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Once you have completed your Layers of branches (I did 7) you will want to place your tree into a container. The instructions call for a box but I used a small terra cotta pot. I want to figure out another alternative to a stand but it has to have stability. The tree is on the heavy side and will topple over if it does not have a stable base.

I warmed some Green Sculpy in my hand and formed a ball. I glued the inside of the pot and pushed the clay inside smoothing out the top. I put glue on the stem of the tree and pushed it into the clay. It is in there for good. LOL


I have started to decorate. I am making little ornaments with seed beads, beads from that package I showed in the top of the tutorial, miniature lights, and miniature candy canes.

I have a ways to go but I thought I would show the progress so far.


This is my first attempt at this tutorial and I like some things and do not like others. I have followed the directions to the T, but the tree just does not form like I want it to. I will soldier on though. I want to make some modifications for the next tree that I make. I want a better stand that is more realistic, branches that lay better, branches that tier better, and find ways to make nicer ornaments.

You all can see what the results are and can do your own modifications also. That is why I am leaving the instructions as is. You may want to add more layers or delete the layers. Your choice! ;)

Soon I will make a skirt for the tree and lay out the presents.

To be continued....

I am working on Layer 6 right now and I think that may be the last layer needed for this scale tree.

It is looking really full and it is surprisingly heavy. Good thing I bought the little pots to put them in so they will not fall over.

Here is the progress so far with Layer 5 completed:



Thanks to Minime I was able to fix all the branches. Before you twist on the bottom, you want to twist once around between each leaf. That will keep the branch close together. I hope the picture will let you know what I am talking about.


I took apart the whole thing and twisted all the branches. Now I have to put it back together and continue with the blog!

To be continued...

If you were wondering...Yes I am still beading my booty off! LOL I am in the process of making Layer 5 and will be attaching them today and moving onto Layer six.

Here is the results so far: blogentry-583-1226931710_thumb.jpg

This is completed with Layer 4. I want to start bending the branches to my bidding so that they will look more Christmas tree-like.

I went to AC Moore yesterday to buy glue gun sticks for another project and I stumbled onto a store wide sale! I was able to pick up some more decorations for the tree at 50% off. They cost only 50cents a piece.


I have not decided which of the garland I will use for this tree.

I also wanted to show the nice beads I purchased to make ornaments for the tree. I will work on that when I finish the branches of the tree. I want to make them a temporary decoration so the owner can remove them if they want to.


Now I will go snuggle up next to the heater, have some Christmas music playing in the background (or some Ramones) and work on some more layers today.

As you can tell..I found the USB cable. It was jammed under the computer desk. I had to get on my almost 40 yr old knees to snatch it from where it was hiding. Where is the Aspercream? LOL

To be continued.....

Once you have finished your branches you will want to start assembling the tree.

You will need 3 stem wires (16 gauge) measuring 4 inches each. blogentry-583-1226496030_thumb.jpg

Wrap each of the stem wires with floral tape. blogentry-583-1226496104_thumb.jpg

Put all three stem wires together and wrap again with floral tape to form the tree trunk. blogentry-583-1226496189_thumb.jpg

Attach a star or tree top ornament to the top of the tree trunk using Tacky glue. If you would like to make a natural tree, with no decorations or star, attach one of the four branches from Layer 1 to the top of the stem wire with floral tape. If you prefer to have a star on top, you can discard one of the four branches and replace it with the ornament.


Using floral tape, attach each of the three remaining branches from layer one, one at a time. Bend the branch at a right angle to the stem and place the stem flat against the tree trunk and tape. Circle the branches around the trunk of the tree. Attach them to the very end of the tree trunk (close to star).


Attach the second layer of branches. Leave 1/4" between the first and second layer. Add the branches one at a time, circling around the tree trunk.

Attach the branches of layer 3. Leave 1/4" between second and third layer. Add branches one at a time, circling around the tree trunk. Try to place the branches in the spaces created by the layer above it. This will give you a well rounded tree.

This is how far I have gotten so far. You can see that it starting to look very nice with the three layers.


Tomorrow I will continue building the branches with the remaining layers.

To be continued...

The tree is made in a series of layers. There are 11 layers to the tree. All of the branches are made in the same manner.

Layer 1: 3 loops-make 4 branches

Layer 2: 5 loops-make 4 branches

Layer 3: 7 loops-make 4 branches

Layer 4: 9 loops-make 4 branches

Layer 5:11 loops-make 5 branches

Layer 6: 13 loops-make 5 branches

Layer 7: 13 loops-make 6 branches

Layer 8: 15 loops-make 6 branches

Layer 9: 17 loops- make 6 branches

Layer 10A: 15 loops-make 4 branches

Layer 10B:17 loops- make 4 branches

Layer 11A: 19 loops- make 4 branches.

Layer 11B: 21 loops-make 4 branches.

*I feel that this may be too many branches for the size tree that I want (6 inches). I will fix the instructions if I find we do not need as many for this project.*

1. Leave approximately 2" of wire before the first loop. Load 16 beads onto wire.


Dip wire into container of beads to load on wire.


Keep going until you have 16 beads.


2. Make a loop with the 16 beads. Twist the loop two half turns to secure. Press the sides of the loop together to make an oval.


You have done your first loop! blogentry-583-1226420433_thumb.jpg

3. There are 6 beads between every loop. Every loop is made with 16 beads. Therefore push 22 beads up to the first loop.


Make a second loop leaving 6 beads between the 2 loops. Try not to leave any bare wire between the loops.


4. Continue making the required number of loops for each layer. After all the loops have been made, leave 2" of wire and cut from spool.

5. Fold the series of loops in half and twist the two end wires together directly underneath the beads. You will always have one loop at the top and pairs of matching loops along the sides.

blogentry-583-1226420875_thumb.jpg This is for layer 1. Now you have to make 3 more for a total of four branches.

Keep them in a baggie marked #1.

6. Continue onto Layer 2. Five loops- four branches. blogentry-583-1226421028_thumb.jpg

This is what Layer 2 will look like. blogentry-583-1226421134_thumb.jpg

When you have made four branches, put them in a baggie marked #2..and so on.

I will continue showing you what each branch will look like as I make them. Then we will go onto assembly..

To be continued....

I did this type of ornament back in the early 1990s. I purchased a kit and spent my time making this gorgeous mini tree. This was even before I got it into my head to have my own dollhouse. I decided that this may be a great *watching tv* craft and I could make some mini purchasing cash by selling the end result.

I found these instructions online and I want to give a shout out to Donna Dickt who made this tutorial possible for me to elaborate on. The instructions in their entirety can be found on the DIYNetwork.com.

Supplies you will need:

To Bead the tree:

5 hanks of size 11" green seed beads

60 yards of copper coated wire, 24 gauge, green

11 re-sealable bags (to store branches in seperate layers)

To assemble tree:

3 stem wires, 16 gauge

green floral tape

1 lb Sculpy

Industrial strength multi purpose glue

1 inch terra cotta pot


To decorate tree:

1 strand of mini lights (20 lights)

star for top of tree

tree skirt

mini packages and toys


I will also be doing a tut on making mini ornaments for the tree toward the end of the assembly. I will list the supplies then.

To be continued...