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  2. Welcome to the forum of similarly obsessed people!
  3. Nursery5.jpg

    Love seeing such a sweet picture. Thanks for posting 
  4. What are you up to today? This week?

    When we're on the rod and the phone rings the passenger is the designated phone person, and if the caller wants to speak to the driver they are told to call back later (guesstimating what time we'll be making a stop).
  5. Total newbie from Germany here

    Hello Mareike, sorry to hear the Glencroft didn't work out. If you are looking for solid house kits, I would suggest to check out dolls house direct - they will offer a Harry Potter themed kit soon. I believe it will be the Great Hall? And also maplestreet. Both are in the UK - so the shipping might not break the bank. I'll post the links to their websites for you: Maplestreet Dolls House Direct   And a picture from the prototype: Great Hall
  6. Today
  7. Mini power table saw etc

    Thank you all, I think I will go with the one Sable has. My son gave me a tool he bought for cutting holes in drywall  but according to youtube it is a lemon,it did what he wanted it ti do but then didn't need it so p[assed it on to me. The idea is good though, it is a multi tool and it will cut doors and windows out of whatever, On you tube I found a video that rated the top ten on these multi tools , the one I have which is a Milwaukee 12 didn't even make the bottom 10 so I will look around at some of the higher placed ones..  I think I am OK for a  regular Dremel type tool. My husband had a very good Dremel  purchased as his old one had died, he never got to use it though, then  it want on loan out and vanished. I have a similar tool that someone bought him before he replaced the Dremel it is a Jobmate, I have used it a couple of times but not really put it to the test. Fortunately whoever borrowed the new Dremel didn't take the case so I have a 500 piece accessory set and they fit the Jobmate too so I think I will stick with that for now. I will look further into the Dremel trio, thanks Holly Sable I suspect your Rigid multitool is similar to the ones I saw on you tube so I will look at that too, if the one I have is a lemon there is not much pointing in keeping it ,if I am going to buy some decent tools I may as well push the boat out and replace it.   Thank you for all the help, it is pretty mind boggling when one goes looking for stuff and the ads make it all sound wonderful. I feel I understand a lot more now.
  8. Bad News Bears

    Well, I finally got a return call yesterday and the assistant to the lawyer stated they never received the money. So Monday morning I'm going back to SS and get a printout of what money was sent where and when. Then I'm going to bring that printout over to the lawyer's office and go from there. There's an organization that gives free legal advice and depending on what happens on Monday, I'll give them a call on Tuesday. One way or the other, I'm getting my money.
  9. Natasha table

    That looks fabulous, like you hand painted it.
  10. IMG_2270.JPG

    Looking good!
  11. Mini power table saw etc

    I always liked the look of this one:
  12. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Carmen and Emily, Thank you so much for the information on the house.  I am really excited to get it at the price I did.  I haven't built a 1:24 scale, so this will be a learning curve for me.  I did  download the picture of the instructions that were posted on the ebay listing so I could enlarge it to see if I could find anything about the scale but it didn't state it on the front page.  I am just loving this house.  Can't wait to get it!   Again, thanks for the info and I will let you know when I get it what scale it is.
  13. Bad News Bears

    Wow, wouldn’t you think she may have a small shred of decency? Unbelievable.
  14. Bricks and MORTAR

    I just grouted some home-made tiles with texture paste from the art supply store and it went really well. It is very smooth textured and stays flexible.
  15. Need inspiration, what ya cooking tonight

    Thanks Holly. We knew it was time, but that doesn't make it better. And I guess I misunderstood about dinner plans for tonight, and we're not cooking out after all. Apparently he's going to do that one night this week while I'm at mama's house every night visiting the grandson. So not sure about tonight. Shrimp scampi sounds good, I actually bought the stuff for that today. But I hate to have that without Lawson, and he won't be home until late tonight. Hmmm... Guess we'll see what comes up!
  16. Total newbie from Germany here

    I purchased this workbench and the tools from one of our members, MikeUk and made a dollhouse workshop out of a Primrose in the Corona Concepts line from Greenleaf. I didn't use the second floor so I could have more ceiling height.
  17. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Hi Colleen, I have this house in 1:24 scale. Look at the instructions and it should say the size of the house when built. Mine has an addition, but if they call for about 24" wide x 13" deep x 21"high, then is 1/2 scale. Great find, I loved finishing this house! 
  18. Need inspiration, what ya cooking tonight

    My old standby tonight - meatloaf. Usually I make crispy browned potatoes, but tonight I opted for baked, also having baby limas and corn.
  19. What are you up to today? This week?

    Indeed!!! It's been shown that all the fiddly things on the dashboards of new cars are causing people to have more accidents! I've never made a call while driving. If I needed to make a call, I'd pull over and stop. It's just the sensible thing to do, why play with fate?
  20. Need inspiration, what ya cooking tonight

    Aw, Tracy, I'm so sorry to hear that. We stuffed our faces with shrimp scampi.  IF I cook anything tonight, it'll b to heat up a can of turkey chili.
  21. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    The Country Estate has popped up a couple of times before, but it's definitely a rare one. It seems to be an Elizabeth Anne knock-off. Another member who built one told me years ago that it's in between 1:24 and 1:12, large, and easy to build. Definitely a good deal at that price! Here's a picture of the EA's instructions, if you want to compare the dimensions when you get the kit. The tower and peaks on the EA seem a bit more "squat" than on the Country Estate (could be an optical illusion), and it doesn't have the semi-circle windows. Also the EA doesn't come with any window trim, it's just a shell meant to take after-market windows (e.g. Houseworks or Grandt Line).    
  22. Total newbie from Germany here

    I'm fairly simple minded; I use premixed wallpaper paste from the hardware store to hang wallcoverings, and carpenter's wood glue to assemble the wood kit parts, and clear-drying tacky glue to install the clear acetate door and window inserts.
  23. Some of the walls, siding added and painted.

    Me too! I'm really excited to see this project come together!
  24. Total newbie from Germany here

    Hogs head would be great with all the descriptions there are in HP books, I like the cellar with beer barrels, maybe some fire whisky too lol.  The sweet shop would be marvelous if you like to make tons of tiny clay candy, I haven’t done much of that but I can picture it in my mind, with cockroach clusters and lemon drops!
  25. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    A Queen Anne RGT NIB
  26. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Awesome house Colleen!  
  27. munchkins!

    From the album Dorothy's House

    I've been thinking for a while that this house needs a couple munchkins out front, and just the other day I found these two ornaments at Salvation Army!
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