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Past week or so

This is what the house looked like before the Thanksgiving weekend. blog-361-1133746533_thumb.jpgWe've textured the tower and bay and added siding to the remaining outside of the house.blog-361-1133746568_thumb.jpgAdd a little paint to give the house some color, so it won't disappear against the wall. It's going to be a medium gray with white and dark gray trim colors.blog-361-1133746598_thumb.jpgThe bay roof has been covered with copper sheeting. This will be "aged" to give it the natural copper patina. That will take a few days. And about twenty or so sponged on applications of our "aging" compound. blog-361-1133746626_thumb.jpgWhile we were working on the siding on the porch side of the house we added a light above the door. There will be a little mini tutorial on this installation as well as another on a "battle" I had with one of the interior lights that decided it could not make up it's mind if it wanted to light or not depending upon it's mood. So you can see some "surgery" and my basic repair methods. (not for the squeamish) LOL!blog-361-1133746652_thumb.jpgThen we added some planks to give the porch a flooring more to our liking. These will be aged a bit too with a wash.blog-361-1133746691_thumb.jpgHere's the interior view of the living room. Flooring, wallpaper, stairs, baseboard and crown molding are installed. Still needs windows, door, draperies, and a few other little finishing touches but this is the basic room. The ceiling is a painted textured scrap book paper.blog-361-1133746730_thumb.jpgAnd here's the interior view of the bedroom. We were thinking of adding a closet to the block in the back but haven't finalized our decision on that yet. It also doesn't have windows installed yet. This is the room with the problematic light we mentioned above. Carpeting, wallpaper, baseboard, and crown molding has been installed. The ceiling is textured.blog-361-1133746754_thumb.jpgThe bathroom is beginning to take on an Art Deco look. Here we've got the wallpaper and are playing with the positions of some of the plumbing fixtures and the ceiling is another textured scrap book paper. blog-361-1133746782_thumb.jpgSo except for some minor aging of the copper and porch flooring we're kind of at a stand still awaiting the arrival of another order. We still aren't sure what to do about the kitchen but have a plan and aren't sure if it is going to work because our purchase from eBay on the 18th of last month seems to NOT be arriving. Going to have to start some sort of proceeding to see if we can get that resolved. The attic space is totally up in the air. (in more ways than one. LOL!) Our original plan isn't going to work on this house because it just isn't deep enough for what we wanted to put in it. And we're still deciding things about the windows but have a nice stained glass for the first floor living room windows in the bay and the door. We're also awaiting some flooring material from HBS for the bathroom. We have some for the kitchen but Darrell won't let Melissa put anything in there until he gets cabinets in and knows where all the wiring will go. Compliments of DarrellandMelissa

The Electrical ride

well I have had some ups and downs and it was a wild ride! I finally got up the nerve to Wallpaper all of my remaining walls and the ceilings in bedroom and livingroom. happy dane!!!when Hubby came home he was eager to start on the Chandelier he was going to make from a Christmas Ornament....which was Originally bought for Catriona to make earrings from.blog-361-1133594231_thumb.jpgwe made 1 chandelier, 3 pairs of earings and was left with fancy plant hanger for a porch. blog-361-1133594395_thumb.jpgohhh and it was soooo beautiful when he lit it up the first time. we had created Light and it was good! ;) blog-361-1133594651_thumb.jpgnext to install the light. so we plug the house in to see all the pretty I had done when hey!! wazzup no light in the 2nd floor tower? B) :( my worst nightmare had come true....I wallpapered over the tape wire and now I was doomed to no lights! oh I was sooo upset.long story short...Darrell came in chat with Melissa and he was askin me bout it try to help when I decided best plug it so I might have a clue to figure out what he was talkin about.....when yup all the dern lights came on!!! ;) :p B) everyone in chatroom so excited for me.so now my new light is installedblog-361-1133594992_thumb.jpghe also put my attic tower light in. I LOVE Electricity!as long as Im not resposible for it....its way to stressful to me.he is hard at work installing the hall light behind false wall. so before bed that wall will be up also!! and than I must take a break and finish some Christmas Presents.I should be back on it in less than a week.TTTTnutti B) ohhhh and I also made my first Chrysnbon kit tonight. was a stove.lots of peices. and the glue wasnt that hard to work with. I have avoided using it because I didnt want it alll over my fingers...ooopppsss there's that nutti B)


tonight I have taken some photos of the outside of the house to show the kitchen bay is complete and already has the textured paint on it.


