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This house is made for a customer of mine and she did not want too many flowers up front but you know me, I gotta have flowers and trees and some form of life to the house. Also, because this house was being shipped very far away, I could not add a huge base to it so, I took some foam core (1/2" thick) and glued it to the bottom of this house. I then covered it with "Sheet Moss". I then added trees, moss and flowers to the the base to give this house the appearance that the yard is kinda unkept and this is what we have now. I will add more pictures shortly!!! I am so pleased because I know for sure now that this house will be featured on the front cover of

http://www.dollshousemag.co.uk/ It will be featured in the April 2007 Issue :banana:


it is finished and waiting for my Aunt to come pick up sometime in March.

she wanted to do some of the finishing touches so I am doing nothing else decorating wise.

the steps are built but not attached so she can transport it better.

my thoughts ...The house when done is fantastic. the rooms are not bad size and the layout is different from other houses making it a unique addition to any dollhouse collection. Due to all the little extra trims this house does take some extra care. maybe not a good choice for a first time crafter...although one of my favorites was built by a first timer. so there ya go.

if you are looking for a challenge with a beautiful house as your results this is the house for you!

a disclaimer....I had this kit almost finished but for the trim work soon after I got it...due to surgery and my lack of interest I took far longer on this house than I needed to. so if using these blogs to judge how long it will take to do these houses please keep this in mind.


nutti :banana:


here we have it as it looks tonight. all of the windows have their sills and are installed.

I also managed to get the porch peices punched out and painted a couple of coats of white and installed

all I have left are the dormers and the steps and the finishing touches.

I called my aunt and she is very excited about coming to pick up her house...she told me she has a sofatable to set it and her other things on it...I said oh you have other things? she's like well no coz Im waiting on the house to pick the other things.

so a miniature enthusiast is awoken!

nutti :banana:

I gathered all of my punched out peices and those that were stained got installed

all of the windows! :blink: ....NOT

nooo I had all of them done but for the sills and the fancy stuff on top :banana:blog-9-1169253983_thumb.jpg

sooo I had me a staining session.blog-9-1169254099_thumb.jpg

and how I wish that this was all of it but Im afraid I missed some. but now I have all of the window trim and doorways and most of the stair rail...dont have it all installed but I did manage to finish the double windows blog-9-1169254129_thumb.jpgand the doorsblog-9-1169253878_thumb.jpg

so thats where I am as of tonight. I have painted the roof as my Aunt has decided she wants to do some stuff on the house. so she will shingle it. :wub:

she also will be doing the baseboards and crown molding and now wants lights :(

she wants to pick it up in march.


nutti :wub:

after months of doing other projects and getting them out of the way

I rolled miss Lily back into work room and started adding all the trim.

it is the trim of this house which gives it its special look and there is ALOT of it.

now once again I want to stress


you think you will remember where you leave off but you wont.

as I am so close to being finished my plan is to go floor by floor and completeing the windows and the trim. as I go. the first floor will be first as I cannot install the porch rails untill the windows are finished off.

a trip to Hobby Lobby for more door knobs...misplaced the jagillion I already have

now for the photos

blog-9-1168461655_thumb.jpg blog-9-1168461719_thumb.jpg

here is a photo of the trim layers(verge)blog-9-1168461737_thumb.jpg

blog-9-1168461757_thumb.jpghere is the house with most of the verge and trim on....you do remember what I said about lableing?

blog-9-1168461803_thumb.jpgthis is what my widows will look like. that is my trial run

oh another small peice of advice...write down somewhere what color stain was used and paint because if you do like I did you will not remember and have 2 or 3 different stain colors. :banana:

I did stain most of the window trims but have alot more to do...try to do this in small sessions it will make the big job seem smaller


nutti :blink:

Well I have started painting the outside of the Lily and it's beginning to look like an old dreary home, which is the effect my customer wants.

I have added the extra sculpted elements at the bottom of the house around the base. I will add the doors and then porch rails will be added. The pictures show only the first color added to the house. More pictures to come soon!!

