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  2. What's everyone working on?

    Currently working on: RGT's jr front opening conservatory, the St. Charles by majestic mtn, and the Bostonian 
  3. Yet another wash

    Love your Glencrofts  
  4. Today
  5. Stuck in the land of windows

    From the album Freddie Mercury Garden Lodge

    Oof! Who knew windows would take so much time for such a tiny house! Thankfully, the Cameo does most of the work for me. I just do the final cutting. I get to do the whole process all over again for the window trims. Huzzah!
  6. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Fingers crossed for you! Thats a goegeous set!
  7. TUTORIAL: Real Looking Ceramic Subway Tile

    Stephanie, why not post us an intro in the Newcomers' Forum and let us know which house you're building?
  8. TUTORIAL: Real Looking Ceramic Subway Tile

    Now I know that there will be bathroom in my house ! maybe two so this technique is spot on ! thank you for sharing. I have just discovered this site ! 
  9. 694D1C02-A150-4A8F-8AEB-772109F3FBC8.jpeg

    Thanks for the encouragement Ladies.......
  10. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    You have marvelous taste, of course!  
  11. Yesterday
  12. Marie Antoinette theme/Versailles

    Really looking forward to this.  More potential inspiration:  (in French, but can be translated).  Sue Cook has some truly lovely plaster work.  She is in the UK, but does a good job of packing for shipping overseas. (Not sure where you are located.)  Also try searching Etsy for "dollhouse wall panel" for more plaster work and some lovely wallpapers. Have fun!
  13. 694D1C02-A150-4A8F-8AEB-772109F3FBC8.jpeg

    How pretty!  Should be fun to make.  I know you can do it.
  14. 694D1C02-A150-4A8F-8AEB-772109F3FBC8.jpeg

    Great find! Teach me how when you are done!
  15. 694D1C02-A150-4A8F-8AEB-772109F3FBC8.jpeg

    Total bargain.... I see YouTube videos in your future. :D
  16. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Mmhmm... I’m currently the high bidder on this... thoroughly expect to be outbid though.. lol. 
  17. Sugarplum Dollhouse second floor

    You're welcome, Danease.  I love it too!  I look forward to your build.
  18. Hi from Upstate New York

    Hello!   I also live in up-state NY in Dutchess county. I have never made a Dollhouse but I want to try.
  19. Marie Antoinette theme/Versailles

    Shannon do you ever think about 1:48 scale? I would so looooove some of your stuff in 1:48! But I know it is really tiny and can be a hassle. Love your 1:24 too - definitely looking for my Fairfield!
  20. Sugarplum Dollhouse second floor

    OH thank you Cathy! I LOVE IT!. I have never built one before- and I want to do a "Marie Antoinette" theme. And I felt a tall ceiling I could work better with.
  21. Hofco House, Inc. Homestead House KW142

    Thank you, Cathy and Heidi! I learned something new and hopefully, I won't forget it in my old age (although I wouldn't bank on that).
  22. Marie Antoinette theme/Versailles

    Thanks everyone ! I have never built a Dollhouse. I was considering the Sugar Plum house. I'm very creative and love to try different projects. I def  want a Versailles theme.
  23. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    That is a beautiful set.
  24. Marie Antoinette theme/Versailles

    Oh thanks Carrie! Yes I have 1:24 French furniture kits (some are out of stock at the moment) and the French shop in my store if you wanted to size down!

    Thank you, Carrie @Mid-life madness for letting us know about these grab bags!   The temptation was too great.... I had to order a couple lol    
  26. Flooring Question


    I got two bags last year and I was not disappointed! 

    Here is a Youtube video, there a a couple others. It really depends on what things they are trying to get rid of or are slightly damaged (but fixable). The best/ most expensive thing i got was the working bay window from Houseworks. It needed to be glued, but I would have taken it apart to paint it anyway. I like them because it is a surprise, and you do get well over $19. worth of things.
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