also I have completed the tower minus the peak but it is textured as well


and a photo of the front of the house ready for the trimming


....kind of like a cake or a Christmas trees. as I am still having some issues with the colors. I am settled on one but will it be too much? I have decided for 2 reasons to leave out the false wall in the bedroom.

takes up to much room...and I just dont wanna B)

since my bathroom is a bedroom I am not putting in the built in shelf...there is some thought as to adding it to the larger bedroom.

I wanted to use gold or brass sheeting on the peak but I think I will just paint it gold. Has anyone detected a theme yet....Im trying to hide it as well as I can and still post photos. ;)

I am now in the wait on hubby mode he is going to help me make a chandilier from a Christmas ornament we found at HL. and install the light in the tower ,attic and hallway.

did I mention that I hate the paper I put in?

now I know I should rip it all out but

I cant score it and wet it as there are wires behind the paper. B)

so I have made templates and am gluing the paper to cardstock and will glue that in. hope a plug will go thru all that thickness for the lamp(s).


nutti B)

slow progress

why is there slow progress because I of course have to many things going on at one time....as always.but I have made a small bit of progress on the wallpapering on the first floor.I had named it the candycane cottage but it looks more like the snowflake Inn to me. I dont think it knows what it wants yet. so all outside painting is on hold...well just the color the textured paint is already on the front and now the kitchen side is ready to be textured as well. I am very sick of using textured paint...although I do love the look. its starting to bore me. and I was going to adjust the roof I now am wavering. I want it done for Christmas...and the 18th coz my son will be home than and I dont want to be in the middle of any major projects. at this point Im not sure I want to show any photos.I will say this....the instructions are straightforward and this house is going together very well. I had warping of the attic floor and the tower side roof seems to want to be wonkybut I think a dab of hot glue will hold it in place. not that I use hot glue but there are those moments when it comes in handy. My kitchen bay window did give me some issueswhen I put the seat in it pushed the walls apart.the gaps to large for juts wood fill so I took my handy dandy bamboo skewers and put them in the cracks...insert a little jig....loved the way it turned out.blog-361-1133202365_thumb.jpgblog-361-1133202395_thumb.jpgyou will note that on the wall is a big blob of paint...this is normal for me and how ALL of my painting goes.Im not done with the floor...first stage of something I have in mind.TTFNnutti B)

Picking Out Wallpaper

Now that I've got my ceilings wallpapered, it's time to figure out what I want to do with the interior. I'm only doing the first two floors for now, because I want Jimmy to modify the roof for me and I can't decide what I am going to do on the third floor until I can see how the modifications will work. As usual, I start with wallpapering the front wall first.For the livingroom, I wanted something that would make that fireplace stand out, plus I have to carpet the room because I messed up the bay window area flooring ... blog-361-1133120593_thumb.jpgI wanted something warm for the kitchen area, and something that would look good with a lighter "linoleum" ...blog-361-1133120656_thumb.jpgThe second floor will be a boy's nursery, the hallway, and the master bedroom ...blog-361-1133120696_thumb.jpgblog-361-1133120858_thumb.jpgHere's an overall view of it thus far:blog-361-1133121178_thumb.jpgAnd while I was waiting for the wallpaper to dry, I went ahead and primed the exterior of the house.blog-361-1133121371_thumb.jpgCompliments of LPCullen

