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Intro to the project HERE

Recently started my Glencroft Build on 7/18/2016.  Follow my progress here on my blog!

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Im am so happy with the progress of my Glencroft!  I started yesterday by gluing some of the remaining facade pieces. The upstairs gables were glued in and I was able to finally make my sub-walls out of foam board for the upstairs! (See pictures below). 

Once I finally had the front walls all tacked, I was able to start planning the Stone Portico/Porch that I will be adding to the front.  I plan on making this out of 3/4 plywood to give the walls a heavy stone thickness but at first I wanted to make it out of foam board so I can get an idea how the finished product will look.  Since the new porch addition covers most of the swooping roof line in the front, I was able to remove a small section on roof that comes through the living-room above the front door.  Now, the room is nice and square. You can see in one of the pictures below.  

Last night I picked up a few finishing supplies (Stain, varnish and paint) so I can finally start doing some detailing.  I want the wood throughout the house to be a really dark rick color so I plan on mixing a cherry, walnut and a hint of ebony stain to hopefully achieve this.








Happy Thursday!

Yesterday ended up being a much more productive day than I had previously anticipated. I picked up a couple sheets of foam board and traced and cut out all my sub-walls!  Since I thought this would take much longer, I ended up having time to finally start gluing the house together!  

I ended up gluing almost the entire front facade. The fireplace wall and staircase will be glued in later after I pre-finish the staircase pieces. (Once glued down, this part will be super hard to reach comfortably) The pictures I attached below were all taken this morning and show the glued together rooms with the sub-walls in place to make sure they fit correctly and look right.  You can also see the larger living room and dining room widows. This evening, I plan on starting the paneling in the stairwell area so I can get that segment glued in.  Im also expecting my Heidi Ott wall sconces to arrive today as well as a pack of 1/16 basswood to start my paneling. (CANT WAIT!)

 I'll update with more photos tomorrow!  Cheers!






Good Morning! 

So Im very excited that all my kit-bashed pieces that I set overnight came out great! The new front facade fits perfect together. You can see in the picture below that the bottom window no longer overhangs but goes down to the ground now. I did this because I will eventually be covering that part of the facade in stone and thought it would look better, plus, it gave me more room to make the window slighly taller from the top and bottom. The livingroom is going to be a jugsaw puzzle of dark stained paneling so I want this room to receive as much natural light as possible. You can also see the upstairs window was moved up about a half inch as well as made taller and more slim. Today I plan on picking up a stack of foam board and tracing/cutingout subwalls for the entire house so I can do the finishing details on those as well as give the walls a more realstic depth.  Just ordered some veneer on ebay (Thanks for the tip @soapz), so I'll be sharing that with you all very soon! 

Have a great wednesday everyone! 



First Days

So I finally received my kit and couldnt have been more excited. A few hours,  and about 2000 splinters later... I had all my pieces out and labeled. I also received the fireplace mantle that I was going to jimmy into the livingroom wall. 

The first thing I wanted to focus on was the initial kit-bashing.  Since I had all the pieced loose and easy to work with, I marked off all my lines and made all the cuts and I can already envision all the finishes!  The major Kit Changes I made were:

• Inset a new stone-look fireplace and center on the wall of the living room. (PICTURED) You can still see the opening of the old fireplace...This will be covered with paneling. 
• Open up a large centered passage between the livingroom and now dining room (Previously kitchen) (PICTURED)
• Bring front window/bay window down to the ground and make window bigger.
• Make both windows on the stairway 2 inches taller. (Plan on putting stained glass in these)

Dining Room:
• Cut doorway into future kitchen addition. (PICTURED)
• Make old kitchen window (now dining) taller and wider. (More appropriate for a formal dining space I think.)

• Make the bathroom door square (It was a pointed tudor/gothic shape before) 
• Make bedroom widow thinner and taller. 
• Cover upstairs fireplace and book case....I just glued in the pieces. (Since this area is partially obstructed by the stair banister, I plan on putting a built in linen-closet here)
• Making right-side bathroom window smaller. 

I think this covers my Day-One progress. I think most of my kit bashing is complete at this point. Now Im just dreading all the new custom window and door frames Im going to have to make from scratch.:eek: