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Personal Experiences and Eye Candy from Shows I've attended

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New Project

Well, I guess it isn't actually "new", but It hasn't been posted here yet- I'm working on a 2D art piece, currently.  

About 18 months ago, I started to plan a new pen and ink/stipple piece.  My little ones do so much damage to my minis, thanks to the lack of a separate workroom, that I have had to leave it dormant for at least another year or so.  A drawing, on the other hand, I can lock in a closet or someplace else that the kids shouldn't get into.  So, I started planning on the new piece.  During the first week of April, 2017, I spent the week in the hospital for a scan to detect seizures (I don't have them, it turns out), and I knew I would have endless hours of nothing to do and not many distractions, so I started plotting and inking in a massive 30 inch by 40 inch drawing of a Union Pacific Railroad Big Boy.  At 120 ft long, over 1.2 million pounds and with sixteen drive wheels and a firebox bigger than my first two apartments combined, they were the largest steam locomotives ever built.  I worked on the picture the entire week I was there, but did little after I returned home.  After my motorcycle accident this past February, I had time again to work on it in the rehab hospital, so I did.  I have been working on it at least a few hours a week since then.  If I can get some free time, I hope to have it done by early 2019.  

I'm also posting a few more photos of the accident.  After a couple of near-death experiences from it, I'm finally riding again, but not as much.  While I was still on a lot of pain meds, I was able to borrow a sharpie marker from one of the nurses and marked up my cast.  I was really out of it, but I think it turned out well.


IMG_1241 | by precisionreplicas  
29292354698_a591fff52a_c.jpg IMG_1070 | by precisionreplicas







I guess I've neglected this blog for far too long.  As some may know, I was in a motorcycle accident about 6 months ago.  I'm still recovering from broken bones.  My fractured femur is the only one that isn't healing quickly enough.  it kind of shattered.  I am riding again, but not as often.  I was riding daily, now only a few days a week.




My wife and I used the final 2 days on our 3 day Disney tickets last week. I'm trying to save for the Philadelphia show in November, but we had been planning this trip for months and fun trips like these are a good way to keep the marriage exciting.

We only live about 90 minutes from Orlando, and we know of a great resort at a very low price, so we were able to take a 5 day mini vacation.

Of course we started by making a stop at Ron's Miniature Shop. I now have enough supplies to finish the Tudor's internal wiring and the ceiling light for the dining room. We spent the 2nd day at EPCOT. We had lunch at the Mexican showcase, which is very good and very romantic. If anyone reading this hasn't been there, the resturant is themed like an outdoor terrace looking out at a Mayan Pyramid and an active volcano in the distance. The rest of the dining area has Spanish styled buildings and paper "lanterns" everywhere. I wasn't able to take a photo of the room, but it was nice.

We went to some of the areas we missed on our last trip in 2010, but the kids were too young for most of the rides are scare easily.

I was able to get lots of photos of the German showcase, which is a Tudor lover's dream. Even the resturant was themed to look like a courtyard surrounded by Tudor houses! I was able to get photos of the exteriors.




The French area is also full of inspirational architecture for anyone interested in building minis.



The other areas were also something to see.

We spent the next day at Hollywood Studios. That place is loaded with amazing art deco styled buildings. Unfortunately, I'm a little old for running around theme parks day after day and the 3 kids were more than a handful, so we left before dark, but I could only imagine how amazing it must look when the lights are turned on.




On the fourth day, we went to Leu Botanical Gardens near downtown Orlando. I used to be very familiar with the garden since my dad was the Director from 1985 - 1990. The Leu house was built in the late 1880's and added onto by the many families who lived in the house. Its full of antiques, so I didn't dare bring the kids inside, but I did get a photo of the exterior.


blog-0025462001333166597.jpgI just got back home from a quick 2 day trip to Orlando. It went about as well as a trip to Disney World with 3 kids under the age of 4 could go.

Luckily I only live about 90 minutes away, so the 2 hour delay in getting out the door was only a minor hassle. My wife leaving the bag with all of our lotions, toothbrushes and personal hygiene items where the kids could reach them was another issue. When I get home from work and the two older kids run into their bedroom in self-exile, I know they did something wrong. This time they had smeared a mix of toothpaste, shampoo sun screen and other unidentified substances into the living room carpet and all over themselves. Washing the kids and steam cleaning the carpet was the reason we didn't get on the road until later in the afternoon.

The hotel was only a few miles from the Disney property, so it was a short drive and we arrived shortly after the park opened. After the 1.5 hour process of getting from the parking lot to the entrance of the Magic Kingdom, my kids had had all the waiting in lines that they could handle. They fussed at every line to get on every ride. We skipped the rides that had 1 to 4 hour wait times, so we only went on 3. They did have a relatively good time and the youngest caused the least amount of trouble.

Anyone who has been to Disney knows that the park is all fantasy, but they do make an effort to capture the effect they're going for, which translates into loads of arcitectual eye candy, which I took plenty of photos of. Here are a few.




Of course the main draw is the castle. It's hard to believe it's less than 200 ft. high, but they did an outstanding job using forced perspective. It was clearly my kid's favorite part of the park.


Got a close up of the tower detail for anyone who may want to build a castle dollhouse.


The windows for Cinderella's Table restuarant in the castle is a feature I will have a modified version of for my daughter's dollhouse castle's ball room.



Much of the Northern half of the park was closed off. They're working on a major remodelling project that will include a roller coaster and other rides. I was able to take a couple of photos of a castle that is obviously a mini, but I was unable to determine how far away it actually was. I did zoom in for a closer look. Not sure which movie its from, but I'm all ears if someone can identify it.





I'm kicking myself for not get any photos from the colonial themed part of the park, but I did get a number of photos from Main Street, which is all Victorian themed. These are a few of the buildings. It should also be noted that several of the buildings were covered with giant cloaks that had life-sized prints of buildings on them, so there was clearly some remodeling going on out on Main Street too.


The area that has the tropical theme (Adventure Land?) did have a few Caribbean / South Florida styled buildings. This one caught my eye.


I should have taken more photos of the Tudor / medieval part of the park, but this was all I got.

I didn't want to inadvertently get credit for other artist's work, so I created this blog to show and talk about other works I've seen or at the most, assisted with.

As most everyone knows, my houses were on display/for sale at Tom Bishop's Chicago International Show last April (2011). The feedback, even from other vendors while I was rolling the damaged houses to the display tables was amazing. I was expecting the worst, but people were still impressed with them even though the Victorian was slouched over hanging off what was left of the porch and the Tudor looked like it had been hit by a mini tornado.

The other big house vendor was "JL Homes", a local guy. He had a good weekend, selling one large house and a small store. I don't have any photos of the store, but I did get photos of the house. I was especially impressed with the foyer / staircase. Wish I had that much space for the Tudor's entryway, but I didn't want to exceed 6' for the house's total length.

I also noticed that his houses weren't "ready to move" houses- finished products that just need to be carried or rolled on a table or cart. The base was multiple parts that assemble with an almost seamless finish. I guess houses aren't moved everyday, so it may be a feature I could use on a future project. When I build mine I don't want problems like trying to fit the house through a door way or other issue (like complex setups) to irritate the future owner.

blogentry-587-0-76908600-1330656396_thum blogentry-587-0-01392600-1330656731_thum

Here's what my houses looked like on arrival and after getting a huge amount of help repairing them from Brae, a master house builder who's far more skilled than I.

blogentry-587-0-04807500-1330656837_thum blogentry-587-0-18949800-1330656953_thum


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