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I was excited to try out the roof pieces on the Summerhouse,so propped them in place to have a look. While looking at the roof as a whole, I realized that there is no way to hide all the tab slots and have the "seams" line up. 


I was puzzling about this when I decided to check out images online. So, on most of the roofs the seams lined up, but then there were some that didn't so I guess I am okay. I'm not sure how much the seams will show anyway after I do the verdigris work. Have to go finish some grass mowing, then I will be back. Was dragging my tail feathers after mowing the lawn! LOL! Almost a 1/2 acre with a push mower! Whew! After looking at the pictures of roofs online, I noticed that on some of them the seams lined up with the middle of the spaces on adjoining pieces of roof. My layout has pretty much worked out that way too, so I am happy with it. I started by painting the main sections of the roof with the Bronze.


After a light sanding, I temporarily put them on the house to start laying out the seams.


Here is the front roof piece with the seams almost complete.


It's been a little tricky covering the tab slots and lining up the seams, but I figure life is full of imperfection, right? LOL! 


This still needs a piece here and there and then the painting can start! Have a great evening all!

I decided today was the day to try out the copper color on the roof. In my gallery is a how-to on doing a verdigris roof treatment. It's a good thing I wrote it all down as I would have forgotten it all! LOL! Before I did the whole roof, I wanted to try this out on the smaller roof section to see how it was going to look. I started by putting on a coat of Metallic Bronze by Craftsmart. blogentry-3022-0-26312300-1438283840_thu I thought I did a major oopsie for a minute as I was going to glue strips on the roof before painting. Then I realized without the strips, I'd be able to sand the first coat smooth. Serendipitous for sure! I cut 1/4 inch strips from thin cardboard and glued them down. blogentry-3022-0-02903200-1438283855_thu After a couple more coats of the Bronze, these pieces were set aside to dry overnight. blogentry-3022-0-99799200-1438283865_thu Really like how this is looking and found I can arrange the cardboard strips to hide any gaps here and there. I've been working on a ridge cap that I hope is not too over the top...just not sure how to paint it yet. Mulling this over.
The Viking hammer was also found and I had one happy Minion! Then I found a small boat in my stash and he was tickled pink! blogentry-3022-0-60764800-1438283880_thu As you can imagine, it didn't take long before all this joy was noticed by the other minions. Before I knew it, they were all on board and singing Viking songs at the top of their lungs! blogentry-3022-0-06103100-1438283894_thu I think they were Viking songs.....although I did catch a "banana" somewhere in the song and when "underwear" came out, I thought they were all going to fall out of the boat they were laughing so hard. I don't know what it is with these guys and underwear....So we are a happy group all together in the shop for sure! Have a great day all!
P.S. Just noticed there are only seven in the boat....I hope no one fell overboard! Maybe he took the dirt bike out for a spin.....

I took the fender out of the clamps, actually clothespins, and most of the ripples had settled down. I was glad about that as I really didn't want to have to make another fender. I put on two coats of matte finish and let it dry. blogentry-3022-0-56500900-1438130880_thu I did have more trouble with the rippling so had to put it back in the clamps for awhile. Note to self, use wax paper next time as the pieces of wood I used to clamp with stuck to the finish and I had to do part of it over! But, it was finished at last and glued in place. blogentry-3022-0-39349500-1438130899_thu If you're wondering what the washers are for, they are so the wheels don't rub on the house when in motion. I ended up glueing them on the back of the tires too and think I will used some silicone lubricant on them before I glue the axles in place. Of course, I had to try out the wheels to see how it would look! blogentry-3022-0-78470400-1438130929_thu


So while I was busy with this project, I had minions roaming around my shop looking for something to do. Since it's been in the 90's with 90 percent humidity, they can't go outside as they would quickly be just another grease spot on the sidewalk! One of them found the helmet I made for the steampunk robot awhile back and declared himself a Viking! blogentry-3022-0-78545200-1438130968_thu I just remembered that I have a Viking-looking hammer around somewhere, I'll have to look around for it. Don't worry, it's plastic and is a very small hammer! LOL! Next he'll want a ship too...I must have a tiny rowboat somewhere......When I was almost finished with the fender, Dr. Watson came by. Sherlock is a friend of the Steampunk family and he heard about the telescope and told the good doctor. Since he is an amateur astonomer, he was excited to try it out. I helped him onto the porch roof and he spent quite awhile gazing up at the sky. At least I think he was gazing at the sky....I'm beginning to think he was looking at the lady in the McKinley room box too! LOL! blogentry-3022-0-71064700-1438131141_thu I asked him if he would do the trim on the porch while he was up there and he just laughed and said "I'm an astronomer not a carpenter!" Very funny Bones......Have a great evening all!

