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About this blog

The Laurel is the first dollhouse I have ever built. I plan to do some bashing so it will represent a typical present day American home. An open concept family room and kitchen are some of my ideas.


Entries in this blog

I have been trying to rework the stairs to fit a powder room underneath....Well, there is not going to be a powder room:cry:. Every family needs two bathrooms for crying out loud!!!( I think I'll stash one in the attic)

It has been slow going, but I have my room layouts complete, and somewhat achieved the open concept I was going for. I realize I shot myself in the foot by my choice of stair placement. The kitchen will be really undersized and the dishwasher may inaccessible.

Next up....electricty:salute:

I dry fit the Laurel, then the primrose. I am adding rooms to the Laurel so it will have 6 rooms. I double decked/bashed two Primroses. I think I should have approached it differently, but I want the the floors to line up. I experimented with raw wood paint, sealer. I like it better because it has no odor.

The Laurel is glued except for the roof. I'm adding dormers to the attic space. I am leaving out the room dividers for now, and I am going to reconfigure the stairs.

Onward and upward!

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