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Six different views on building the McKinley

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Step 3 calls for the middle sized tower pieces to be added. It is on sheet number 3. I have also glued the tower top on. This is what it should look like.


Part F Step 1

The instructions calls for the front roof part to be added. This is what it will look like. Mine is NOT glued in because I am going to shingle mine 1st because it is hard to shingle around the tower and cut the shingle correctly. I am also thinking about adding a Garden deck by opening up the roof this time. you'll see that soon.


Part F Step 2

This is the other roof side that had to be added now


These are pictures of the finished Mckinley! The Greenleaf houses are loved by many great miniature Artists. There are so many things you can do with a Greenleaf kit. They are lighter in weight but sturdy when assembled. They are simple to cut (I only used my hobby knief for this. All you have to do is think outside of the box. If you dream it you can do it! Have fun & feel free to ask any questions you may have.






I used a mixture of hard wire and tape wire to light up this house. Because this house is flat back and will hang on the wall, I fed all of the wires to the back of the house by clipping off the plugs and feeding it through holes I drilled into the back of the house.. After that, I added a 11" strip of tape wire and took the plastic cover off of the tape wire. I then took the wire, and split the two wires about half inch down and then added one side on each side of the tape. Do not let the two exposed hardwire touch each other when you lay them down. I then took some masking tape and tacked it in place so that I could do all of the wires this way. Once all wires were added, I then took my soldering iron out to heat it and while it was heating, I added soldering flux (just a little touch) to the exposed wires (All of them) so that the solder will adhear to the wires to the tape wire. After that, I add some solder to the tip of my soldering iron and then to the exposed wired to affix it together. I do this to all exposed wires. Here are the pictures to help you with the visual side of it.

After that, you can remove the little pieces of masking tape you use to help tack down the wires and keep them in place while you solder them in.



After that, I taped down all of the loose wires and labeled which room each wire it for. You can also add more lights & outlets to this later on if you like.


To see more tips on the tools I used, go to this blog entry: Electrifying tips

I then added the Junction Splice and put one prong on each side of the tape wire. Then you add your transformer lead in wire and transformer and You have Electric!

I started with foam core just to see if this design would work and if it would look really nice. I ended up cutting the roof height (on the raised roof side) down to 8" high. This is what it looked like in the beginnning:


It took a while (3.5 hrs. ) to get the angles right because I found out that this house needed a little more support now that I was bashing it away from how it should have been done.


This is after I added the wood roof & attic parts. It was level on one side and not the other and zi went around and around with the leveler :) I did finally get it right :p . After I got it to the point I was satified with, I added sandpaper and painted it black to give the "Asphalt" roof look then I added the Chimney stack ;) :


I wanted to add roof trim to give the roof more detail. At first I started off by using the kits trim:


I ended up using some iron railing for the widows walk instead.


I aged it with a seafoam green paint:


This is the close up of how high the attic wall would have been. You can see where I added the extension here:


This is the way the stairs & fireplace originally look.


I decided to add an extra wood storage shelf I also added stones on the fireplace:


After that I started trying to figure out where to add the porch light. I found out that the area is too tight to add a light next to the door but, you can add the light above the door.


I also wanted to make a pointy tower roof as i had with my Pierce that I built last year so I did this by cutting wood in long triangle shapes to make the roof pointy :) I would have added a weather vane but decided that a tower cap would look good to.



This time I am only blogging the changes that I made to this Gorgeous doll house kit. The Mckinley has been my favorite since Lisa from Greenleaf asked me to make one 4 years ago. This is something that a newbie can do if they have the patiance but, this blog is really for the advanced builders who can look at these breif comments and make the changes.

I started the building of this house a few weeks back. I started out pretty much like everyone else. You'll notice easily that I did start a little bit out of sequence. When I have built a kit several times, I don't view the instructions as much. I have been wanting to bash (Alter) this kits' design since I completed my last one :) . I started on the back wall since I knew I was going to bash it by extending the roofline. I took wood that Greenleaf uses for their kits. They sell extra sheets but you have to call them for plain sheets that are not punched out yet.