I wanted to create a fender for those front wheels on the Summerhouse. I spent some time looking at fenders online and while my DH and I were out riding around on the weekend, I noticed some fenders on utitlity trailers that I liked. Didn't get a chance until today to try out my plan. First I fiddled around with a paper pattern until I got a shape I thought would work. blogentry-3022-0-85658400-1438021143_thu I had purchased some 1/16 basswood the other day just for this so got out my utility knife and cut the shape out very carefully. blogentry-3022-0-37256500-1438021162_thu Cutting the piece on the outside edge of the fender was a little trickier, but I did manage to cut it out without doing any personal injury....always a good thing! LOL! I glued the top of the fender to the straight part first and let it dry, also the small curved piece on the front edge. blogentry-3022-0-59170300-1438021182_thu After the glue was dry, I bent the wood around that curve and superglued it. blogentry-3022-0-74822500-1438021196_thu I made sure the Captain wasn't around and added my bling aka rivets! blogentry-3022-0-46768000-1438021233_thu I put the first coat of paint on and thought maybe that was the end of it.... blogentry-3022-0-17114400-1438021251_thu But when I went back to check on it, the front edge had started to ripple....since the paint was dry to the touch, I clamped a couple of pieces of wood on either side and will leave it overnight in hopes of flattening it out. Otherwise, either the Captain had a fender bender last time he was out in it or I'm going to have to start over! Won't worry too much about it until I unclamp it and see how it looks. I tried putting brick paper on the back of the house while the wheels were off and it ended up crooked! So that came off and I am waiting until I feel more amiable towards the brick paper. Still really hot and humid here, I'm beginning to feel refrigerated....have a great day all!

Had another day of randomness! LOL! When I was looking at the pictures of the Neverwas Haul, I noticed that it has copper trim along the roof ridge. At first I was going to order something similar online but then the thrify Yankee in me kicked in and I decided to see what I had kicking around the shop. I've had some plastic wrought iron fencing for years and pulled it out. It looked like one edge would do the trick so I got out my wire cutters to trim away the parts I didn't need. blogentry-3022-0-95004900-1437697370_thu I tried out the pieces on the Summerhouse and I think after they're painted copper they'll be just what I was looking for. blogentry-3022-0-54433000-1437697387_thu Also finished the brick paper on each side of the front bay so that will be the end of pattern making! blogentry-3022-0-15158000-1437697321_thu So I succeeded in knocking over the telescope and knocking the telescope part loose. But, everything else stayed together! Yay! Fixed it and put it up on the shelf where I can't break it. Last I saw, one of the minions was using it to spy on the lady in the McKinley room box... blogentry-3022-0-46709800-1437697415_thu So with the trim taped to the top of the Summerhouse, I then started to tape other pieces on just to see how everything is working together. I was happy with the balance of everything, so took a couple of shots to show you: blogentry-3022-0-23338800-1437697436_thu blogentry-3022-0-43712700-1437697455_thu
The sun peeked out just before starting to set, was nice to see it at last. Have a great evening all!

I was really proud of myself after building the telescope yesterday and was excited to show it to my DH when he got home from work. He was duly impressed but when I touched it, it fell over and the telescope broke off the mount and then the mount broke off too! Argh! So figured I needed to cut the legs at more of an angle to make it more stable. Woke up early with a few ideas and started hunting through my stash of wooden parts and metal filagree to add a little pizazz! I used a wooden bowl for the copper piece but this time, I drilled a hole down through the bottom and glued in a piece of toothpick. I then stacked the separate pieces on the toothpick including a cradle to hold the telescope. blogentry-3022-0-88075800-1437610920_thu The new design is more stable and I like how it looks. Made the chains on the legs more realisitic too with eye pins inserted into each leg and the chain hooked to them. Jump rings on the tip of each leg add bling and still more stability. The Captain is very happy with it and he can hardly wait for the glue to dry! That was the progress for today. Tomorrow I'll work on the project on the back of the house and work on the roof pieces. Though I do have just a bit more brick paper to do. Maybe I'll do that just to get it done. Have a great evening all!

