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catching up

Having had a very full year. I wanted to do something totally for me for total enjoyment.

so I got my Arthur down from the shelf...gave it a good cleaning. I was going to paperclay the base of the porch but since most of it would be hid I decided to just sponge it. but of course I was glueing down the finishing touches when I realised ''''nope''''

the picture patrol forgot to take a before photo...but its there!

what makes this house so special to me is that I didnt want to build it really...but as I worked on it I fell in love with what it could become...not that I had any idea one day I would fill it with wonderful gifts and swaps from my friends all over the world! and that is what I have done.

I was soooo very low the day I recieved my get well box...those of you who have had major surgery and complications know how emotional you can feel and vunrable. but I was sooooo excited. I cried and my daughter was crying with me...see mom you have lots of people who care. I was so touched and am so blessed. that although the inside still needs a few finishing touches I want to dedicate my Arthur to Greenleaf who gave us this forum so we could grow as miniaturist but to also make friends and to all of those friends who I look forward to hearing from every day.

I hope you enjoy the photos....also if you dont see something dont worry...some of these items have been boxed up for awhile and Im just finding stuff...more will be added as it is found!


my house is so wonderful because of all of you!

nutti :whistle:


I have been trying to be good about staying off my feet and giving my stitches a chance to heal so today I decided to do my Hampton house.

first I check for all the peices.


all here...plzz note it is easier if you leave the parts in the sheets to paint...this house fell out of the sheets when I took it out of its packaging.


so I did the only thing I could after I painted...put another paper plate on top of the one my parts were in and weight them down...fortunatly it doest take long for this scale to dry.


here is the painted parts...most of them the roof and window trims doing the drying thing.

I was so bad...I was going to take photos as I went...but once you start its hard to remember to stop for such things...so here is the almost finished product


I wanted something different for the roof but having nothing in scale to make shingles I fell back to a favorite of mine....Textured Paint! :blink: ;) ;)

you ask where do you find sand in scale to make textured paint? well in the floral dept of Wal-mart!

I used decorative sand and I was very Happy with my results

Here is my Hampton house finished and ready for landscaping. again I will wait and do all the 1/144th scale at the same time.


this house took me about 5 hours from start to finish with a couple of potty breaks while waiting for the glue to dry.

although this is a Laser tech kit and goes together easily, the directions could be better.


nutti :blink:

well after all I had done to that house I had to take it all aprt as it was not fitting together.

the Northeastern Lazer kits are very precise and the only reason to muck up is myself!

so after gluing all the parts I broke while taking it apart I started again.

this time with much more pleasing results.

blog-9-1146868394_thumb.jpg blog-9-1146868409_thumb.jpg blog-9-1146868422_thumb.jpg

so now it is finished but for the landscaping....but as I only like to drag all my goodies out at one time Ill do a couple more projects before Landscaping.

only thing I dont like I may change is the bay window seam trims they need to be black instead of yellow

but the way I paint Ill probably leave it alone.

nutti :blink:

It has been suggested that I blog the building of my micro Beacon Hill.

I will add all comments and photos to this one entry even though I will not be doing it all at one time.

I got this kit to do while I was recovering from surgery....

I decided to do all of the prep work before surgery so I could take this to the hospital and put it together.

so tonight I have had a dry fit


in this scale the dry fit is more to get the feel of the rooms for decorating as it all has to be done before the actual building begins.


here are my floors. I like to use a stain pen....just seems like the same look with alot less wetness. which is good as the wood will draw up and warp badly if not careful.


I used real yellow for the outside...not sure what I will trim it with...navy blue and white or dark purple and white.


all the wallpapering that Im going to do is now done. I may do the bays with the paper but I find it easier to paint.

just like in full scale dollhouses it is a good idea to wait for the glue to completly dry before cutting doors and windows out.

I really like the kits from NorthEastern scale models....their instructions are idiot proof....ok maybe I shouldnt say that as I am the one who put the Garfield together upside down.....yes it was me who did that.

I had to rip it apart and star all over. also note that this wood is extremly fragile and it is a good idea to paint while the parts are still in the sheets. even the windows and things.

I will add more when I have more!


nutti ;)

ohhh I have to report another one of my nutti accidents....I was getting ready to assemble the BH when I saw that once again I made a big mess...I had papered the walls wrong. so one wall had to be completely redone...of course there is no way to safely remove wallpaper from these little walls so I had to wall paper over them.

I think I got it fixed and now I am ready to proceed with the construction....yes I know Im a little ahead of myself. but I thought this was one project I could do with miniamal brain work.....hahahahahahaha

nutti :blink:

uggggggg so today I go to put the house together...and I put the attic floor where the 2nd floor is suppose to be...of course I dont realise that till I have broken 2 peices of the front while trying to get them where they belong!

I am not loving this house. it does not fit together as well as the other houses or could be me...most likely it is me. I shouldnt be allowed around minis in my current mind set. as I am aniticpating my first Miniature show and meeting some mini friends! I see lots of vines on this house when finished! ;)


I wish I could say this makes me not want any other little houses...but it doesnt! ;)

nutti :blink:

wrapping things up

[i know its been awhile since Ive posted anything new but I have been busy

getting ready to take some of my things to the local Library to display for National Miniature month.

one of the things will be the Haunted house which I have finished tonight.

I put all the finishing touches on the inside. bought me some waxytacky stuff from HL coz its clear and stuck all me little dodads on.