When the original roof is finished, it is only 4" high. Mine right now is bashed to have a 9" high ceiling. ;)

The next big change was that I wanted to change the kitchen wall so that the opening would be in the front of the room, not the back. I did this by cutting this wall into three sections so that most of the tabs would still be in most of the right parts of the floor for stability. I figured this out through trail and error and it took me over an hour to get it staright & right. I also moved the kitchen wall over by 1" to make the kitchen larger.


I then had to attach it to the rest of the structure that I had already assembled:


It ended up looking a bit like this:


My next change was to alter the look of the Mckinley's front door. I did this by using 2 strips of wood that is 1/16" x 1/4" x 36" . I then added a lion head knocker to it that I hand made.

These are pics of the final steps we did to finish this house. It is currently finished and hanging on my livingroom wall. My son keeps walking by it and saying "thst's so cool" and turning the lights on, looking a minute at it and turning the lights off.

Well, The attic needed some type of light, Since I decorated it to be int progress of being remodeled, I thought a hanging bulb would be nice.


When I put this piece of trim on the top Of the shingles, I noticed a gap. I needed something decorative to cover it. Ahhh, some leftover pieces from an old house, (sweetheart), that I did not use.


Finall the side of house uder the porch needed a little something so it was rocked to match the side under the kitchen.


Ohh and a little bashing before appling therocks, and it because usefull space, instead of wasted space.


Will have pics of the house set up as soon as i get the camera downloaded and the pics resized.


Time to wallpaper the rest of the tower room. This room is a bit tricky because of its angles and the tower room itself. To get my first cut, I actually took the wallpaper and laid it on the outside of the house at the tower, face down, and made a crease to show me how the tower goes into the floor and around the tower, and then I cut along the crease. I then took the paper and laid it into the house. I also discovered that it was easiest to lay the house on its side to wallpaper this area. This area is also a lot of lay the paper down, make a crease, take the paper out, cut it, put the paper back in, make a crease, take it out, cut it ...

Once I have the paper laid against the back wall, I again rub the paper down against the tower, just running my finger and fingernail along the curves, which makes creases in the paper--and that's how I know where to cut the paper.

blog-6-1141533099_thumb.jpg blog-6-1141533178_thumb.jpg blog-6-1141533245_thumb.jpg

I then begin creating a line along the ridge at the top of the tower. This line is important, because it'll be a guide when actually gluing the wallpaper in. I take my fingernail and run it along the ridge at that line. That gives me a crease in the paper and again shows me where to cut it. When you turn the paper over after you've made your creases, you can see where the paper needs to be cut. Then I just take some scissors and cut it.

blog-6-1141533403_thumb.jpg blog-6-1141533440_thumb.jpg blog-6-1141533494_thumb.jpg

Now I've got my paper pre-cut and it's ready to be glued in. I will need to move and manuever this paper around a bit to fit into all its little nooks and crannies, so I liberally apply wallpaper paste to both the walls and the paper using a sponge brush.

blog-6-1141533590_thumb.jpg blog-6-1141533677_thumb.jpg

One of the tricks to putting in wallpaper is--weirdly enough--to have a straight line to guide you. Remember the ridge cut? It's my guide on this particular piece of wallpaper. I lay the paper onto the wall, and then move/slide it down so that it covers that ridge.

blog-6-1141533804_thumb.jpg blog-6-1141533868_thumb.jpg

I then check all my lines and smooth the paper down, just using my hands to rub it down a bit, covering all white areas (paint). I like to take a dry washcloth to finish rubbing the paper down to smooth out any wrinkles and/or air bubbles.

blog-6-1141533945_thumb.jpg blog-6-1141534025_thumb.jpg

There! The hardest part of that room is now done!

Compliments of LPCullen

Jimmy has finished modifying the roof line for me, and I've primed it for wallpaper.