I did it

I got my lights and installed them.... next to put wallpaper?well yes.. but... nooo not me B) I have to fret about putting prime on my electrical wires. before the wallpaper.ugggggg it was a long 2 days deciding to do it.but tonight I did it. I also stained the staircase and started the kitchen bay window.the floor and the ceiling are in. now the big debate is over the wallpaper.I had thought some coordinating paper with the living room but I have this other paper and it would make a sweet looking kitchen.with endless decorating possibilities. this is the part I dont like...the decorating.I much rather build. why do these bay's have add on floors. I like my floors all the same and now I will have to do something other than stain! ;) but I have these slate tiles that might look real nice in this room.....hmmmmmseeee my troubles....no decsion making skills. the first part of the roof is on and I have sanded and primed the attic walls the 2nd part of the roof is to be bashed so that will be a couple of days down the road. TTFNnutti B)

Wallpapering Ceilings

Now that I've got my walls and ceilings primed, it's time to wallpaper the ceilings. Normally, I would turn the house upside down to do that, but because I had polyeurethaned the floors, I had to wallpaper the ceilings while the house was on it's side.blog-361-1132522344_thumb.jpgI'm going to use the same "real house" textured wallpaper that I used for the ceilings in the Glencroft for this house. I cut the paper to close to the size that I need for each ceiling, but leaving some "overhang" to give me some room to move the paper around to get a good fit. This paper is pre-pasted, so after I cut it to the lengths and widths I needed, I wet it and folded it up for a bit to let the glue set. Then I just laid it into the house on the ceilings and used a dry rag to rub it down. I generally run my fingernails along the creases where the ceiling meets the walls to fit that area.blog-361-1132522545_thumb.jpgNow I'm ready to cut. I use a razor blade for that, which is the only tool I can use without cutting myself, LOL! I position the razor on the paper, and lay my hand against the wall to keep it steady and to make sure that I cut in a fairly straight line. I also leave a small portion at the edge uncut, since I can never seem to get it right with the razor.blog-361-1132522619_thumb.jpgOnce I have most of the area that I need done cut, I go ahead and lift the wallpaper up by pulling gently on the piece that I just cut, and then I use scissors to snip off the end that I didn't cut. Then I just lay the wallpaper back down and rub over it with a dry washcloth.blog-361-1132522711_thumb.jpgblog-361-1132522722_thumb.jpgCompliments of LPCullen


Today was a good day.I went to the Dollar Tree today. and found the funnyest peoples to occupy my house. We will call them Denby and Mindy Bendy(say that fast 3 times) I dont think they will always live here but for now they will.also my order form HBS arrived with my lights. tonight Hubby put the gromets in to have the lights on for placement when I have all the decorating done I will add the lights more permantly. blog-361-1132385349_thumb.jpgblog-361-1132385366_thumb.jpg and than I got my American Minaturist Magazine. I also got my tree supplies for the silver Christmas tree.Now I can wall paper!TTFNnutti B)

Filling In The Gaps

While I was doing my "balancing act" to paint some primer on the house, I had intended to go ahead and put a coat of primer on the outside as well. However, I noticed that Jimmy must have gotten in a hurry because I had "grooves" on the bay and tower, and I just didn't like that. Plus there were a few other areas which I wasn't comfortable with, and I wanted to get the back as smooth as possible too, since it looked like a jigsaw puzzle back there. So, I put some wood putty on and smoothed it down good by dipping my finger into a cup of water and just rubbing it over the wood putty. I let it dry overnight, and then sanded it the next morning.Now the house is just about ready to begin the exterior primer. blog-361-1132285505_thumb.jpgblog-361-1132285515_thumb.jpgCompliments of LPCullen