The back of the tower has been sitting there bare for awhile now so I decided to add that little piece of brick paper to make it complete. That way I can also glue on the remaining corner trim for the tower. blogentry-3022-0-10201100-1437499905_thu With a bit of work, I transformed the white cardboard trim pieces that came with the kit to something fit for a steampunk house! I was standing there admiring my work while the Captain was looking at pictures of the Neverwas Haul online. His first words were, "Heyyy, there's an observatory in there!" Hmmm, hadn't really thought about that at the beginning as it was going to be a cute little Victorian house.....I told him he would have to give up the bathroom to have an observatory and he thought about that for a few minutes. He decided that he'd better keep the bathroom as Rose really loves the Jacuzzi tub. Knowing that he likes to stargaze, I suggested a telescope instead. He liked that idea so after hunting around in my metal and wood pieces, I came up with this: blogentry-3022-0-33675100-1437499919_thu I found a cute little resin tuffet in my stash and now you can sit for hours looking at the stars.
Whenever a cartoon character looks through a telescope or binoculars, they show huge eyeballs on the other end...I'm sorry, but I just couldn't resist! LOL! blogentry-3022-0-77467100-1437499935_thu Hope I made you smile today. Have a great day all!

I have been cautiously glueing on bits and pieces that I have made for the Summerhouse. I try to think through whether it will be in the way of something else or there's a chance of it getting knocked off. The bathroom exhaust fan seemed to be okay to glue on, so here it is: blogentry-3022-0-83811200-1437416485_thu
I know I can't glue the balcony on yet, but I can glue on the sticks with rivets: blogentry-3022-0-54343100-1437416571_thublogentry-3022-0-30953600-1437416590_thu
I glued the porch posts in place and borrowed one of my husband's clamps to hold them in place. blogentry-3022-0-87097500-1437416548_thu I also was able to finish painting another piece of the porch roof and glue it into place. blogentry-3022-0-72911800-1437416500_thublogentry-3022-0-32352300-1437416526_thu


I knew it was time to quit, but I had another idea I wanted to start on the back of the house. I needed some, well, kind of alot, of rivets and wanted to use the smaller ones I had. It was kind of awkward trying to glue them on, so I had the house in my lap. Well, these smaller ones are adhesive backed and they were stuck to my fingers, stuck under my fingernails and stuck to the tweezers! Everywhere but where I wanted them! Of course I had a rapt audience and I swear one of the minions was selling popcorn as I was being quite entertaining! LOL! I managed to unstick them only to find that I had knocked out one of the porch posts and knocked the fender loose. Got those fixed again and finally got all of the rivets where they were supposed to be and now have to wait for glue to dry. blogentry-3022-0-59130500-1437416610_thu When things get tough, the tough get going...out of the room and on to something else! LOL! Have a great day all!


Had to add a PS to all this craziness....I was washing my hands and in the mirror saw two more of the adhesive backed rivets stuck to my arm: blogentry-3022-0-30865500-1437439780_thu Then when I took off my flip flops, there was another one glued to my little toe! I guess I'm just stuck on this hobby! LOL!

People on the Greenleaf Forum were talking about the unfinished furniture that was back in stock at Dollar Tree. Of course I had to zip on over there and have me a look see. No luck at the one near me so I wandered around and picked up a few things. When I got to the checkout, there was a dirt bike in my basket! I know I didn't put it there so figured there was a minion that hitched a ride in my purse. I brought it home and the minions were all excited! I didn't know how they'd get on it, but after talking for awhile, they figured it out. blogentry-3022-0-63123100-1437250156_thu This was one of those "how many minions can you get on..." things and they piled on as many as they could and took off! blogentry-3022-0-22530400-1437250169_thu I forgot how loud those dirt bikes are in close quarters. After zipping around the shop and doing jumps off the workbench I was starting to get a headache. Once they ran out of gas, they put it up for the day but they had a blast for sure!
Couldn't seem to fall asleep last night so was up working on the porch roof. I painted the underside the traditional blue to keep the flies away and let it dry.....4 times..... blogentry-3022-0-35209900-1437250239_thu I glued it in place and started painting the textured piece of wallpaper I had black to look like rubber roofing and glued that in place too. blogentry-3022-0-89751000-1437251402_thu The second roof piece is still undergoing it's multiple coats of paint and the porch posts are next. I keep thinking I want to make another fender for those front wheels, but not sure yet. Looks like we're about to have a thunderstorm so will say good-bye for now! Have a great day all!

