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Buttercup, Room Box and eventually a Glencroft

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A friend of mine has recently been pushing me to finally get out all the fimo I bought last year, and finally sculpt for Tilly, my baker, and Nettle, who is not specifically food oriented but will definitely need plants, and the occasional Tudor meal.

I will crumble as soon as I find the time. And of course Nettle is in need of that Glencroft.. or rather is in need of it not being in a flat box...

Consider this a warning. :banana:

I started right after dinner on Friday evening. By the end of the evening I was feeling high and mighty, certain I could finish the room box with Saturday afternoon to spare.

Sunday afternoon I was still going! LOL, isn't that always the way?

It worked out very well that it was extremely warm here in New England over the weekend. My husband and I, who normally cloister in the bedroom, performed our respective activities downstairs, sharing the dining room table (plus 1 leaf). MUCH more room to work than I usually end up with, and the bedroom stayed cool without the video game systems, laptop and occasional sewing machine running, too! :blink:

So Friday, I:

Cut the exterior wallpaper and glue it in place, cut the flooring and glued it in place, printed a photo to put behind the window glass, ran the tapewire, glued in the lamp and built the structure for the brick interior chimney.

I also removed half the depth of the window unit (since I didn't want it to be a real portal to the exterior of the room box), at which point my little saw claimed a victim:


The chimney piece:


On Saturday:

I finished hooking up the electrics. As you can see, the junction splice's screw and prongs were a bit long for the thickness of the wall! I had planned to put the window towards the left wall, but moved it in the end to cover the breakthrough.

As you can see, I also got more work done on the chimney bricks. I actually finished this up before the evening was through, but it was too dark to photograph by then.

I also experimented with the exterior trim paint (intended to simulate concrete).


Sunday we started with a supply run for glitter to add texture and possible some sparkles to the concrete, sandpaper for the roof of the 'high rise' and felt for simulating my friend's little plushies.

Once back at work, I started by gluing in the chimney, which had dried overnight. Not shown til the final photos below is the trim, which drove me mad! The floor molding was made from birch siding strips glue double-thick and then cut lengthwise in half.

I also repainted the desktop in shades of gray (which helped to hide how AWFUL the carving is on this thing. No space bar? Really?), printed posters for two of my friend's favorite movies, cut the plushies from felt and painted eyes on, glued the molding and window in place, painted the exterior trim and then, finally, glued the sandpaper 'roofing' in place.






All that's left is to print out some computer screen displays on glossy for the laptop and desktop. If there's time tonight (I need to mail this tomorrow!), I also want to add a shade to the window. I have a sheer white fabric that I was using last week that I *really* hope I didn't toss the scraps from, as it would be perfect for letting the view come through!

So there! Almost start-to-finish in one weekend! Not too shabby!

My husband also agreed that hot days this summer would be spent the same way, so I'll have *plenty* of room for the Glencroft he got me for my birthday! :p

Due to sickness, injury and company, I have not yet begun to construct my friend's roombox.

... Which means I'll be very busy this weekend!

I'll charge the camera batteries so I'm sure to take snapshots as I wait for glue to dry!

Step one: cut the back wall for the window (or find photo for placing behind plexi).

A month ago, nearly, I posted my plans for my friend's Manhattan room box. Unfortunately I've been sick or injured for most of 2009 so far, and haven't gotten anywhere. I have other projects I owe people, and we had company two weeks ago, more company coming this weekend.. it's just been hard to get to the room box!

I hope to get started on it this weekend. My husband ordered me the Glencroft for my birthday, and I had him toss in a magazine rack table with the order because I forgot about work space for my friend's plush making. So I'd love to make the room box in time to be ready for that to arrive.

I don't know how I'll attach everything for display. I think of Room Boxes as pretty static, so maybe just dots of hot glue? Will museum wax survive the mailing?

Tilly's bakery finally has its name! I admit to Google searching for inspiration (since she probably won't be in direct competition with anyone, LOL).