The Balancing Act

For some reason, I am still waiting on this house to "talk" to me and tell me what it wants me to do. So far, the only thing it has told me is what wallpaper it wants in the living room .... Hmmm .... So, time to think about "priming" the interior of the house by using two coats of semi-gloss primer (I like using semi-gloss paint under my wallpaper because I can more easily move the paper around to position it, and it is easier to remove if I have to). Of course, this house has quite an interesting design to it, and since you all know I simply can't paint unless the house is upside down ... well, hence the title here, The Balancing Act. I had to use cans and whatever else I could come up with to balance the house while I put my primer on, LOL! Normally it wouldn't be that difficult, but because I still haven't decided if I like those floors or not (I used Minwax Colonial Maple to stain them), I have not yet polyeurethaned them. That means I can't get any paint on them, so I have to be super careful!Here are some pictures of me balancing the house up in the air so that I can put my primer on! blog-361-1132285249_thumb.jpgblog-361-1132285261_thumb.jpgblog-361-1132285274_thumb.jpgP.S., try not to laugh too hard! Sometimes you have to do what you have to do to get paint, etc., into a house!Compliments of LPCullen

more electrical

well I finally inlisted DH help. I wanted to install lights in my towers and was eager to try Darrells methodproblem...the fixture cost 5$ and for 3 lights well you do the math. DH did and gave me the look.he says what ya doin ya need that kind of lightI showed him he says " think I saw bulbs at radio shack will give you same effect for 1.50$ I said ok go get them and show me. so he did and now I have lights in my towers. I am very happy nuttigal!!! B) blog-361-1132273126_thumb.jpgblog-361-1132273151_thumb.jpgblog-361-1132273173_thumb.jpgblog-361-1132273190_thumb.jpg after much fussing and tossing of the pliers DH has agreed to put the dern brads in place for me and get me one of them brad holder things Darrell was talkin about. I have zero patients for itty bitty things that move around when ya trying to do somethin with them.now I think Im ready to move on to Wallpaper and other things.TTFNnuttiCompliments of Nuttiwebgal


well tonight I didnt make to much progress. but some was made.I managed to get the first part of the porch on and the towerbut not untill after I took it apart because I forgot to paint the inside...and part of it will not be accessable after in permantly. the middle tower wall has a flaw and that was fun fixing but glue and wood fill and its as strong as its gonna get until its alltogetherblog-361-1132040651_thumb.jpgI have ordered some lights but not here yet.Im trying to decide weather or not to add lights to the tower areasblog-361-1132040664_thumb.jpgI painted the inside white coz itll go with anything I put on the walls. and yes I have it picked out and bought....waiting for the lights.TTFNnutti :blink:Compliments of Nuttiwebgal

I begin

well as per usual things happen to keep nutti on her toes.1st I decide I must wire my Mckinley2nd I cannot find my wiring kit I have already bought.3rd won an e-bay auction for electrical...get it and the stuff is probably 20 yr old. ok some of it will work for hubby so not too bummed.4th take my 40% off HL coupon buy new wiring kit after looking everywhere driving hubby and kid nutz in making them help me.(2 days)5th today I started wiring and hubby finds missing supplies ;) of course B) so this is my journey into wiring I have started by purchasing a small wiring kit blog-361-1131938484_thumb.jpg than I followed Darrells diagram and instructions with a couple of adjustments.blog-361-1131938788_thumb.jpg adjustment one was not being able to put the wire 1inch from the floor on the first floor. there were slots in the way.2nd adjustment was making my down the house tape longer to enable the install the junction splice on a continuous tape....this was hubby idea after hearing where I thought was best place for the splice.blog-361-1131938976_thumb.jpgbut before I would put the wall on with glue we had to make sure so far so good. blog-361-1131939171_thumb.jpg the next thing I did was start putting the house together.step C with fireplace I did while I was waiting...oh and which I ruined while putting house together. remember my problem with dirty hands? well I usually keep a wet wipe handy for quick fixes to the fingers while working. well I layed the dern thing right on the printie of the hearth....even being sprayed with sealer didnt help.blog-361-1131939282_thumb.jpg so with the basic shell done it is time to attach the junction splicewoot woot! WORKS!blog-361-1131939528_thumb.jpgand although Hubby was here I made him the stoopidviser and did all of it myself!!! my main worry at this point is trying to remember where the wire is when wallpapering....lol the brads are a bit small and tedious but I think the results will be worth it!TTFNnutti :blink:Compliments of Nuttiwebgal