Rose announced that it was laundry day and you should have seen people disappear! LOL! She's been teaching the steampunk robot how to operate the Wringer Dinger Washer and he has really gotten the hang of it. But there was a fatal flaw to her plan; she decided to include minions on this venture. It all sounded so innocent at first. All they had to do was hold the laundry basket and catch the clothing that shot out of the wringer part of the washer.... blogentry-3022-0-34904600-1437053886_thu Rose figured two minions could handle the job without any problems. Things seemed to be going well when the rest of the minions decided they wanted in on the fun too. They all grabbed baskets from my stash and positioned themselves to catch laundry too. blogentry-3022-0-08353100-1437053869_thu What happened next was epic....laundry was shooting out of the wringer, minions were running everywhere trying to catch it, grabbing laundry out of each others baskets and then smacking each other with the wet laundry. Then one of them got smacked in the head with underwear and they all dissolved in laughter! I thought the skellies were going to fall off their carnival ride they were laughing so hard and Rose got a fit of the giggles and couldn't even talk! When she regained her composure, she gave the minions the rest of the day off. The laundry finally did get done, but we were all out of breath from laughing. When calm returned, I started working on what is technically the front end of the Summerhouse. This end has been ignored because I can't really finish it all the way until wiring and interior wallpaper are done. blogentry-3022-0-53622500-1437053936_thu So I added the brick paper and decided I could glue on the front bumper that I had built quite a while ago. blogentry-3022-0-59860900-1437053954_thu I made more sticks with rivets and the front is starting to take shape. blogentry-3022-0-99909000-1437055713_thu The large opening is for the bay window which will be the helm area. blogentry-3022-0-58421400-1437054022_thu I have headlights made too, but they stick out too far so will have to wait until the interior is done also. I still have to finish the brick paper on each side of the large bay near the porch, then we can finally do the porch roof and the porch posts. Have a great day all!

Was in the kitchen having breakfast when I noticed it was too quiet in the shop. If you have children, you know that too quiet is not a good thing! LOL! When I went in, I heard a lot of scurrying and found this on my bench. blogentry-3022-0-60638300-1436889504_thu Rose was giggling and there was general hilarity on the skellies carnival ride. They took Selkie's comment about the alien faces and ran with it. I told them "Forget about it...!" Everyone just cracked up then and it was a good joke on me! Once things calmed down a bit, I glued the medallion onto the door. blogentry-3022-0-38619400-1436889448_thu I had decided to hinge this so cut a piece of tyvek aka white envelope to use for the hinge. blogentry-3022-0-44785100-1436889415_thu I tried this on the front door and it has worked great so after the glue was dry on the green door side, I glued the strip of tyvek onto the hinge side of the black part of the door. After that dried, I glued both sides of the door together and that's where they're at right now. blogentry-3022-0-41626700-1436889402_thu So, back to the sticks with rivets! Made a few more this morning, just waiting for the glue to dry so I can paint them all black. blogentry-3022-0-22945300-1436889429_thu As you have probably surmised, you spend alot of time waiting for things to dry with this hobby! LOL! Of course the Captain had to happen by while I was taking this picture and Rose hurried him away for a game of darts before he was dazzled by all the bling. I'll probably only need to make about half a dozen more small pieces of this and then we can move on to the porch roof. My DH suggested I put a touch of black on the porch post and I had to "metalize" it too. What do you think? blogentry-3022-0-54319000-1436889477_thu
The minions have been settling in nicely although two of them have designated themselves as Rose's personal bodyguards. blogentry-3022-0-31586500-1436890363_thu Personally, I think the smaller one just likes to snuggle.....Have some laundry to finish up, so you all have a great day!

Got out my Easy Cutter today and decided to start putting on the wood strips to the left of the door. blogentry-3022-0-24022300-1436735719_thu I again used the E6000 cement to apply them and I think the wood strips were just what was needed! blogentry-3022-0-56802300-1436735706_thu Of course now you know what that means....I need to make more sticks with rivets! LOL! But that's okay, I do kind of enjoy teasing the Captain with all the bling.....The front will also have a porch roof which will require a couple of porch posts. I was originally going to paint them up like porch posts on a Victorian painted lady, but this house has its own ideas. I stained one of them with some Minwax Golden Oak stain, and I think that's how these will be finished. blogentry-3022-0-94590000-1436735818_thu I glued the fender in place too, so we are getting closer to the finish line.
The work on the side door has continued. I was in the backyard spray painting bridal veil fabric. blogentry-3022-0-17946200-1436735787_thu It was a little windy, so I had to chase it across the yard, but the job was accomplished! I attached it to the black part of the door with some 527 cement. blogentry-3022-0-46015600-1436735765_thu blogentry-3022-0-08466000-1436735746_thu While that was drying, I was working on the decorative medallion for the green side. I decided that I need to paint the edges...alllll the edges! blogentry-3022-0-13407000-1436735845_thu So that will be an "in between other jobs" project. Next we'll be assembling the door and working on the hinge. So, I hope you all are enjoying some sunshine in your life today, see you soon!