"Cake & Crumb"

I'm so content with it! Reminds me of the "Fife & Drum" restaurant in a nearby village.

So now I'm working on signs for it, haven't quite hit on the perfect graphic to go above the name. This is the fifth draft but I think it may be a bit busy (plus it's not the same kind of stove as is inside).

I've decided to start posting about a project I'm working on for a friend's birthday. As far as I can tell she doesn't read this blog so I think I'm safe. She's busy enough she probably won't trip over it. ;)

My friend is a writer who currently lives in Florida, but has always intended to move someday to Manhattan. Recently she was lamenting about the area she lives in, so I decided as a combined Holiday/Birthday gift, I'd build a roombox to be her Manhattan apartment until a time when she can move into a 1:1 scale version.

I picked a relatively small roombox, since the apartments are so small. I'll be doing just the 'living room' area, figuring she'll have her writing computer set up there.

I imagine the space as a low-rent walk-up. Old, painted radiator under a single narrow window - with paint sealing the panes shut, of course! I'm trying to find a photo online of some view of a bridge between other high rise units. There'll be partial-brick wall from original construction, plus wood floors, plaster ceiling and white walls. I'll cover the outside in brick paper and seal it well (to cover the electronics and to make it look more realistic from the outside). Probably put a dark sandpaper on top for roofing tar.

I thought I might be able to recycle some furniture from a full bedroom set I had that I only used the bed and nightstand from, but the room box is pretty small so even those bits don't look as good in there as I'd thought.

I bought that built-in computer desk set, but it looks even worse in person than in photos. I think I can fancy it up, but there may not be any doubt they're poorly-sculpted blocks of wood. But like all people these days, that desktop model will be the backup for a laptop, which should be shipping today. I also ordered a pretty little Victorian chair that looks like it could be both a hand-me-down and comfy. May sand the cushions a bit to make them look worn and a little threadbare.

My friend also sells small plush figures on etsy, so I got a sewing kit and will make little felt versions of her products and pile them in a corner.

I want to put a poster on the wall over the computer but can't decide what to get. I know the movies she likes but I also think she's the type that, if she finally had her NY Apartment, she would get nicer things for the wall. Actual framed art, I think. I know she likes black and white photography, so maybe I'll go find some of the photos she took of Manhattan on a trip a few years back, and put those in frames.

I have some lighting that will work.. a ceiling piece and another lamp. I have everything I need, I think, for the tapewiring. That will go on the outside, though, under the paper, since I want to leave the walls white. Because of the lighting I'm tempted to make the window a nighttime scene. But maybe I can rig it so that she can swap it out or remove the scene entirely and peek through the back. (I was going to cut the window in half and just glue it to the interior wall, but of course typing all this out has made my brain grind.)

I have a bit of molding from Tilly's bakery that I think should cover the ceiling, and I'll use a strip of clapboard siding for the kickboard. I think I'll probably want to put down a little rug or something once I see it. But that's mostly it!

Looks like the window and lighting will be the toughest part, so I could probably knock the whole thing out in a weekend, with drying time. Her birthday is May Day so I have some time, but I do want to start early in case I hit snags or decide I need to order something else (I wish I had a minis shop around here!).

So that's post one, I'll hopefully post again soon with photos!

I'm really surprised at myself! It took me four days to place an order from HBS once my mini buying ban was lifted!

I was just worried that I'd forget something important, like I usually do, and was keeping a list. It was only because that 25% coupon expired last night that I finally ordered!

The bakery is in a bit of a quagmire. There are little things I can do, but I've slumped into vacation mode so I only seem able to tackle items that fill a day (such as the shingling which I finished Sunday), and the little things (cushion for the window seat and stones for the veranda) are being ignored.

I took down Tilly's Christmas decorations and now I'm bummed out. Not because I miss the holiday passed, but because it made her shop so warm and cozy and now it feels empty. At the same time I hesitate to fill it back up because of the little projects that still remain.

So here's a list and maybe at the end I'll have decided what I want to do next! Items with an asterisk are waiting on my HBS order.