I made a coffin shelf to hang in living room. found a mini metel wizard and witch figure and some metal cobwebs bought last yr.

I hesitate to glue the little things because I am not sure if I will keep this little house...but knowing me I am not..just going to expand the display every yr with something new.

a couple of things I want talk about is my spider tree.

love this weird thing...I made the tree last yr from Aluminum foil and masking tape following some instruction off the web. not spooky I was told...I was LOL at for the tree....but not this yr. I kept the tree and when I saw these bird houses in the AM I knew I had to make them for the tree and have little spiders living in them.


also pictured is my shelf before hanging....if I have time I want to make a couple more for the dungeon.


this is the living room...yes it is crowded but its cozy. I found the little scarecrow and ghost figures at the last minute. . plz note the ouiji board and pointer on the mantleca nice touch


the kitchen lacks a table but the bench matches perfectly. and the sink is a dissapointment because I was going to build(but didnt) a table to use with my ole fashion pump(that I cant find) so there is the sink unless something just falls into my lap.


a reading has taken place in our spellroom. this room was alot of fun for my sister in law. she fixed the tablecloths and redid the chairs in same fabric as the undercloth. and the carpet is a fabric remnent from Walmart...suedish upolstery material. it could have been bought just for this room.


this room is very small cant do much here but I think I managed to give it some charactor. the bed is covered in the same blue fabric as the spellroom and than some webbed lacey material from Wal-mart over the top. it really showed off the webbing.

blog-9-1128323803_thumb.jpg this is the chimney still wet. I used the jewels from the cave on the chimney...I may have gotten to cutesy with them....hubby says they look like candy. a dirty wash over the top after dry should make a difference.


and here is our auntie who had a little accident....do you see the skeletin hands in the peaks? my idea...and I likeeee it! :blink:


I labled this as done but the yard has a few issues that I will address before setting this up in the spookhouse.


the front of the graveyard with spider tree in back ground.

well when I set it up again for Halloween I will photo the whole layout.

well as my book is done I shall go.

thanks for reading my nutti adventures into landscaping and display....it was quit the imaginative endeaver!

nutti <_<


here it isfirst effort!I really wanted this waterfall done so my sister in law said whats stopping you? "fear Ill muck it up" so she bent my arm and we started dabbling....first with thin wires for the falls...nopethan fishing line....nopeso I got out the plastic wrap and I wasnt afraid to use it and we dribbled senic water down the plastic wrap and some dark blue and calypso blue while it was wet enough to blend and we have a garden pond....I want to do some things to it before it has its big "DONE" stamp on it. <_<

here and there

no photos as of yet...I painted the dungeon a colonial gray and will give it a dirty wash of black and water I have textured painted the ceilings in the Haunted house and I have cut a hole in the wall for a fireplace.I have a free standing one but it will take to much space in the room. I will try my hand at paperclay for molding the fireplace...I had wanted to do the whole outside but for some reason I just cant get the stone work to look like stonework <_< I cut out the cross section of the upper window to have stained glass window in there. I have wallpapered with the usual floral wallpaper but Im going to age it with a wash. the living room paper is not right...I havent torn it off yet but I have found other paper I like better...but of course! :blink: I know its just a haunted house who cares....well me of course ;) one of the rooms upstairs is a reading/spells room and as there is not much room for the bookcases I have taken 2 Micheals hutches and cut them in half to use the lower ones as book shelves. they fit great leaving room between them for a trunk I recieved in one of my swaps last Halloween. the bedroom has antiqued rose paper in it and will have a coverlet made from webbed material as will the window. Im working on a bed now.it came with the kit and is very cute but I think I could do something unique to it. we shall see what I come up with.not much else to tell at this moment but I will post later with some photos.oh and dern it I broke 2 nails cutting the fireplace :o TTFNnutti :o

a Haunting adventure

well Im so excited My haunted house arrived just in time for Labor Day. we had grand baby all day till 10:30pm and my sis and BIL was here with the kids he had to work and went home and after the baby went home sis and I started the project.

Every year our family puts on a free spookhouse for all the kiddies and their parents. this year is to be our last yr in our front yard as we are moving to the backyard next year. so I wann do it up right and I am making a miniature haunted scene. starting with the main attraction a Haunted house complete with dungeon.

we used builders foam and made a roombox 17x14 and 9"h

we took bamboo skewers and poked them in to the foam


...this did not work as well as we though. the slewers were to long. so we chopped them a bit used glue and a dungeon was born. I wanted to use paperclay for the inside making a stone effect......hhhhmmmmmm well couldnt do it. first its too big... take to much paperclay to cover it all. so I said lets use spackle...someone else has...so we did.

first me and than sis and than me again TRIED to make a stone floor or wall....well we decided a cave look would be so much nicer <_<

I actually like it...not that some nice stonework wouldnt look better.

while the dungeon was getting a nice dose of spackle I was building the Haunted house. it is cute....but I am going to make it work for me.


please note that both house and dungeon on its side getting worked on.

so the house got punched out ,walls primered and floors stained. much talk of the chimney to build to hide the lights on the house. we are using some purple Halloween lights to illuminate the dungeon and will also use them to light parts of the dollhouse.


so of course after all this hard work we had to play with all the things I have.


and a close up of the dungeon


but before we called it a night we used styrofoamand builders foam to make something for the paper machie to hold onto. and stairs down the front!


I want to thank Tracy for all her help so far.

I hope yall enjoy this little trip into Nutti's world

if it can happen its gonna happen to me! :blink:


:o nutti :o