After posting the current picture of the progress on the Steampunk Summerhouse, something was off. blogentry-3022-0-74919600-1436449897_thu I couldn't put my finger on it at first; but as I looked at it, I realized it needs to have the wood paneling continued onto the wall to the left of the front door. Good thing I didn't install real brick there! I checked in my junk box and I have just enough stained planks to do it too. That might have to wait as I need to make a WalMart run today. I might even have to run wood under the large bay too, but will see how everything looks before I go that far. I have the black side of the back door done blogentry-3022-0-76434100-1436449882_thu and Selkie suggested that I install some rivets on the inside green part of the door. blogentry-3022-0-93580600-1436449869_thu I was happily gluing on flat backed crystals and painting over them when I realized that I didn't allow any space for door knobs! Oopsie! So I had to pry a rivet off of each door to make room for the knobs I found in my stash. I cut some nice windows for the doors, but I think there needs to be screen for more air flow. Looks like I'll be spray painting more bridal veil material! The neighbors must wonder what I'm doing out there spray painting what appears to be nothing! LOL! Also pulled out the ship's bell I was working on as I got an Aha! moment. I realized that I have quite a few of these little bells because I use them on felt Christmas stockings for the grandchildren. So with one of those attached and a wooden support to make the structure a little more substantial, I can't wait to glue it on the Summerhouse somewhere! blogentry-3022-0-70100700-1436449856_thu On yet another note, a catalog arrived yesterday from Victorian Trading and I found the perfect sign to hang above the Doozie of a Jacuzzi: blogentry-3022-0-73424200-1436449918_thu
I know Rose will love it....have a great day all!

Was getting bored making sticks with rivets! The Summerhouse is looking good, but I wanted to switch it up and do something else today. blogentry-3022-0-91746000-1436315471_thu It still needed a side door and I was going to build one but thought I'd check my scrap box first. I couldn't believe there was a door in there and that it also fit the opening! blogentry-3022-0-71663500-1436315591_thu Looks like it needs some rivets to me! LOL! This is a two part door that is typical of the Greenleaf kits so was wondering how to paint the back piece that would form the panels. I ended up painting it copper like the fender I built the other day. The Captain saw all the bling on the door and fainted dead away! blogentry-3022-0-93412200-1436315525_thu I hollered to Rose to get the smelling salts and quickly painted black over all those flat backed crystals. blogentry-3022-0-40364900-1436315566_thu We revived him straightaway and Rose took him inside for a cup of tea. He was mumbling something about how I would be the death of him yet..... When I painted the opposite side the color of the interior trim, it looked like it definitely needed something. I was going to try building a steampunk contraption on the door, but Rose had other ideas. She wanted something more decorative so she went looking through my box of wooden parts. This is what she came up with; blogentry-3022-0-26148500-1436315486_thu It fit on the door perfectly! So a little bit of paint later...blogentry-3022-0-68365600-1436315501_thu This still needs more work and since the door opening is just a little bigger, I've decided to hinge it instead of just gluing it in place....so there will be a working side door on the Summerhouse! Stay tuned as we continue work on this in between making more sticks with rivets! LOL! Have a great evening!

Monday morning.....working on some laundry and riveting the Summerhouse in between! I have alot of these pieces to prepare, so will just show you the first few and catch you up with the finished product in a day or two. I started with some stripwood and bejeweled them! LOL! blogentry-3022-0-37348100-1436202313_thu
The Captain was busy taking deep breathes at the sight of all that bling, so I painted them black. blogentry-3022-0-07704200-1436202336_thu After waiting for the black paint to dry, I dry brushed with Metallic Gunmetal Gray. blogentry-3022-0-93681800-1436202356_thu
This is how the pieces will look applied to the Summerhouse. blogentry-3022-0-85909400-1436202377_thu As you can see, the building inspectors dropped by to examine my work. They told me it wasn't bad for an amateur riveter, but I need to do better at lining up my rivets.....and did I have any bananas.....(?!) I never met any building inspectors like these guys..wonder if they were imposters....Meanwhile, I saw a ship's bell in one of the pictures of the Neverwas Haul and thought ."Hmm, I need one of those..." I looked around in my stash of stuff and found a piece of plastic fencing and a small bell that I think will work. blogentry-3022-0-67193600-1436202395_thu After cutting away the parts I didn't want, this is what I ended up with. blogentry-3022-0-93797000-1436202416_thu
It still needs some work, but I will mess with that a little closer to the finish line as it looks like it will be a bit fragile. Just thought I might add a piece of wood backing to it to make it a bit more sturdy and provide a larger glueing surface. Onward and upward! Have a great day all!