- make window seat cushion

- install knobs on cabinet doors

- install outlet and swap plug for bedside lamp

- make bed linens

- replace chandelier bulb*


- install trim under roof points

- touch up paint

- sculpt and paint stone floor on veranda

- find tiny eye screws

- paint and design shop sign

- install sign

- make greenery for window box

- decorate and install cupola*

- install door knobs*

- install doors*

- install veranda railing*

After that im really looking forward to trying my hand at sculpting miniature food. I bought a bunch of fimo half-priced at JoAnn on Saturday, and DH gave me a magnifying glass for Christmas, so I'm ready as soon as I finish the house! I also ordered a mini book off Amazon since I've had trouble finding tutorials online.

I also have a new project to tackle for late Spring, parts for which are coming in the Ernie order. ;)

The house isn't done, but I figured if I didn't take these photos now, they'd be late, as usual!


This is Nettle, decorating with paper chain. Nettle will get the Glencroft in the new year!


As you can see above their heads, the light finally burnt out on me -

the night before the Cir-Kut regulator arrived! Bah!





In the dark corners are the two counters I built for the register and for the window display.


Cakes are ReMent, Glühwein set is Reutter



Happy Holidays everyone!

5 days til Christmas eve! This week has evaporated out from under me, but I hope to build another counter and stain the table I bought from DH&M, which came last night, along with the upstairs door frame, which I will also stain and then glue in place. I'll wax in place the side which will cover the hinges so I can get back to that later. That way I can block the draft for Tilly upstairs!

I picked up some fabric the other night at JoAnn. I couldn't find any patterns really tiny enough, so I settled on a quilt-like print that I saw last time but hesitated on. I have to go back tonight to pick up a gift card for a friend, but all their holiday stuff has been on the way out in favor of Valentines, so I don't think I'll have any major discoveries tonight.

So just a few more touches before it'll be ready for holiday photos. As for actually finishing the house, I still need to paint the exterior, shingle and add the finishing touches such as hardware.

My counter dried nice and flat. I did take a couple photos but not in the house and then I didn't get a chance to post them, so I'll post new photos of anything I get done tonight along with that. We have company coming this weekend so I may not update again until I'm posting the actual holiday photos!

Last night it took me forever to cut out the cabinet from the Michael's basswood. Then I only had my 2000 sandpaper to smooth the edges. I know I've got a sheet of 600 somewhere, but it was hiding from me.

So I cut the pieces out, dry fit, sanded, dry fit, stained, and then waited impatiently for the stain to dry and gave up waiting for absolute dryness before gluing. Hopefully I won't regret it too much. I do intend to make better ones another day, but I needed a surface for my holiday decorations!

I have house guests coming this weekend, so I have to figure out if I have time to build a cash register counter before Christmas. I probably do, but with the tree and the new counter I'm not sure where it would go! :p Maybe everything's free as a holiday special. ;)

I'm afraid to turn the lights on without figuring out my transformer imbalance, and unfortunately I get the impression that Oakridge Hobbies no longer exists - they haven't claimed my paypal payment from last Friday! So I probably need to reorder at least new outlet male converters and maybe buy another lamp or something to even out the power feed. So you're stuck with bad lighting in these photos. ;)

(edited to add - Oakridge finally answered the phone! They were sitting on my order because they didn't have everything in stock. Well GOLLY, wouldn't you want to yaknow.. LET ME KNOW? So the order is canceled and I've placed a new order directly from Cir-kit. Sheesh!)

So here is the bakery with the Christmas tree that I finished on Saturday, powered off. I still need to make a skirt, and I was going to wrap the battery pack like a gift but it seems to do just as well tucked behind the tree. You can see the door in place. I originally considered this trim as outdoor features, but I think it works better inside. The outside is more plain, so a fully-pink door doesn't look wrong, where it totally would indoors! Anyway, the door is just wedged in place, as I need to order knobs before I bother attaching the hinges to the wall.