Jimmy also assembled the drawers for the bottom and installed them. He has to go back and get them to move in and out more easily though.


I'm still not quite sure how this house works, and I don't know if it's owner plans on hanging it on the wall, so I didn't want to put wallpaper on the back walls, so I painted them. I've chosen the wallpaper for the bathroom, and have a portion of it in.


Compliments of LPCullen

lattice work finished

I took this final photo of the "front" of the Mckinley

all windows are now in and drawers and lattice finished.

as I am typing I am waiting for the glue to dry on the porch and than I will be finished with that as well. I have not put in all of the door trims as I havent finished the decorating. I will make this an on going Christmas time project.

see what I will add next yr!

I loved building this house. if you leave out the bathroom built in and the false wall in the large bedroom than the rooms are a really nice size!

if I hadnt of liked the fireplace and stairwell as much as I do I would have left them out for more room as well.

this kit is very versitile in this way.

I would recomend this kit to a first time builder!

one reason is the hanging on the wall. its a total fab idea for displaying those miniatures we wish no one to touch! and because of the small front porch area...the builder can spend more time on the inside than the outside. a plus for those who would rather decorate the insides than the out.

The kit gives some choices about room design and the placement of some walls

again making the kit versitile for many styles of decorating.

the directions are easily followed but for the visual person like myself

MORE PHOTOS would be great. but than thats why we have these bloggs.

I will edit this post when I add the porch photo.

for now



nutti B)

getting there

I finally took the house off the Entertainment center where I have been enjoying the view. it is now back on the work bench. I spent 2 hours staining all of the inside trim....windows and door trim.while waiting for it to dry I put the drawers together.I have all of the outside window trim finished and I only have the master bedroom windows to install. no photos as of yet.next I will have to paint all of the lattice install it and I will be done. now that the Holidays are over and I am almost reorganised...maybe I can get some things done. nutti B)

a little interior progress

While waiting for Darrel to have some time to attach the porch to the house, I worked on decorating the inside. I took LOTS of pics and here are a fewI added curtains and a shower rod and curtain in the bathroomblog-361-1136843579_thumb.jpgI had purchased this set from Ebay because it would fit in the kitchen with just minimal alteration, since I took the door out.blog-361-1136843676_thumb.jpgI took the basic sink unit and changed it by adding some faux marble scrapbook paper.blog-361-1136843787_thumb.jpgblog-361-1136843810_thumb.jpgThe stove section was also covered in that paper. I used some faux brushed stainless steel paper for the stovetop and Darrell fashuioned a stove hood. I also added a shef inside the oven made from painted plastic canvas. Darrell aslo electrified this unit with 2 grain of wheat bulbs, so the range hood and oven would light.blog-361-1136843834_thumb.jpgblog-361-1136843874_thumb.jpgThis is the cabnets in placeblog-361-1136843904_thumb.jpgLast pic is of the cabnets lit. I had trouble getting the picture to come out rightm but you can get the idea.Melissa

Big Hit!

I have not made much progress from last time due to the Holidays but we did manage to decorate for Christmas night.

I am not finished but as for the build Im not far from it.


the porch roof is on. it is also painted now but I havent taken those photos.


the front of the house as it looked before painting the the roof.

I had the poor empty house pushed against the wall before our party Christmas eve. but as I had lots of good help from daughter and neice we were ready 2 hours before time. so they took it upon them selves to decorated the house.

said I had worked on it to hard not to decorate it and show it off.

so with out all the window trim and inside trim or the drawers it was displayed

and it was a BIG hit!