Happy 4th of July! Sat on the tailgate of our pickup last night and watched the neighbors' fireworks. They were great! Real humid outside today so I am back in my shop. The Captain expressed some concern for Rose and her long skirts around that large back wheel. He didn't want a horrible accident on their next trip! I had actually been thinking about how to deal with this, so started on a fender right away. I was wondering what to use for the curved top when I saw a piece of scrap wood curling up near the bus kit that is slated to be the next project. blogentry-3022-0-62286000-1436049467_thu My DH cut a piece out of a paint stick for me on his bandsaw and I had my pieces to start. blogentry-3022-0-95131800-1436049484_thu I glued them together and curved the edge with my heavy duty scissors. blogentry-3022-0-10793600-1436049504_thu Next is the part where the Captain always leaves the room because he's never quite sure if I'm making rivets or if he's going to have to put up with bling! LOL! Between you and me, they're definitely going to be rivets.... blogentry-3022-0-54584700-1436049525_thu I was going to paint this metallic Gunmetal Gray, but decided that the front needed a little more color to it. I think I will paint this with a matte finish or maybe dry brush some bright copper on it, but for now have to wait for paint to dry. blogentry-3022-0-98364400-1436049540_thu
Pray for our country and have a great day all!

So, I've never wallpapered the outside of a dollhouse before but made some good progress yesterday. I traced around the graph paper window pattern onto cardstock first. blogentry-3022-0-16771800-1435934020_thu After a little trimming and adjusting, a pattern for the tower section was made. I measured down from the top and cut out the window section, then shaped the rest of the piece with alot of trimming and adjusting and a little more trimming etc.. blogentry-3022-0-78467900-1435934039_thu I was considering tracing this onto cardstock but got tired of cutting out that window over and over! LOL! So I carefully traced it onto the brick paper and just cut it a hair bigger all around so I could trim to fit. blogentry-3022-0-35519500-1435934058_thu I was breaking a sweat working on this! LOL! Didn't know paper brick could be so exhausting! LOL! But the end result was worth it. blogentry-3022-0-17724600-1435934073_thu Just a little repair on that upper right corner and we'll be golden! So with the encouragement of my minion brickmasons, I added a few more pieces until I really had to stop and make dinner. I like how this is coming together. blogentry-3022-0-31167000-1435934088_thu And even my inside corners match pretty well! blogentry-3022-0-46988500-1435934289_thu The front bay needs paper around it next, so on with the pattern making! Have a great day all!

Whew! Just had a little excitement while I was loading pictures to show you today! I was at my kitchen table and just tilted the screen back a bit on my laptop, when BOOM I knocked over the large bouquet of gladiolas that were in the center of the table! Water everywhere! On the wall, on the rug, running off the table .....and on the laminate floor!! Laminate doesn't do well with water so I was throwing down towels and mopping up as fast as I could! Hope I got it all. I would have taken a picture, but I had visions of laminate flooring swelling out of control. So, now that the old heart rate is slowing down, here we go,


Deb over on the Greenleaf forum was talking about some minions that her husband surprised her with. Gots to get me some of those! I was going to WalMart anyway, so found them in with the action figures. When I brought them home, they were amped up thinking that they had found another evil leader to help take over the world. I haven't broken it to them yet.....blogentry-3022-0-40677500-1435849957_thu
So they have been standing around discussing the possible plans I might have and if they are going to get cool weapons like the fart gun. blogentry-3022-0-56329700-1435849971_thublogentry-3022-0-20424100-1435849988_thublogentry-3022-0-53281400-1435850011_thu
Later on they were running all over the shop yelling "Banana!" then one would yell "Underwear!" and they would all crack up. I don't think I'm going to get much work out of these guys.....
The pattern making continues. blogentry-3022-0-96694700-1435850649_thu I made this out of graph paper which is pretty flimsy stuff so have to put it on card stock. Then I'll make a pattern of the whole wall section on printer paper so I don't waste the dollhouse wallpaper.