In that one you can almost see my little counter that I made. For being pretty impromptu I'm very happy with it. If the wood warps (I was too impatient to let the stain dry before gluing), I will make an upgrade one someday, but if not I can see this one just being detailed out to make it the upgrade. I like the size, though I wonder if cakes will actually fit on the lower shelf (or if they'll look totally bizarre and cramped there).


I'm going to JoAnn tonight and hope to find quilting fabric for a tree skirt and the windowseat cushion. I didn't find anything in the fat quarters so I may have to browse the bolts. Hopefully it's not as crowded as it has been this season.

Matt gave me a handful of miniatures on Friday which were Christmas themed, which he didn't want me to only be able to display on Christmas day! I got the little green and red paper chain (love!), a set of working candlesticks for the windows, a gingerbread house and the Reutter Gluhwein set! ;) I can't wait to set it all up!

I know I worked a bunch on the dollhouse but I don't really feel like it looks that different! I mostly worked on the doors. There were some fitting adjustments needed, so they haven't been installed as yet. I painted the undersides of the eaves with Delta Ceramcoat's Mudstone (I got so confused when I went to put the second coat on - it dries a dark dark green but goes on a light tan. I kept checking the bottle to make sure I was using the right color!). Then I painted the doors, glued on the windows, added hinges to the front door and glued on the trim, which is still taped at the moment to get them to stay flat over the hinge brads. Unfortunately I already glued on the interior door trim and have paperclay on the outside, so I will have to figure out how to get the hinges on the door frame! Whoops!

I didn't have enough hinges to put on the upstairs door (mistcalculation on my part with regard to the cabinet doors under the window seat), but since I don't have any lights for the upstairs yet, she needs all the natural light she can get, LOL!

I started to work on the custom cabinet to go under the big window. It's all drawn out on the basswood sheet I have, I just need to lube up my knuckles with a lot of drinking water today so I don't get too arthritic when I cut them out tonight! I wanted to figure out a way to include a glass door, but I think I'll just upgrade it someday and do what I can for now.

I finished the Christmas tree! I had two sets of ornaments I'd ordered from HBS before my husband-inflicted ban on ordering, so those got glued on after I'd cut down the trunk to fit the 8" ceiling, and after I'd trimmed the tree with lights and garland. Thank goodness for Quick Grip! The tree looks perfect. I need to get some quilting fabric so I can make a tree skirt. If I can't find some in fat quarters tonight I'll get some fabric cut for the window seat cushion as well (which I have measurements for now) - I've already been through the JoAnn fat quarters and they don't have anything that would match. I'm thinking either the dusty pink from the wallpaper or dark brown from the walnut trim.

So tonight, as I mentioned, I'll cut the cabinet pieces, stain them and, if dry, assemble! I'm waiting on an order of those tiny sockets so I can convert and plug in the corded lights I have, including the candles. Hopefully those arrive soon. I got them from Oakridge Hobbies, which is my first purchase from them, so I'm a bit nervous about their shipping times (last year I ordered from the Crafts, Etc. website and it took almost two months to ship!).

There's a DollhousesAndMore.com order in the mail, which has Tilly's unfinished prep table and the trim for the upstairs door. Wish I'd realized I was low on hinges!

I also don't have doorknobs for my doors, so maybe I won't install any and will just wedge them in place for photos until I can get those, too.

Casey has been posting little Christmas tutorials that I'd love to try once I get the bakery basically furnished. If I have spare time tonight I will also build a counter for Tilly's cash register.

Maybe I'll remember to take photos tonight!

I neglected to get any photos of the painting done on the paperclay so far, but that's all right. I can cover that in an exterior post. Mostly I just wanted to paint them so I could install the windows. ;)

So last night I did! I had spent the previous two evenings mitering the baseboard and crown molding, so last night I laid out some newspaper and stained them all. Two coats. Unfortunately the Balsa wood is not taking on the same color as the basswood, but I don't think the result is awful. ;)

While the stain dried (thank goodness the heat is pumped up in the winter!), I glued in the window sheets. I had to cut two of the square bits in half because of the custom window I made. It went smoothly, and the Quick Grab was a big help, even if the tube continues to dispense after I have enough!

