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About this blog

I am currently working on Toadstool Studios 786 "High Rise" an apartment building. With some eventual modifications to the plan, the apartment will have a basement support to hold the house, 4 shops on the bottom floor, and an apartment for each "shop owner" above, with the penthouse possibly being a loft. An additional apartment lobby entry is going to be added. My idea is to create a very modern setting with an adult theme or two.


Entries in this blog

So, I live in a tiny house. Like, literally. It's 280 square feet. It's a vintage travel trailer from the 50s. I do have my old trailer, which I use mainly for storage, where I'm currently purging, with the goal of eventually getting everything down so that eventually, life can be lived in under 700 square feet.

But it brings up interesting issues when you're working with dollhouses. What takes up not much room in the world of tiny, can take up a ton of space in the world of tiny houses. And I'm building an apartment ;) 

The majority of the build took place in my tiny house, but the house itself, will live in the other space, at least until I have a new home. 

So yesterday, after the last of the beams had been fixed in place, I took the shops up to my big place to live. The other apartments will be built out in what I lovingly call my tiny house "the minty turd". 

What would I do if I didn't have the big place? Probably make the apartment building weatherproof ;) but I'd prove that when it comes to dollhouses, space constraints shouldn't constrain your dreams.




Beams Beams Beams

So, last night, before heading to bed, I put the last "beam" onto the ceiling of the 4 shops on my apartment building. From here, it's going to be building each apartment, onwards, and upwards!

It finally starts to really look like a building, I cannot wait to get that first apartment put together, since there's to be 4, I haven't decided yet if I'm just going to build all the walls I need as I go, or build each apartment on its own. Both methods have an appeal. Just that building one will give instant gratification.

Right now, when it comes to the apartments, I'm building no interior walls. The apartments will have them, but not until I figure layouts. The original plans have the rooms set up traditionally, for dollhouses, rooms in a row, and that's not entirely what I want, my apartments will have parts you won't be able to instantly see, such as built in closets.

But that's all for later. Right now, I want to get to work on the store's interiors. I won't be working on the exteriors, mainly because I need sections together first, the plan in my head, is that because this building will be so tall (the original is 56" tall) I'd like to be able to take it apart in sections, to make moving it easier. And, since the entire building will be on a base, it'll really be well over 6' tall by the time I'm done. So eventually, the plan is, once it is complete, to sheath the outside, perhaps in sections.

I can at least work on the doors and windows, once I figure out how I want them done.

The tentative plan for now for the insides is to create a removable "room box", for the shops. This will allow me to work on the insides, and not worry about the bottom of the shops, which currently have no floor, that will be supplied by the eventual base and right now I want to furnish these shops!



Johnson Towers 2

So, this weekend I was working on Johnson Towers and I've been having the occasional structure frustration. Until the ceiling joists are in, the shops are a tad on the fragile side. But, I did manage to get the inner walls done, and dry fitted. I've since this picture glued the furthest inner wall, and I'm currently re-gluing some other walls to be a bit stronger. 

Other than that, I've had decent progress. I was able to order a bundle of 3/8" square dowels off Amazon, the best deal I've found yet, 50 36" long dowels, when before, I was getting then in bundles of 15 at 24" long, and the ones on Amazon are 20 cents cheaper. Which is fantastic. The Towers are going to require a ton of wood. And that's just the structure. 


I've also been doing a lot of window shopping and idea harvesting. I've made a Pinterest board you might enjoy


Hopefully by tonight, or tomorrow, I'll have this all glued properly, and can finally get going on the joists. I'd like to get started on the insides soon!


A friend of mine who is local and will be helping me with some of the furnishing of the apartment dollhouse and I were having a bit of a chat. And I mentioned that I wanted to add an infinity pool to the top of the apartment building.


She felt it was too much.


So, when you're building a 6 story apartment building, complete with basement, an operating elevator, shops, and apartments, when do you cross the line of "no no, that's just too much".


I don't think you can. The line is a lie.


Average First Entry

So, I've wanted to build this building for years. When I finally grabbed a set of plans after years of searching, I was thrilled. 

I'm basically building this on a budget. When I've got money, I pick up parts. One of the reasons I really like this plan, is because it uses 3/8" square wood, and the levels are done one at a time, in sections that you then stack. So not being able to afford an entire front wall, isn't a thing. I can take my time, build a section, and when I can, build the next section. Each section takes around 50 strips or so, and each bundle of 15 is around $12(on sale). I do wish I could find cheaper, bigger bundles, but for now these are working. The biggest use of wood is the ceiling "beams" that are used to help support the structure.


Right now I just have the shops started and I'm currently stalled with wood until I order some in the next few days, and then I'll get back to building the frame. Then I'll start building in shelving, and create slide out room boxes, using foam board, to make decorating the shops a bit easier than reaching in almost 2 feet deep towards the front. It's not a tiny structure.


So, 4 shops below, right now, those are a donut shop at the first end, seen in the picture, then a tattoo parlour, a dispensary (yes, that kind) and then finally, a grocery. And before you think this place is in the sketchy part of town, think again, this is going to be pretty upscale, trust me ;)