These pictures almost make the house looks like the stones are gray but they are actually a dark brown color.

blog-4-1163204207_thumb.jpg blog-4-1163204188_thumb.jpg blog-4-1163204173_thumb.jpg

This is the detail at the foundation:


I did not realize that I have not added more pictures of the rest of the clay work I have done to this house. It is a LARGE house to add clay too which means I am using a lot more clay than I thought I would. It is looking wonderful though.

The outside is all done.When my husband comes home with my camera I will post more pictures:

blog-4-1162598232_thumb.jpg blog-4-1162598245_thumb.jpg

blog-4-1162748332_thumb.jpg blog-4-1162748350_thumb.jpg

Roof finished pictures:

blog-4-1162845284_thumb.jpg blog-4-1162845360_thumb.jpg

I finished painting and adding the dormers to the roof. After that, I decided to start painting the base coat on the trim thatI added to the house (It will get about 4 washes to make it look like stone). I then started ading the clay to the foundation. I also made little clay embellishments that I want to add to the porch to give the effect and mood that my customer wants for this house.

After I finished that, I painted the porch a very dark brown. Then I started adding clay to bottom of the house. I decided to have the random stone effect. Here are the pictures so far:



I also had to redo the floors upstairs and down because I had not added a finish to them before I put the house in the garage:



At first I looked at the dormer sides and thought I must have been crazy cause I could not figure out how they went



Well after looking at the INSTRUCTIONS which I had put aside cause I had decided I did not need them anymore ( :whistle: That's what I get Huuh, I still need them :) ) , I figured it out and Ohh How I love the dormers and trime and all. This house has a lot of charecter!!

The Curved part sits right on the roof


Then you add the front part


I also added my own trim to the roof


This house has been sitting in my garage since my last post because We were trying to sell our home. Well, we took it off the Market for now because this is my busy season and I HAVE to finish this house BEFORE I move cause I promised the buyer that I would!!

Well, I felt some of the trim is a bit plain so to add some detail I bought some wood strips from Hobby Lobby with a nice design on it. I then went through LOTS of it trying to miter the ends correctly :whistle:

I also changed the trim color because the Green was not moving me and I don't Think Roberta who is the owner of this house was in love with the color either (Though she never said she was or wasn't).


I have been making some Architectual detailed items to add to this house and so now, I am adding more lights and things so that I will ONLY have to add the clay :) Here is where I am so far and this blog will be updated Daily now :)

blog-4-1160840761_thumb.jpg blog-4-1160840778_thumb.jpg blog-4-1160840799_thumb.jpg

The roof popped in very easily. The roof parts were preforated (sp?) so they did bend easily for me. The roof trim was easy to figure out it's the Verge Board trims that keeps leaving me guessing :p . Never leave off a project without writing good detail notes about where you left off ;)


I was reading through the post and photos and realised I do not have any of the inside photos included

so I thought I would add them so you can see just how far I am and what I have left to do as you can see the construction workers are a messy crew who cant use a broom.

blog-9-1159591588_thumb.jpg blog-9-1159591609_thumb.jpg

blog-9-1159591626_thumb.jpg blog-9-1159591650_thumb.jpg

blog-9-1159591673_thumb.jpg blog-9-1159591707_thumb.jpg

I need to add baseboards and some crown molding and the window and stair trims. so not much to do but alot to do. :huh:

and this last photo is of the small bedroom behind the bathroom....now this photo was taken before the bay walls went on. and the furniture is a Welaine Original. how lucky can a girl be to have a set like this!

the plants were made by me from kits from Chicago.

this set is so perfect for this room I almost hate to give the house away!

lol...almost! :lol:


well that is all till after monday when I have all my up to the Library for the display for dollhouse/miniature month.


nutti :angry:

slow goings

first I have to say that I am having problems with this kit....I am so visual that the lack of photos really has me frustrated to the point of wanting to skip stuff....DONT do that. this is such a gorgeous house!

although I didnt get much done tonight...mostly my own doings :lol:

I did realize that at this point I have to get the pices together to see what to paint what color and how it all goes together...I have had to repaint 3 different times. so now Im dry fitting and marking g or w on each peice.