Once the window sheets were in place I put in the kit trims for the door and windows, nearly forgetting to put my crown molding in first above the door (I had cut a special arch to fit around it). The door I made upstairs to open onto the 'veranda' still needs trim, and the doors themselves will be painted dusty mauve and attached later with hinges.

I'm tired of the lights looking weary (I have 6 bulbs on a 12 bulb system), so today I ordered a current regulator, along with a bulb extractor in case the damage was already done, and some of those tiny outlet male pieces, since I have the 'scale' outlets installed but no lamps with the right male piece. I know I'll have at least three lamps to plug into a wall outlet soon and I don't have the regular sized outlets!





I kinda caught myself by surprise. The downstairs is nearly complete and I have no furniture at all to put in there! I was planning to make myself some display cabinets so it looks like I'd better get cracking! I ordered a table for the kitchen to be a prep table and hopefully it won't be too large.

I do have furniture for the upstairs but it seems gloomy without lights. Before I put the bed against the right side wall I'd better pound in an outlet.

I also have a tree that needs some height removed before it'll fit! I ordered ornaments from Ernie's so I can attach those and the other trim and have it ready to go!

I'm sad to say I haven't gotten a chance to take any photos so far!

But here's what's been going on:

The baseboard and crown molding for the house have been cut! That baseboard sure was tricky upstairs in the gabled alcove! Whew! Now I just need to stain it. Still not sure what I want to do about the baseboard in the entrance-way, since I am using the door frames in the kit and the baseboard is taller. I figure I'll make up my mind in time to trim either the baseboard or the frame before it's installed. ;)

I've begun the painting of the paperclay stonework outside. I can't finish the interior without window frames, which means being done with painting around the windows outside. If I have time I'll paint the stucco, too, but it's not as high a priority as the frames. I have done about three wash coats on each rock, and I want to take a look at it under good light tonight to figure out what washes to put on next. I am adding pink and green undertones to the rocks and I can't decide yet how bright I want them to be, or how gray. I also need to pick up some antique white to dry brush over top. I could probably wait til the windows are in for this, though, to avoid the holiday mess at Michael's.

I've mentally begun to plan the custom counters for the shop. I want to make a "Sales" version of the store furniture and a "Baking" version. Ideally they could be the same furniture but I'm not sure. I really want a prep table for Tilly to roll out dough on, but I also really want a sales counter with display space. And I want them to be in the exact same footprint. ;) So I will probably have to have at least some of the furniture come out depending on what activity I want to go on at the time. I guess I will have to stop at Michael's if I want to do these in time, unless I feel like sawing through the basswood I have. Probably the smarter idea in the long run, rather than having bumps and bruises in balsa wood.

Tonight I hope to lay out the trim and stain it, and maybe complete the wash coats on the paperclay.

Over the holiday weekend I was able to work some more on the Buttercup!

My goal was to finish the entire thing before Christmas, but I'm going to focus on the interior just to make sure I can at least take photos of it all decorated for the holidays. I will need to paint the exterior paperclay so I can finish the windows, though.

I'm really irritated with Joann.com right now! They have the paint I need in stock but their server can't handle the cybermonday traffic, so it keeps dumping my shopping cart after I spend 15 minutes sluggishly picking out what I need! I'll try again later, or maybe just stop at the brick & mortar one night this week - though they rarely have what I need. What's more, the Michael's across the street is out of Ceramcoat hippo gray (and ONLY hippo gray), so what's to say they aren't, as well?

Back to the build, sorry for the rant!

I actually finished the last of the paperclay the previous weekend, so I was just adding coats of the stucco on Wednesday night. Then I decided to paper the stove nook and install the light so I could solder the wires all at once (the carriage lights outside were still waiting to be hooked up, though I glued them on over a week ago).