Installing a Chandelier

Here are the steps to installing a ceiling light fixture in one of the possible ways. Melissa tells me it's not actually a chandelier, but ANY ceiling fixture can be installed this way. I don't usually do it by wiring to the floor above but many do, so I did this one that way to show how it's done.First, here's the fixture we wish to install. Notice it has a VERY long wire on it, with a plug. I'm not going to need all of that.blog-361-1131865452_thumb.jpgBefore trying to chase down a problem (if we encounter one) I want to eliminate one possibility up front. I TEST the fixture. I'm removed the unfinished and unattached fireplace because I have a plug behind it. I use this with the plug on the fixture to "test" the fixture to be sure it's in working order.blog-361-1131865490_thumb.jpgThe light works, so now we'll get to work. FIRST TURN THE POWER OFF OR DISCONNECT IT ENTIRELY. I drill a couple of holes where I plan to put the wires thru from the ceiling below to the floor above.blog-361-1131865566_thumb.jpgThis part is scary for some. I cut the wires off leaving only a bit more than I think I'll need. I save the cut off wire with the plug still attached for later use in building a home made lamp or other light of some kind.blog-361-1131865532_thumb.jpgThen I carefully seperate the two wires.blog-361-1131865617_thumb.jpgAnd carefully strip the insulation off of the wires. (Note, sometimes its easier to push the wires thru the holes unstripped, but then harder to strip them because you have less room to work on stripping them and they cannot move then. With the fixture loose, I can do this outside of the dollhouse.blog-361-1131865648_thumb.jpgI push the wires up through the holes I drilled earlier.blog-361-1131865672_thumb.jpgAt this point I go ahead and attach the fixture to the ceiling so that the weight of it will not be pulling on the wires as I finish the installation.blog-361-1131865787_thumb.jpgNow we have one small problem. We decided to put the light in a slightly different place than we originally had planned. So there's no tape at the location of the wires. But you can see there IS a tape running nearby. A short scrap of tape will correct this. Here I've put in down but it has no power yet. But that's one of the great things about tape wiring. It's so very easy to extend the power to wherever you need it even if you didn't plan it perfectly.blog-361-1131865703_thumb.jpgNow it has power as you can see by the four brads connecting it to the tape I put it across. And I turned the power on in order to test that the NEW tape does indeed have power. Once I'm sure it does, I turn it back off before proceeding. By checking each step you're unlikely to have any problem locating a mistake. Because there is never very MUCH you changed. Only one thing.blog-361-1131865740_thumb.jpgNow I've added two more small brads. One into each conductor in the new tape and very near the wires coming up from below. I put these brads in MOST of the way and carefully wrapped the bare wires around them (one at a time) and THEN pushed the brads the remaining way into the wood. This makes a good connection for each wire. One on each conductor.blog-361-1131865812_thumb.jpgNow I simply turn the power back on. And smile as the fixture lights up the room it's in. At this point it's installed. Many stop here, but I add one more step.blog-361-1131865843_thumb.jpgJust to decrease any chance of the connection to the tape going bad by tugging on the fixture, or corrosion or any other movement over time I usually solder the two connections to the wires. When dong it this way the lights are likely to function properly for years and years. It's not a bad idea, and I just consider it insurance.blog-361-1131865864_thumb.jpgSo there you have it. I tried to photograph every single step and not leave anything out. Hope it helps anyone wishing to use this method to install ceiling fixtures. There are other methods. This is just one.Compliments of DarrellandMelissa