Thanks to Catriona and RubyFay!


this is not the final vision but it is real close. I have alot more stuff to go in here but for now this is what it looks like. I will put it back on my workbench after the New Years eve party.


got lots of goodies for in here. but displayed are some wonderful swaps and the stove and dry sink I made.


still more to put in here but the decorating is finished

unless I put in base boards.


ooohhhh I love how this room is coming together.

there will be a vanity(is waiting for me to make) not sure what the bay will have in it but this is how it is now.


this room is the one that has more work to be done. I have red fringe for the top. wrapping paper is not for wallpaper! it really wrinkles.

in the attic it was not so bad but in this room it is very noticable...but we wont tell the owners...dont want to hurt their feelings.

also note the tree it is a fiber optic battery run tree and the battery's were still going strong after 2 days. this was a gift from a friend of mine who just recently got into miniatures.


this was how I wanted the tower room to look!

I used my silver glitter paint on the windows giving them a frosted look. I like the effect!

I didnt take a photo of the larger attic areas...not much to see at the time. it has since become the home to my M&M guys and their train.

out of scale but very cute.

we have come to the end of the Christmas photos.

I hope to finish sometime this next week. or the week after. who knows what will happen B)

there are 3 dolls displayed in the house given to me by Kathy(friend) and Ruby(SIL) just in case they come in here and read! hiya girls!

I hope you enjoy the photos.

nutti ;)

Very little progress

We have not progressed as much as we would like in the last few weeks. Here is some of what we have done.I took some of the left over crown molding that I used in the living room and painted it a contrast trim color and placed a piece at the bottom of the window sill on all the outside windows for a little extra detail.blog-361-1135793586_thumb.jpgThis is the design I decided upon for the stained glass windows in the front door. I also thought the house needed a splash of color on the outside, to make it less dreary looking. The door has not been installed yet.blog-361-1135793626_thumb.jpgthis is the transperancy for the living room bay windows. My printer died after printing this so we had to get a new printer, just installed it yeaterday. I can print again yeah.blog-361-1135793664_thumb.jpgI sure hope I can dedicate some time to the house soon, It is so sad to see it just sitting there waiting for attention.Melissa

Modifying The Roof

Like several other people, I wasn't happy with the way that the roof was done in this house and wanted to modify it too. The two peaked rooms, and the way that the roof came into the house, eliminated a lot of usable space. So, we decided to modify it.Here's what the original roof (back wall) looked like before we changed it:blog-361-1135084990_thumb.jpgJimmy decided that he would raise the roof line on the smaller room to enlarge the room, and also to give a more even space. He took the piece of wood which that wall portion had come out of to make himself a pattern (because there are tabs there), and then he cut another another piece of wood to go on top of that area, adding about 1 1/2 inches to the height on that area. He glued the piece in, and then put wood putty on it.blog-361-1135085005_thumb.jpgblog-361-1135085013_thumb.jpgJimmy says if you don't want to sand all that wood putty, if you have a cat, just put some milk on the wood putty and let them use their sandpaper tongue on it. Funny guy. Chloe must have been "helping" again (or trying to lick his eyebrows off), which gave him THAT idea, LOL!Anyhow, he then cut a new board to make a straight roof to go across the area that he raised, and glued it in. Then he cut another board to make a room divider, and voila, you now have a larger and more usable smaller room (the recipient will be happy because she's now getting a bathroom, LOL!)! And of course we used our normal method of weighting down the roof while it dried--the old trusty paint can!blog-361-1135085042_thumb.jpgblog-361-1135085051_thumb.jpgHere's what those two rooms look like now. The larger peaked room is enlarged, and the smaller room is enlarged and opened up. If you look at the last picture, you can see the line where the piece was added to raise the roof.blog-361-1135085118_thumb.jpgblog-361-1135085100_thumb.jpgblog-361-1135085066_thumb.jpgNow, what to do for the trim ...Compliments of LPCullen

slow goings

I am making some progress in the windows.today I put the porch on and textured it and painted it. looks good to me!! B) I also used wrapping paper for the attic wallpaper....wooooweeeeeeso much wrinkling B) but than I said hey that actaully works for me.so I left it ;) like Catie said "its just the attic!" and how right she is. I guess there is to be no roof change. Im ready to do more decorating and get this finished before my son gets home....wonder what the chance of that is?I have taken photos of the porch and it is good. will post more laterTTFNnutti B)