I can definitely see why people try to paper before assembly (not that I couldn't see the logic in it before)! The brick paper was also not cut to exact size before I glued the nook on, though I had made a template, thank goodness, way back when. So I cut the paper and glued it in, then cut out a circle from the ceiling surface (thankfully I DID cut this to size before) for the lamp to glue directly to the wood. I'd also already drilled the hole so the wires went through easily and it all rested upside down to dry. Meanwhile I glued the stone sheets for the flooring to the piece of wood for that (which was separate as I'd made the floor too low in the nook). I accidentally dropped that face-down on a glue spot, but thankfully the stove will cover it all the time anyway.

I also reset the roof on the alcove because it had dried with a gap and I finally couldnt' take it anymore!


After Thanksgiving day I sat for a while, frowning at the house trying to figure out what the next step should be. It was around this time that I decided the interior got priority, not to mention I'd been to Michael's and couldn't find the paint for the stone work. I stripped the casing off the wires and got ready to hook them up to the exposed tapewire I had in the second floor, both on the veranda and in the upstairs alcove above the entrance. But I couldn't find my little brads! I emptied out my box of supplies in the hopes that I'd find them, but no luck. So I decided I could use eyelets instead.

Yesterday I drilled holes the size of the eyelets and pounded them in place with the exposed wires around them. I considered testing them before soldering, but something stopped me. What was it? Dumbicity, I tell you! The eyelets were loose in the wiring, plus drilling through the tapewire made ragged edges that didn't connect well unless wiggled, so only two of the three new lights turned on when I plugged the house in. I managed to get the second exterior light on by wiggling the eyelet, but I wasn't about to accept a wiggly eyelet and put flooring over the connection. I double-checked my wiring overall with a test probe and all was fine.

A renewed search in my supplies box found a paint tray with exactly six brads stuck to an adhesive label! Jackpot! So I was able to reconnect the lights with the brads, using the soldering gun to melt the solder off the eyelets and trash those. I decided this time to TEST the connections before soldering again. ;) The light in the stove nook still wasn't working! It was a loose bulb. *facepalm*



With all the lights now working, I soldered the connections and finished the flooring in the upstairs living area. Note I didn't install the wallpaper yet, but I will have baseboards so that will cover the wallpaper edges above the floor boards. I ordered that miter box set from HBS finally, along with a couple holiday decorations.


I'm really dying to put the trim up around the windows, but I suppressed the idiotic urge (the paperclay isn't painted outside, recall), and continued on the upstairs. The two triangular walls on the sides got their wallpaper glued on, with loose tabs awaiting the roof eaves. I put on the front roof first, though life probably would have been easier if I'd done the back roof first. It took some trimming of the paperclay to get the front roof to lay flat, then some 'clamping' with masking tape to hold it so it could dry. I realized that the side pieces were cut so that the border lined up with their tops, even though there was that triangle of space. Since those pieces were glued on and dry, I decided to lower the roof papers and paint a coordinating color above that just in case any photos revealed the difference. So I painted this 3/4" or so while the glue on the roof dried.

While this dried, I glued on the gable over the door. I wish I'd thought to wire that front wall there for a little lamp. What a dark corner!

I took a break to watch football downstairs, but came back up for the evening game and glued in the papers on the roof pieces and gable walls. So the upstairs just awaits trim!



I still had a bit before bedtime, so I attempted to hinge the cabinet under the windowseat. Thank goodness I hadn't glued that piece in yet, or I'd never have gotten those little brads in! As it is, I needed glue to help me hold the hinges in place in the frame. I could not, for the life of me, figure out the drawer pulls I had, and wasn't crazy about them as door pulls, so I left the cabinets hanging open until I could. I'm sure I'll wish I hadn't glued them in yet when it's time to install those. ;)


I have another project I have to spend the evenings of this week working on, but hopefully that'll be set by the time I get my paint for the exterior, then I can do that painting and get the windows glued in!


Well my DH told me the house looks fine with the two different sizes of stone, so I finished the frame on the upstairs door and added two more corner stacks. I have one more corner and then the back 'corners' of the house and the paperclay will be done! I should be able to finish it tonight.