still waiting

while I wait for my electrical supplies to arrive I have been doing small things so I will be ready. I have primed the walls and stained the floors. the attic floor is still warped.this is my first warped board...well one fresh out of the box. so not sure how I will fix it. I have started the fireplace and will put it together tonight. the next step will be the staircase. I think it can be preassembled also. the house is having a fight with itself. it cant decide if it wants to be a christmas house or a winter house. I keep finding myself thinking in bluesI havent told my daughter yet because she thinks I have to many blue houses already. I had thought it would be fun to do a red house. I also plan on one more time to use the textured paint for the outside.someone plzzzzz find me another way to paint a house that covers soo many flaws. so easily and quickly...plus look good. B) but I figure...gonna be on the wall and you really wont be able to see the front on the wall Im hanging it on coz itll be facing a wall.so whats one more stuccoed house B) ;) I will add some photos the next time I post.TTFNnutti :blink:Compliments of Nuttiwebgal


We managed to squeeze in a little bit more work on the house while awaiting more "parts" and besides, we haven't had time to go pick up paint yet. This first picture shows some of the wiring on the ceiling heading over towards a place to put a ceiling fixture as well as a run going across the floor to the bay window area. You can also see where the tape goes out the top of the door to accomplish two things. Proved a tape to wire the porch light into and to get power to the second floor.blog-361-1131425972_thumb.jpgHere's where the tape enters the bedroom through the window, and I've begun my one inch from the floor tape run along the walls. Off of this tape, I put a vertical tape going up to the ceiling for the fixtrue there as well as across the floor where it connects to a tape off to the left, which continues through the hallway and into the bathroom.blog-361-1131426010_thumb.jpgHere you can see the tape wiring done in the bathroom. The tape from the bedroom comes in from the right and goes a short way up the left wall. There I've connected the one inch high run and sent that tape around all three walls and wrapped around into the hallway. You can't see it in this shot but in the hallway another tape connects and goes up to the center of the hall ceiling for it's light. There will be more wiring done in the hall area later so you'll see it when I get to that part. You can also see the mantle that belongs to the fireplace. Workmen leave things in the strangest places. We lost one of the brackets so I used the one we had as a template and made two new ones. Now if I lose another one, we've got a spare.blog-361-1131426037_thumb.jpgThis is a more closeup view of how I sent the electricity to the attic. The vertical tape for the ceiling fixture goes down to the floor. Off of that portion I sent a wire out my cut out hole and it goes across the back of the house on the outside. I'm going to cut a piece of wood and with putty patch up that hole "mostly". But it will not show as something will be in front of it. The main reason I'm closing it off is to protect the upper tape from damage since it sort of floats in the "air" as it cross the hole and I want something more solid behind it. Now the workmen have moved the mantle but left plywood laying around. blog-361-1131426065_thumb.jpgThis is just a shot of the tape wiring on the BACK of the house as it exits the hole on the second floor, and connects to a tape that enters the hole at the attic level.blog-361-1131426098_thumb.jpgAnd finally here's the tape entering the attic space. It doesn't go anywhere yet as I really haven't decided what we're going to do up here. But now that we have power up here, we've got plenty of tape wire left to make it go wherever in the attic we want it to be. For sure I'm going to want to put a light in the center of the tower top. Mel has other plans for the attic that may lead me to financial ruin. We shall see. LOL!Darrell blog-361-1131426117_thumb.jpgCompliments of DarrellandMelissa