I've let the tower wallpaper dry overnight. I want to make sure it's good and dry because I don't want it to start moving when I begin cutting. Now it's time to cut out the windows and trim the excess wallpaper off.blog-361-1134341759_thumb.jpgBefore I cut out windows and/or trim, I go ahead and get a new razor blade--I don't want any jagged edges, nor do I want the razor blade to "catch" on the wallpaper as I'm cutting. I start with the oval windows, and I begin cutting from the outside of the tower. I start near the top of the window, lay my razor blade against the edge of the opening as tight as I can get it, and begin cutting on one side. I just gently pierce the wallpaper with the edge of the razor, and move it down and around, holding my hand the razor blade tightly to the edge. Then I move to the other side of that window and do the same thing. Last I cut the top of the windows out.blog-361-1134341785_thumb.jpgblog-361-1134341812_thumb.jpgblog-361-1134341861_thumb.jpgAnd now the window is cut out! I can move on to the other two.blog-361-1134341885_thumb.jpgblog-361-1134341923_thumb.jpgOnce I'm done with the windows, I go ahead and trim off the excess from the sides. Again, I start from the outside, lay the razor blade up against the wall, pierce the wallpaper gently, and just slide the razor blade down it, cutting of the excess. I usually start about two-thirds of the way from the top and cut down. Then I turn the razor blade upside down, and cut the top of the excess off. I do the same thing for the other side.blog-361-1134341950_thumb.jpgblog-361-1134341978_thumb.jpgAnd now, the trimming in the tower is complete. You can go back inside the oval windows of the inside and cut some on the inside of the window, but you really don't have to.blog-361-1134342009_thumb.jpgCompliments of LPCullen

Wallpapering The Tower

Before I began wallpapering and painting the tower, I took the roof piece out that goes over it and laid it on to draw myself some lines to work in. I drew two different sets, one where I would need to paint to, and one where I would need to wallpaper to.blog-361-1134340065_thumb.jpgblog-361-1134340091_thumb.jpgI started with the smallest outside side of the tower first, and just cut the paper to the line, or actually slightly above it. I also cut a slight overhang on the edge so that I can wrap it around to the inside of the tower. I'm using a prepasted vinyl paper, so I go ahead and put wallpaper paste on both the tower itself and the wallpaper, and then I laid that small piece in, wrapped it around, and rubbed it down with a dry cloth.blog-361-1134340119_thumb.jpgblog-361-1134340148_thumb.jpgThe larger side of the tower is a bit more tricky, because I have to go around corners with it. I took a piece of wallpaper, already cut to the largest height that I would need, and held it onto the tower. I then folded the paper back/down until I found my lines, and continued to do this all the way around. That gives me my lines where I can go ahead and finish cutting that paper, and that will give me the height I need to go all the way around it. I have again left myself an overhang to wrap around to the inside of the tower on this piece. I then put my paste on the paper, lay it on the tower where I've already drawn the lines, wrap it around, and rub it down with a dry cloth.blog-361-1134340181_thumb.jpgblog-361-1134340208_thumb.jpgblog-361-1134340231_thumb.jpgblog-361-1134340259_thumb.jpgblog-361-1134340291_thumb.jpgblog-361-1134340317_thumb.jpgNow it's time to wallpaper the inside of the tower. Normally, I use the top uncut edge of wallpaper as a gauge, but this time I will use the bottom uncut edge of the wallpaper as my guide. I lay the wallpaper inside the tower, dry, and see how much I need, of course giving myself a bit extra, and then go ahead and pre-cut the wallpaper as much as possible. I am also leaving extra at the top because I am unsure of how the tower roof goes in. Once again, I put wallpaper paste on both the inside of the tower and the wallpaper itself, and I begin laying it in, aligning it at the bottom, and on the first panel, and I then rub just that panel with a dry cloth. Then I move to the next panel, and repeat the process, except that I take the cloth and use my fingernails to run down the edges of the tower room to lay the paper down tight on those edges/creases. blog-361-1134340355_thumb.jpgblog-361-1134340395_thumb.jpgOnce I'm about halfway done with the tower, I change tactics and go ahead and align the paper at the bottom of the rest of the tower. Then I continue rubbing the dry cloth on the panels, one by one, until I am finished. If the wallpaper has moved up or down, I just gently move it back into place, and rub it down again. I always give the creases an extra rub, just to make sure that stays in there tight.blog-361-1134340436_thumb.jpgblog-361-1134340471_thumb.jpgNow, all of this needs to dry overnight. Then I will cut it.Compliments of LPCullen