I need to pick up some Hippo Gray so I can start painting this weekend. ;) I figure I'll stucco after I paint the rocks. Though I may do a test wall to see if I can tint the stucco or if I'll have to paint over it.

This was my first experience with Paperclay, and of course I love it as much as everyone seems to! It's pretty forgiving, and working with an old credit card and some dental probes, it was happy to oblige me.

I'm not sure I like the scale of the window blocks to the edging blocks. I was trying to simulate a little cottage I saw once, but those window and door frames were rough hewn wood, while I wanted it to be more stone to go with the gingerbread arches of the kit.

So my framing stones are small and remind me of castle construction, while the edge I did first feels of a different type. I don't entirely know what to do to fix this. If the edging stones were smaller to match the frames, the whole house could begin to look like brick.

I should mention the walls between the stones will be stuccoed.




I'm also toying with the idea of making any protruding constructions (the doorway, alcove, and kitchen extension) built entirely of stone, but I haven't sold myself on that idea yet.

So I thought maybe I could shave a couple dollars off the cost of this $60 Pink Christmas tree by making it myself. Dollhouse tree kits start at about $36 for a decent one, lights with enough bulbs and a battery pack seem to be about $20, ornaments aren't too bad, but by then you've already spent $56 so it's hard to imagine saving any money in the long run.

So someone on the forums here said that the Michael's Lemax village bulbs are pretty inexpensive. They also have some trees (pre-decorated with indoor ornaments or outdoor snow). Then Matt's mom sent me a 50% off coupon via email yesterday. So why not?

I got a Blue Spruce exterior tree. It's about 10" tall, which is about 2.5" too tall, but I can remove the base, trim off from the bottom, and reattach the base or make another for the right height. It's got a bit of not-quite powdered snow on it (seems to have been mixed with an adhesive liquid and sprayed on, but it just kinda makes it look sparkly, not snow-frosted like some other ones I've seen). The top branches need some help separating from each other, but overall it's got a great shape and it was only $6.99.

The Lemax lights were multi-colored, ran on a battery, and came in a pack of 50 bulbs, WAY more than you get with dollhouse rice grain bulbs! It was only $8.99!

I also got some 1/8" Christmas colored cord for garland at about $4 for the roll. Matt was with me, and he veto'd the pink tree. ;) Maybe this will be Nettle's tree next year and Tilly can have a pink one then. :p

So my total was what? $20? Thinking I'd save $4.49 with the coupon, I went to the register. The total rang up as $10.49 after Matt threw in a Twix bar cause we were late for dinner. When she used the coupon, it said -$.50. Um... well, the total was lower than I expected so I wasn't going to argue.

In the car I checked my receipt. The trim ribbon was marked down to $1.49. The Spruce was marked down to $3.49. The Lights were marked down to $4.49. So the Twix was the only regularly-priced item eligible for the 50% off coupon. :p

So there. Let that be a lesson to me never to assume I can't make something cheaper. :p I still have to order ornaments. I'll get a set of multi-colored balls and silver ornaments and star for the top. That'll cost me about $10 plus shipping. Not bad! Sure, I have to make it, but now I'm saving over $40, and it's worth it!

I dropped my camera on Saturday when I was straightening up the work room, and discovered this morning I needed to open it because the casing had popped open slightly. Not having time for that, you get an iPhone photo of the tree thrown together. ;) With a big doll head in the background, why not?


I am now SUPER excited to work on Tilly's bakery this weekend. I still have doll heads to photograph, which I hope to get to tonight, and other commission stuff that will be worked on during the evenings for the rest of the week. Eeee, miniatures!

The wedding was four weeks ago (it was wonderful!), and I'm just about done clearing my doll-painting commissions list so I can get back to Tilly's bakery!

Let's pay no mind to the little voice that says 30% off the Sugarplum sure would be nice... I wanted the Glencroft or the Aster for Tilly's friend Nettle but I have no idea where I'd put it (and it looks like the Aster is discontinued?)...