than when it is off the house I will know what color to paint. arent I clever. :lol:

first photo is with all of the 2nd step of verge painted and on...thats the gray.

and 2 peices of the 3rd layer of verge trim. not all of this is found yet...remember my advice about marking each peice as it comes out of the sheet? :angry:


everytime I add another peice to this house I love it that much more.

another reason I stopped tonight is because I realised that I have to put the back peice on before I go any further on the 3rd floor. and I have to decide how I am going to finish it.

probably paint the inside white and the out side the yellow that is on the rest of the house. except the kitchen is also the same color :lol: .

next photo is of the 3rd layer of verge trim showing how it goes on to the roof peices.

roof,3rd floor and porch all have this trim. it really gives it a finished and elegant look!


I also have to spend some time staining all of my windows I need to have them in before I put the porch rails on.


nutti :huh:


after another break from the house...real life yanno?

I decided to buckle down and make a big push!


I didnt get very far....when last I left the Lily wehad been painting verge....lots and lots of verge...but alas

we did not get it all painted. so tonight I put on what I did have painted and it wasnt much.


this is the verge Peice that closes the attic


this is the verge trim on the roof and the 3rd floor.


and here you can see I have the dormers on now....I did put the together before attaching them to the house. and some spackling has started.

Im thinking of using foil to go down the creases....forget what that is called.

I also got out my first porch peice to get some inspiration...but since I need to do A LOT of painting and staining Im going to do that tomorrow. all of the windows will be stained inside and out. natural wood tones for this house.


this is a photo of the porch roof which I am less than satisfied...the blue is the same I used on the Orchid and I really like it....Im just not sure...think I may paint it and see if it says yea or nay...I can always repaint it ...again :angry:

and if I do paint the roof and the base of the house this blue what color should the little brackets be?

its always something with me. :lol:

Happy Building!

nutti :huh:


a word of advice to all dollhouse builders.

make sure you mark all of your bits as they come out of the kit...never assume you will "remember"

I have taken a long break from this house...first from surgery and recovery

and when I got ready to restart the house my grandmother got ill and I had to go spend 8 days in hospital with her and bring her home with me. and here she still is.

so after finishing up some other projects to move stuff out my way I have now restarted the Lily.

today I cleaned up my work area

and tonight I reopend the box and started punching out bits and marking them


to many of the sheets had only one or two things left in them so I got rid of all that excess


I cut the 2 photos out of the box and the rest of box went to the trash

I was suprised at how little I have left to do to have this house finished

which is a good thing.

I have all of the dormer bits punched out and sanded...

tomorrow I will attach one and see what I need to do to it before I attach them to the house.


nutti :angry:

I promised to show a step by step on hiding my wires from my lights. First of all, I always look for a a good place to put them in the ceiling. I then start looking for a good corner to hide the wires in:


I take some quick grip glue and glue your wires into place in the corner



While the glue dry, I add tape to keep them in place. Before I add clay, I add electrical tape to the wires. The clay goes OVER the wall which will cover the tape and wires. If you add the wires in areas where base board/trim will be (which is usually in the corners and op or bottom edges) trim hides them very well and you can wallpaper over it that way better too (Won't need electrical tape over it then either some trim have grooves cut into them to fit the hard wire)


Now this part got to obe a little tricky for me because I do not plan to use the lattice trim on my porch. My foundation will be all clay sculpted with stones in them.

Be sure to follow the instructions and ;ay the house on it's back while you assemble the foundation part. It is VERY important to posistion porch foundation piece # 1 into foundation slot # in order as noted on the drawing or else it will NOT fit right (I bet you know how I know that one :lol: )



I also had issues finding the porch ends for the top and spent time talking to Lynette (Nutti) on the phone as we both tried to figure the porch roof parts. Yeap, I waited for Jimmy to do his and he started building Linda's wonderful work shop so I had to trug along :o



Well now it's time to glue the staircases in. If you want your foyer to look neat and decorated nicly, NOW is the time to do it (Before you add the kitchen wall and glue in the stairs). It will be VERY hard to reach these areas later on. Originally, I thought a partition went in a different place which means I messed up my flooring!