I tried and tried to come up with the color for the exterior of this house, and kept waiting for it to "speak" to me. Actually, it was speaking to me, but I didn't believe it. So, I called the recipient of the house to get her input and told her what the house said to me, and she said that's OK, that's one of my favorite colors! I had three shades in mind, and again couldn't decide ... So, I put one coat of each color on the back of the house and had youngest son take it to the recipient's house for her choice. After all, it's being done for her and I wanted her to be happy with it. According to youngest son, she was stunned with the detail on it thus far. She also made her choice of the paints, and here it is:blog-361-1134339852_thumb.jpgI also got more of the walls wallpapered in the house.blog-361-1134339919_thumb.jpgAnd I wallpapered the bay in the livingroom.blog-361-1134339951_thumb.jpgCompliments of LPCullen


uuggggg I was putting off doin the trim...it is so tedious!

very necessary but uggggggg and to top it all of these windows are all peices.

except for the round ones. so that is where I have started.

to make my job seem easier and seem to go faster I am breaking up the window trim installation.

first the round windows than onwards.


I also finished the tower roof.

I started it 3 different times.


it went from silver to textured paint before I decided to do something a little extra.


I added bamboo skewers to the seams and I like how it just gives that little extra.

and than of course it got slathered in my never ending supply of textured paint.


I also have it painted but Im not showing it yet.

That is what I did today....not much. its been an off day. no one feeling llike doing much.


nutti B)

tower roof

oooooyyyy vey!

Ima tellin you

well it decided I knew how to use my tape and glue and now it is a proper roof for a tower!


make a cone with the tape first. tape untill all peices are supported when you turn it upside down and push the roof peice into place.

blog-361-1134207121_thumb.jpg blog-361-1134207076_thumb.jpg

blog-361-1134207483_thumb.jpg blog-361-1134207096_thumb.jpg

now I have to wait for the glue to dry and than I can do the decorating to it....

ohhhh cant tell you...shhhhhhh

but that is how I did my tower.

moving on

I have gotten to the roof issue. it is assembled and now I have to decide how to proceed. as I really want a flat roof for the reindeer. B)


I also attempted the tower roof. I have to admit..it got me.

I am waiting it out.trying to make it understand that it is a good thing to be a tower roof. ;)


all the peices marked and ready to go.


this held promise that it would work but after adding 2 more peices it all collapsed. I know I used tape for the Victorianna tower but I cant seem to remember how I did it. so I wait patiently for someone...ANYONE to post some wonderful hint as to how to get that thing together...."Ill uses hot glue!"

do ya hear me? HOT glue!

well Im not sure that would be a bad idea it should hold with all the textured paint and wood fill it will have on it.

I have also been working on furniture kits for this house. I have made the Chrysnbon cook stove! first time with this type of kit. loved it! went together nicely.

good instructional diagrams.

than I put together 2 House of Miniature kits...dry sink and the canopy bed.

the sink needs to have its hardware installed and it looks nice.

these kits are so wonderful. I would buy more to have around. wish they were still in buisness.

the bed was dressed tonight. and it has turned out sooooo smile worthy!

My SIL came down tonight for some mini time. and we created this bed!

and we both had big smiles.

hahahaha I am such a tease. coz Im not showing it yet!!