Woke up with another idea...I realized there is not a way to get to the bathroom on the second floor, so am going to look at pictures of ship's ladders and try to figure something out. I may need to pick up some styrene rod and a heat gun, so will keep you posted on this latest development. Have a great day all!`

Ahh, it's a misty mornin' here today. Thought I'd catch you up on all the goings on around the shop. First off, I heard a storm brewing in the Summerhouse this morning and heard Rose say the line she was dying to say..."What was that Captain Happy Pants?" Oh dear, I thought that was it for Rose! Instead, the Captain started laughing and they disappeared upstairs. The candles were lit, the steampunk phonograph started playing soft music and there was a whole lot of giggling and splashing in the jacuzzi! Hmmm, I think I have some weeding to do outside!! I came in later and smelled the distinct smell of cigarettes and did not ask any questions! Honeymooners. On another note, I think I found Selkie's Muse. She was in an old display case definitely musing. blogentry-3022-0-88836100-1435762244_thu
She had a sign out front that I of course ignored. blogentry-3022-0-81046500-1435762256_thu
I told her that Selkie was missing her and that she needed her back home. She smiled and said she just needed some time away like all Muses do and that she already had her bags packed and was getting ready to be on her way. She apologized for disappearing suddenly and vowed to come back with more ideas and insight for Selkie. I wished her safe journey and started thinking about the Summerhouse again. Rose was outside patting her hair and adjusting her hat and the Captain was surprisingly chipper so I started by fitting some brick paper to the end of the house. blogentry-3022-0-27951200-1435762272_thu
I like how this came out and thought I could just add paper to all the easy sections first. Well, the brickmasons stopped by and said I couldn't do that as the bricks wouldn't line up all the way around...so now I have to make a pattern of the front tower window so I can get brick paper around it....I was too eager to get the trim on so now I am paying for it with delayed progress. But this is not a race and the Captain has been happy to spend time with Rose before they take off on their adventures. I have the pattern almost all made, now have to think through how to line everything up. Have a great day all!

After yesterday's wrestling match with the scissor steps, the air was a little tense in the shop last night. When I was having breakfast this morning, I overheard a quiet conversation between the Captain and Rose. She was telling him that he should appreciate all the work I've done on the Summerhouse and that I had even been the one to introduce them. blogentry-3022-0-07339900-1435604113_thu
So it wasn't long after that an apologetic Captain came to see me and expressed his regret at making comments about what I should and shouldn't be working on. blogentry-3022-0-27691300-1435604128_thu I was quick to forgive and there were hugs all around. After that, what else could I do but finish the wood siding? :) So after several hours of work, all of the wood siding is on! Yippee! blogentry-3022-0-91806700-1435604148_thublogentry-3022-0-73097200-1435604164_thublogentry-3022-0-62195200-1435604178_thu
Next, I think I will try putting on some of the brick paper and then it will be the metal strips with rivets on the edges of the wood siding. Until next time, have a great day all!
P.S. Rose later came by and confided in me that every time she thinks about the Captain Happy Pants comment, she starts to giggle. She said next time the Captain is in a foul mood, she's going to call him that. I'm not sure I want to be around when she does! LOL!

I woke up ready to take on adding the new step to the scissor stairs! This should be simple, I thought. Just pull off the seed beads and take out the pins. blogentry-3022-0-32118400-1435508187_thu
I found one last piece of the paint stick I used for the other steps so cut a new step and drilled holes in the ends. blogentry-3022-0-59513000-1435508211_thu
Thankfully, I had saved my work on the diamond plate in Microsoft Word so went back and printed it out again. I sealed it like I did the other pieces and made sure to wear a glove this time! LOL! blogentry-3022-0-27550500-1435508235_thu
Once the diamond plate was glued onto the step, I thought "This is going alot smoother than I thought it would..." Little did I know. blogentry-3022-0-27039100-1435508252_thu
I had forgotten that pinning the step in place was the trickiest part. I even resorted to using my hammer with less than perfect results. blogentry-3022-0-18567200-1435508274_thu
Finally, after calling this piece of you know what some colorful names, I got it put together! Only to turn and see my glue bottle, without the cap of course, tipped over and spilled onto my wood siding! blogentry-3022-0-71134800-1435508292_thu
Thankfully, I had put the hammer away as I wanted to pound the steps into oblivion....Took a few deep breathes, well maybe alot of deep breathes, and rinsed off the siding pieces. Captain Happy Pants was right there with "Well, you know if you had put the siding on when I told you....." He's just lucky he still has his head. So here are the finished steps, I'm happy with how they came out but I think that's enough work on this project today! :)blogentry-3022-0-72065100-1435508313_thu
Have a great day all!