:o Please note WHERE these partitions go so you won't make the same mistakes :lol:




my roof

now Im not one to go round spread gossip!

but my roof turned into a nightmare for me that my poor DH had to help me out of.

I have put mansard roofs together before....Linda and Tracy both tell of how theirs just snapped into place.

well not mine. I wet the roof peices and scored them a little deeper than they were...this helped for the Glencroft roofline. and than I snapped them into their place under the notch...easy enough....


but it wasnt curved into the supports....so I got out the handy dandy clamps...after much finagling I had the 2 ends on the supports...but the middle said...NOPE I AINT BENDING!

I pleaded but it stood firm. so I asked DH to help me bend the around some paint cans well he found a long cylinder he had and it took the 3 of us to get it all bent and bungee corded


yup this is my roof...he ran it under the kitchen sink 2 times and than took it out to let it dry.

next day he puts them in place and says hey looks good and goes to work.....DUH...hunny still no on the supports! so I once again get out the clamps...still no bend in the Peices...this morning Im like put the roof together or Im gonna melt down. so he did...here are the pictures of how he bent the roof to meet the supports for glueing. no it aint pretty but so far it works.

blog-9-1151560449_thumb.jpg blog-9-1151560520_thumb.jpg

blog-9-1151560113_thumb.jpg blog-9-1151560548_thumb.jpg


no it isnt pretty and although he used alot of weird things to get the roof to bend I assure you the kitchen sink was not one of them.

now I have to wait at least 24 hours for the glue to dry and set up.


nutti :lol:

another break due to my gran getting sick!

and than when I got home I realised I had not marked anything I had punched out.

big mistake! another mistake is not highlighting thru each step when finished...this helps keep the build from getting to big and overwhelming....one step at a time.

the last I had done was the porch. when I got the house down to where I could work on the roof I saw that my wall had a big gape...so I got a little creative with the clamps to get it to cooperate


after that I glued in my 8 roof supports! I was so happy when I did not glue them together like the directions tell you NOT to


I did have to do a tad bit of trimming and again the creative use of clamps and a nice full tub of drywall to get the roof to comply!


now I am on to the verge peices.

I also have finished the Wallpaper in the staircase bedroom and painted the bathroom a very pretty Lavender

I used spackle to give the kitchen stairwell a old plaster look and I am pleased with my results so far!

I will include pictures of the interior next time!



I decided to show a little bit how I electrify the houses. I find it hard to explaine in words but pictures talk in words that I may not express well so here you go.

I am just adding the extra outlets that my customer wants in this house right now so that is what the pictures will show. I started out with an electrical outlet with a plug at the end pictured below. The end plug will fit into the electrical strip later on.


Now, drill a hole in the floor where you would like to add the outlet so you can feed the wire through the ceiling and down below the base of the house:


Now, take the plug and remove the prongs at the end of the plug. Place them in a cup or soda pop top where you can find them easily! They are so small that if they fall on the floor, they find a way to blend into the carpet or wood floors you may have :lol:


Now, gently remove the plug base (the white part) from the wire:


Now, take that wire and feed it through the hole that you drilled in the floor of the house:


Take the aper off of the back of the outlet and stick it into place on the wall:


After you feed the wire through the hole all the way to the base or bottom of the house, youwill then start adding the parts back starting with feeding the wire through the plug (white part):


After folding ONE wire in EACH hole (Two wires so one wire should fit in each of the two holes), you will then add the brass prongs in the hole in contact of the wire:



You can now plug this into a power strip and use your outlet. You can hide the wire behind moldings so they will not be noticed easily.


Hope this helps. I will show the next step when I get to that part while I assemble the house.

I added the casing bottoms which are pictured below:


I then painted the wood above the windows because that part will show through when the Pediments are put into place:


I then added the Pediments and you can see that the lighter green shows through the darker green color of the pediment:


I then added the pediment caps to the windows which rests on top and centered on the pediment. I also added the corner blocks to the windows:


I then added a dirty wash of Green umber to darken the bright colors and also to blend them. I will put on another wash after this one dries: