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  2. Best Thing I Ever Made!

    Please let's not get off on any political topics!
  3. What are you up to today? This week?

    Cool tree, Jackie.
  4. 1:24 Scale & 1:144 Scale Lighting: How?

    I did forget to mention that they are very good on the phone, will answer questions and point you in the right direction.  I called to see if they would add on something and he said he was going to call because I had checked off the wrong voltage in my order if I wanted to use batteries, we got it all fixed over the phone.  This is how I am going to light my stump fairy house using double A batteries, but for a mini a coin battery may be a better option,  There are so many options including on off switches that you can hide in a rock or bushes and even remote control.
  5. Making porcelain dollhouse people

    One of the reasons I think I'll keep on with the polymer clay is I never know who or what will emerge from the clay, but, by golly, they have lots of personality!
  6. What are you up to today? This week?

    Want, want, WANT! Thank you for putting up the pics! I have to admit, I'm not much of an Star Trek ornament collector, but every now and then something will show up on eBay that I just have to have. So now I own a Federation passport, a Klingon and a Romulan dictionary, and the old Enterprise blueprints. My next dream would be to buy some Romulan ale on eBay, but I'm a little scared to. If I can get drunk on a wine cooler... Jeannine, you're on. Like I said, I have to check for mail almost daily and next week I'll have to do wash (and management isn't happy with our wandering down the halls half naked) and go to the store once more, but other than that, I'm in my night shirts until Christmas. It won't be hard to stay out of bed for the next couple of days. I did not wake up today feeling as good as I had yesterday. But I always hate waking up in the mornings and now it's 6am and I'm up because I went to bed so early. Lately I've been up till 6am and then I sleep till 2pm (my friend says I'm turning into a vampire). But I think some breakfast in an hour or so and another couple of hours napping will get me feeling better again.
  7. Making porcelain dollhouse people

    You are amazing, and so full of knowledge. I've never saw any dolls ( mini- people) that I liked, so I never wanted to put them in a setting. I think you might be changing my mind. Keep up your good work!!
  8. Grandpa's new project

    I think postage is high most places.  I don't send goody packages to my overseas friends any more; the last time I about fainted when we paid the postage on a very small, lightweight package.
  9. Best Thing I Ever Made!

    I'd love to know what he thinks about the current state of affairs here across the pond!  We could use a good treatment plan, from the doctor!
  10. new geisha

    Yes, I did! I just used the hot glue method because I'd never made it before, but I think next time I will try using resin so it looks less cloudy
  11. Am I being too picky???

    I will be contacting HBS to send the staircase back.    Thank you all.
  12. What are you up to today? This week?

    Wow that's really cool! And a Spock tree topper star? They make something for everything don't they!
  13. Today
  14. What are you up to today? This week?

    OK- here ya 2016 Star Trek tree!   I've collected every year since the Hallmark ornament series was introduced.  I've been a Trekker since I was a kid! 
  15. 1:24 Scale & 1:144 Scale Lighting: How?

    Check out Cir-Kit Drea, they have quite a bit of 1:24 scale there. 
  16. Am I being too picky???

    I also agree with the option of contacting HBS and say what happened. I wouldn't keep the stairs this way, they are very expensive and the least we should expect is a well done product. I think HBS will help you with this because I also have had great customer service experience with them. 
  17. Best Thing I Ever Made!

    Congratulations Mike, Rosemary and Ben.  What a great day for all of you.  
  18. Best Thing I Ever Made!

    Now I'm even more impressed.  Will we see him shouting out in the halls of Parliament one day?
  19. The link to the instructions doesn't work.  
  20. 1:24 Scale & 1:144 Scale Lighting: How?

    This Micro Dollhouse is STUNNING!
  21. 1:24 Scale & 1:144 Scale Lighting: How?

    A picture of the house at night, with only its own lights on.  
  22. 1:24 Scale & 1:144 Scale Lighting: How?

    Hi Drea.  I have built a lot in the 1:144 scale, and have added lights to many of them. I use the tiny lights from Evans Designs, mentioned above, with the coin batteries. They have tutorials and will also answer the phone if you need help. This is my Georgian townhouse which is lit up using those lights.  Georgian Townhouse There are more micro houses in my gallery, but most are not lighted.  
  23. Grandpa's new project

    Thanks guys I knew I could depend on you for a solid reliable and forthright answer....I will source products from the one company and see if the come in the same or close to my original opening sash . Thank you Sable also for providing me with some links and to Holly & Jeannine you always provide words of wisdom, many thanks I have contacted the supplier from whence I purchased the opening sash and he says that he has a window to match (so here's hoping). I have ordered  one with a view of ordering more although he is very expensive on the postage side.. so we shall see what comes about once it arrives.... thanks again Regards  C
  24. Best Thing I Ever Made!

    Thanks everyone and thanks Holly for reminding me that I didn’t say what Ben is a doctor of!.........PhD in Law and Politics and the brains most definitely came from his Mum Rosemary.
  25. What are you up to today? This week?

    All this talk of cookers made me melancholy, my favorite of all time was in my cottage in the UK when I had an Aga, it heated all the water in the house too. I had  surface built gas rings for quick frying etc.  but nothing baked better bread than that Aga and the cool oven was great for popping sick chicks in, the gentle warmth brought them back real quick!! I have a glass top electric now which is OK. I prefer gas for top cooking and electric for the oven but I don't have as line or I would have a dual stove. I am a messy cook so the glass top works for me, clean up is quick and no dismantling. I like that is has Sabbath feature and the lower part which we all use for storage can be gentle heated so it is great for proving bread dough. I also have a bridge element which is good for using a fish kettle except that is runs front to back and it would be better side to side, but we can't have everything. I am sorry to hear some of you have been sick, sorry I missed the original part of the topic but glad to hear that you are all feeling a bit better. Kelly I dare you..... if you do I may do!!
  26. Making porcelain dollhouse people

    I am truly not sure if I can paint like I used to, my eyes have deteriorated. I have never had glasses but I think I may need them now. I do use magnifiers for tiny sewing My hands are OK but my arms are not so I have to do everything close to my body. I will soon know I guess. I still have all my brushes, paints , tools etc and a kiln, I had a few tiny molds but I had let all the big ones go. I have bought more recently though so I am hoping I can still do it. The beauty of painting on porcelain is this, because it is vitreous the paints don't soak into the surface, if you do it and don't like it,  you can just just wipe  it off and  do it again and if need be again, so it perfect for the beginner. It is only after it is fired that the color is stable. I have never painted porcelain with acrylics but I do know it is done. I think the bigger dolls may be harder as you have to carry a brushstroke much further and eyebrows have to be exact but the little ones don't have as much painting on them. That's my theory anyway I believe there is a  good market out there for decent blanks but it is definitely  not something I want to do. When I did dolls  years ago it started as a hobby, then I taught a little, then I opened a business which got   bigger, and bigger  till eventually I was so busy I never did anything for  me . During 3 days seminars I had to sleep there to keep the 4 huge kilns going through the night and that was not what I wanted to do. Now I am doing things for me!! Holly I don't know what happened when I put the pictures on, it sort of went funny. The best advice I can give you if you are interested in doing this is to try with a blank and acrylics and be prepared to be disappointed , china painting on porcelain did not come easy to me. My first attempts at eye bows made the doll look like Chucky, I am not kidding but I was determined and I stuck with it .I am not a natural artist , my husband could paint dolls way before I could ,bless him. I liked working with the clay better than the painting. I started this topic because I thought it may help someone who is on the verge.  Or it might bring other doll makers onto the site, lets face it houses have people so it is an important  part of dollhouse making for those folks who have tenants.  I am told that dolls are making a come back which would be nice and who knows I may even crack open my trunk of unfinished big ones and get them done LOL
  27. 1:24 Scale & 1:144 Scale Lighting: How?

    And the 1:24 Scale? Do I simply use the same thing that a 1:12 Scale Dollhouse uses, but switch the lights to half scale? Thank you all!
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