DH says I need to work on the bakery this weekend. Gosh, really? Sigh. Well, if you say so, dear! ;) (I know, I picked a good one!)

Well I was a good girl and put away my mini tools and bits to work on my wedding dress. Before I did, I painted in between the floor boards to turn those white vinyl stripes a nice calm brown.

I also received my HBS items, but completely miscalculated the brick, somehow, and it won't work for the stove alcove, so I'll order sheets of brick texture instead of using actual ceramic brick.

My fiancée gave me the shop door bell and weathervane I wanted for my birthday, too. How cruel! I'm supposed to be working on my dress! :)

If you want to see me work on my dress, the blog for that is http://www.eggplantbride.com

I haven't had time to post about my progress!


- wired the house

- put up the wallpaper on the first floor

- painted the bay pink and glued it in place

- glued down the flooring

- traced a hole in the ceiling paper for the lighting and glued the ceiling treatment in place

- wired the lamp through to the second floor and soldered it to brads set in the tapewire

- put flooring on most of the second floor (except where I need to get to the tapewire for the outdoor lighting



I've also stained the trim for the insides of windows and doors. I'm using the outdoor trim for the main entrance and will use paperclay 'stone' to frame the outsides of windows. I did sketch up my plan for that but haven't digitalized it yet.

I got my order of bricks for the stove alcove, BUT I somehow completely misread the depth on the bricks (thinking somehow 3/32 was closer to 1/16th than 1/8th), so it won't fit with the stove in. I'm going to order the rubber brick sheet instead. I can put the flooring paper down in there, though.

I also received the trim strips, so I'll cut that before I stain it, then install that next. The interior window trim will wait for the outside stone sculpting to be in place so I don't mess up the acetate windows with clay.

So I'm not sure what steps to take next. I'm kinda thinking the paperclay, but I dunno.

Anyway, I have to put the house aside for a bit to work on my wedding dress. October will be here before I know it!

My photos have all been taken with my iPhone, and so I have to email the photos to myself to get them. Earlier this week my email wasn't working! So I couldn't report on my progress from the weekend, and now it's Wednesday and all week I was eager to work on it, but behaved and took both Monday and Tuesday night to finish up our wedding invitations. I almost had time to work on it last night but ended up working on my brother's website instead (it has a real deadline, after all).

So back to the progress timeline.

I spent most of last week priming:


These were the last pieces to prime!

Friday night I was able to start the build!

I have photos from during that .. .somewhere! I don't know what happened to them, but I was pretty proud of my method for keeping everything square. I'll have to find them and edit this post later.

Here we go!


I didn't realize the first paragraph wasn't all I could do under step one, so I was worried the build may not dry square. I taped triangles to the bottom floor corners to get the angles right.

Here is the build as it waits for me:




(That piece on the floor will be the floor of the alcove, to bring it level with the flooring that will go down in the main area, since the alcove will have paper flooring).


The veranda over the alcove will have just enough space for a little piggy and her flowers!

So at this point I stopped to measure the tiles needed for that stove alcove. Almost 800!

Well, I'd always been concerned that tiling might make it look like a shower stall, and the idea of that many plain tiles cinched it. Instead, I ordered a sheet of brick, and paper flagstone flooring. It'll look a bit cozier, too, I think!

I placed an order based loosely on my list from the last post, sprayed fixative on my wall treatments, and just need to run the wiring and then I can start decorating! Exciting!

HBS has that 20% coupon right now, so I'm assembling a list of the things I think I want, while I get started assembling and figuring out what else or how much I need. I'm not allowed to buy the things I'd already circled in my catalog, since my birthday is two weeks from today. :)

For the Stove Alcove:

Victorian Ceramic Floral Tiles

Solid White Ceramic Tiles

Single Tulip Ceiling light

For the Main Construction:

6pc Walnut Twin Bedroom set (If anyone wants any single parts of this set, let me know. It's just the only bed I can find that I like for the space)

Small Crown Moulding

Victorian Base boards

Some Kind of Roof ridge


Porch Railing