Starting to electrify

Adventures in electricity by Darrell.In the previous pictures the holes I had drilled in the back of the house were round. You'll notice in these pictures they are squared up a bit and made flush with the floors of the house. The first picture is the installed junction splice that will live under the lower portion of the staircase. I made sure it was installed far enough inside the house so the wires won't be pushed and bent up against the wall we hang the house on, but not so far it would interfere with the staircase wall. I had test fitted the staircase and drawn around it on the floor then took it back out to do the wiring.blog-361-1131335454_thumb.jpgIn the previous post I said when we sealed off the doorway to the kitchen I had intentionally left a gap on the bottom to get the wire through. Here's a picture of that.blog-361-1131335496_thumb.jpgWe wanted a light for the porch above the door. Inside the living room the tape goes up the wall and across the ceiling (need lights there too) and then down and out the top of the front door. The porch lamp will be installed on this tape. Notice it goes right back into the second floor window, which gets power up to the second floor. In the living room we also added a tape run centered one inch up from the floor along the wall and ran another tape over to the bay window area where we may install a plug for a lamp or ??? There is also an installed plug on the wall that is BEHIND the area for the fireplace. We will put a lighted bed of coals in the fireplace for now. Later we may change that out for the flickering module. Because this may change later our fireplace will not be glued into place very strongly, if at all.blog-361-1131335533_thumb.jpgInside the second floor window you can see where the wire comes in from the front porch through the window. You can see the marks I've made on the wall to guide me in runniing the tape around the walls. This makes it possible to install a plug practically ANYPLACE in the house as long as I put it one inch up from the floor at its center.blog-361-1131335614_thumb.jpgA little more has been done on the electrical but we haven't uploaded the pics to the computer from the camera yet. DarrellCompliments of DarrellandMelissa

Starting to build

This is the first of two posts showing our fun with the McKinley.As we posted elsewhere we WISH we had added tape wiring to the inside back of the house before assembling the shell but we didn't. And upon getting the shell pretty much together there were a few things we wanted to change.First of all we didn't like the location of the kitchen doorway, so we sealed that one off. In anticipation of needing to get electricity to the kitchen we left a teeny gap on the bottom of our new wall so we could run the tape under it. Baseboard will cover the gap on the living room side and probably cabinets on the kitchen side. We had planned to add a door more toward the outside but forgot to cut it out. So there will be no door. One thing I think dollhouse planners could take into consideration better is that kitchens pretty much NEED two decent sized long walls meeting in a corner. That design would make decorating the ktchen a lot less of a challenge.blog-361-1131333438_thumb.jpgDuring assembly and test fitting we noticed we were about to seal up the tiny little faux hallway on the second floor. Thinking it would be really hard to wallpaper it once the attic floor went on, we stopped assembly long enough to pick out a wallpaper and paper that little nook.blog-361-1131333461_thumb.jpgThe house is really a very nice size even though it's not deep and it's designed to hang on a wall. It still is sized almost like a full sized dollhouse. In assembling the roof standing up on a chair was necessary to make sure all the seams were put together well.blog-361-1131333601_thumb.jpgIt was once the shell was assembled and we began trying to figure out how to run the wiring the point that there were no windows in the non open side of this house. We often use windows and doors as paths for tape wire. Due to the wall hangin design this house has a limited number of usable access holes. (The windows that ARE in the house are very well suited and the house doesn't have the "appearance" of lacking windows because of that) So we finally decided we'd have to add a few holes, and planned on locations for them that would not show once the house is finished. In the other post we drew out a diagram of how one could avoid all of this by tape wiring the back wall before assembly, and it's something I'll do whenever we build another one. The hole for the power entry is behind the staircase on the first floor. Another hole was added in the bathroom behind the location for the built in "shelf" unit which we may or may not change. Haven't decided yet. And lastly there's a hole in the attic wall which may be covered with only wallpaper, (don't know yet) so it's behind the area where the valley of the roof comes down, where the back wall is LEAST visible.blog-361-1131333643_thumb.jpgAnd here finally is a picture of the fireplace assembly (in process). The "bricks" are painted and scored sandpaper.blog-361-1131333690_thumb.jpgDarrell and MelissaCompliments of DarrellandMelissa

