


In this photo, you can see the vicar and Jack standing in the back (they didn't want to take any attention away from Emma's return):


Jack's traveling compartment containing the marvelous little items that came home with Emma:


Included was a tiny bag of sand and seashore shells from Jersey!!


Many many thanks to everyone who hosted Emma, and posted all the great photos.

It was a treat seeing your collections from a "doll's eye" point of view.

Thanks so much for taking part in this project - I had sooo much fun keeping up with the stories and pics.

Emma and Jack show they are capable of using the internet like all their Greenleaf friends:


A visit to Checkmouse's grand federal manor:


A walk in the woods - no lions or tigers, but definitely bears (oh my):


Emma had a nice and relaxing Christmas in Washington - and got caught up on email:


Emma made it all the way to California for the end of November, early December.

She was very clever too book her trip this way and stay just ahead of the cold eastcoast/midwest weather.

After much romance, horse back riding, and motorcycle rides, DollhouseDiva pampered Emma like no one's business:


The serenity of DollhouseDiva's beautiful collection:


A photo favorite of mine - Emma relaxing at a pub (what a gorgeous scene!!):


Sweet dreams in the sweetest and most delicate of bedreooms:


Tidied up and ready for the last leg of the trip:


I think Emma's costume is lovely!!

And Jack's pumpkin head is quite charming. Reminds me a little of the Headless horseman, but much nicer.


Like most American children at Halloween, Jack is literally swimming in candy:


Awwww - it looks like a romantic halloween gift was given by Jack:


Well it looks like Emma has a new traveling companion - Jack - whom she has grown quiet close to.

Here they are in Beyondbaffled's mailbox:


For concerned chaperones, Jack is traveling in his own separate compartment.


Beyondbaffled took them out for a drink:


Took Emma to see the biggest guitar that ever existed:


Gone fishing:


What a fantastic olde tyme western portrait:


And such a nice Tennessee portrait of Emma. It looks nice and warm there.


Sound the horns! The big hunting event of the year (though I think they aren't actually hunting, but just riding):


A visit to the townhouse:


And into the cheery yellow drawing room of the other townhouse couple:


And a carriage ride in a beautiful carriage!


And more lion taming:


(I don't know who looks more startled - I think Emma is testing Chloe's patience)

Emma appeared to go AWOL for a few days (rumor has it she flirts with postal workers a bit much), but Badlilkit was able to expedite her to North Carolina for her next stop (thanks Badlilkit!!).

LPcullen has put Emma up in a fabulous little cottage:





The cottage is to die for - Emma leads a charmed life.