The scissor steps have been folded up in a corner waiting for me to figure out a way to mount them to the Summerhouse. I couldn't just glue them on as they wouldn't open all the way that way. What to do! One night as I was falling asleep, the thought came to me to just hang them from hooks....all well and good, but I don't have any hooks small enough I thought. In the morning, I knew I could use pierced earring hooks...they have a small eye on one end and they're not as bendy as eye pins. Once I started fooling around with wire cutters and needle nose pliers, I remembered I had an old wind chime part kicking around with nice small eye hooks in it! I'm so glad I save junk! LOL! So when I was done, this is what it looked like: blogentry-3022-0-11473200-1435443793_thu They open all the way now and the Captain can unhook them and stow them away when they travel. blogentry-3022-0-28682200-1435443804_thu DH came in and said how amazing they were.....except maybe I need another step near the top? It will mean taking the top part apart and cutting another step; doable, but not today. I was starting to drop things and knocking stuff apart so knew it was time to quit!


While the glue was drying, I was working on the porch floor. I decided to paint the edge of the porch and the trim underneath black: blogentry-3022-0-03735500-1435443832_thu Then I primed the floor and cut a pattern for the scrapbook paper I was going to use. blogentry-3022-0-38147600-1435443851_thublogentry-3022-0-19431800-1435443869_thu I probably wouldn't have made a pattern first but I only have one sheet of this and the rest of it has to be enough for one of the rooms inside. I saw this idea for a porch floor on Pinterest and really liked it, so here it is. blogentry-3022-0-46048600-1435443897_thu Not glued down yet as I need to dry brush the black edge and trim of the porch with Gunmetal Gray metallic but not today, time to put my feet up and chill. :) Have a great evening all!

The laundry pile again beckons. Well, not really beckons, kind of hollers and grabs your ankles until you wash it all! LOL! The Captain's list will have to wait for today. Rose is keeping him company by suggesting they go on a picnic down by the river. So he is mollified for now especially since she promised him some of her famous Lumberjack molasses cookies! She shared the recipe with me and my DH loves them too. So in case you would like some, we'll do something a little different today and I'll share the recipe with you: blogentry-3022-0-29786400-1435332179_thu They smell wonderful baking!


Saw something else too that kind of pertains to this hobby of ours. blogentry-3022-0-81647200-1435332295_thu Yes, indeed, keep the magic alive! Have a great day all!

Well, ever since the Captain got back from his honeymoon, he has made himself project manager of this whole undertaking. He's started to make lists and I receive my assignment each day. He's a tough taskmaster for sure! LOL! Today's job was to finish up the balcony that I started a few posts ago. His instructions were very clear, he didn't want me to stain the cherry gray, he wanted it in a natural finish. Who was going to maintain that each year to keep it from weathering......you guessed it! So my first step was to go through the thin cherry pieces that my DH had cut for me. A few pieces were smooth on one side, so I chose those for the flooring pieces. blogentry-3022-0-29699500-1435278695_thu I had plenty and I think this is going to work quite well. blogentry-3022-0-40417600-1435278720_thu


The Captain had approved of my choice of brackets to use under the balcony so I breathed a sigh of relief on that one. I painted the underside gray for no particular reason and glued the unfinished brackets in place. blogentry-3022-0-80299000-1435278746_thu I should have painted them first as it was a little difficult to get to some parts of the brackets. The Captain had this "I told you so" look on his face, but I just ignored him. blogentry-3022-0-10779900-1435278774_thu Once the paint was dry, I flipped it over and added a couple of coats of clear finish to the cherry floor. I have to admit, I liked how it came out. blogentry-3022-0-16436700-1435278795_thu


By this time, the Captain was looking at his watch wondering if I was going to fool around with this all day or was I going to get it done. The man has no patience whatsoever! It was a good thing I had already dry brushed the wrought iron, all I had to do was glue it down and it was done.....or so I thought. The last thing on the list was to add a "kiss of color"....so the paintbrush came back out and I took care of that too. blogentry-3022-0-29960200-1435278814_thu I'll be glad when I can attach all these accessories to the Summerhouse. I guess I'll have to get back to applying the wood siding tomorrow, it's not nearly as fun as building balconies, but is necessary. Have a great evening all!