Planning, lots of planning

I haven't actually started building yet. I am still in the planning and plotting stage. Originally I had thought to build Ms. McKinley as a Christmas house, to be used as a seasonal decoration. However, after opening the box and extensive web surfing, I changed my mind. We (McKinley and I) decided that it should be a shop and after brainstorming with friends, we came to the conclusion that a dress shop would be the perfect fit. The ground floor will be loosely based upon a tiny shop that I remember, called The Vogue, where my mother liked to shop. The second floor will be an office/studio for a designer. I am still mulling over the third floor attic spaces, the initial idea is to open up the floor/ceiling to give the second floor extra high ceilings. The exterior will be a modernist affair in greys and whites, the store will be very old glam in gold, and the studio will be minimalist. At least that is the plan for now :lol:Compliments of CatColorado

just starting

well last night I opened the box and made sure all was there....looks like it.than I took out all the main peices...floors and back wall.my attic floor is warped slightly at this point. Im hoping that during the construction that will take care of its self. Im trying to listen to this house but Im not sure just yet what it wants to be.I would like a Christmas house to display during the holidays above my entertainment center. so tonight I will so the dry run and see what happens.TTFNnutti :blink:Compliments of Nuttiwebgal

The begining

I can't seem to find the pics I took during the construction of the shell. I will be posting some pics soon. So far we have built most of the shell and have cut a few holes to run electricity. Really should of wired the back wall before construction. We are waiting for some supplies to arive and have some more to order. I also have a BIG plan for the attic space, but that will take some time, as that idea is rather expensive. Like all my house, I try to stick to a low budget, to show what can be done with little money ( and a tight budget) BUT, this house will be a little different. I still plan to keep the cost as low as I can.Currently the house is sitting lonely waiting for Darrell to give it some electricity. We will take pics and post of the alternative way we decided to electrify this house. I may take the time to work on the secret Santa and or think if I am up to doing any more swaps this year. currently my mind is drawing blanks on any creative miniature project.Melissa

Working on Bay and Tower

Jimmy has continued to assemble parts of the McKinley. I'm waiting for him to get to a point where I get to play ...One of the things I find interesting about this house--probably because I've never seen it before--is the back of the house. I note the little holes in the back where you would actually hang it on the wall, but I cannot figure out what goes in the front of the house there to cover those holes ... Hmmm ... guess I'll figure it out as we go.blog-361-1130465919_thumb.jpgJimmy has installed the bay window, which is pretty neat I think (starting to fall in love with this house now). It even comes with its own window seat! Pretty cool!blog-361-1130465947_thumb.jpgHe has also been working on the tower, and assembling it. I've been looking at it, trying to figure out if he is creating me a difficult angle to wallpaper. I think he does that on purpose sometimes, just to see me squirm, LOL!blog-361-1130465956_thumb.jpgHe has also caulked some portions of the interior for smooth lines and to add a little additional "security" to the house. We are opting to not put the closet in the bedroom, and there is also a modification that Tracy made to an earlier house where she opened up the top rooms somewhat, and I think I would like to do that as well.blog-361-1130465936_thumb.jpgCompliments of LPCullen

And So It Begins ...

Unlike Tracy, we have never built this house, or really anything with a tower. The Pierce that we have that we are restoring was already built when we got it. However, I have always liked the look of this little house, and I think a wallhanging house is a fantastic concept! Especially when you start getting a few (like me) and start running out of room to put them ...As usual with me, I pulled the floor boards out first so that I could stain them. I chose Minwax English Oak as the color, and I used two coats of it. I have not yet polyeurethaned the floors, because I want to try the little trick Holly was talking about in adding stain to the wood filler to plug the holes in the floors. Unfortunately, I keep leaving the stain at the other house ...I turned my back for a bit, and Jimmy had already assembled the base shell. He says the house goes together very well.blog-361-1130465588_thumb.jpgblog-361-1130465597_thumb.jpgblog-361-1130465573_thumb.jpgCompliments of LPCullen