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  2. outlander-sets-11.jpg

    From the album Outlander Apothecary

  3. Does anyone know anything about weight watchers online

    I joined weight watchers once but it wasn’t online so can’t help you there. I went to the meetings. Did you find any info since posting this? They did have a lot of things for sale at the meetings, books, food, snacks, etc. I personally didn’t care for the meetings but it was probably just the speaker we had. 
  4. Making molds and casting minis

    Wow loads of info thank you all!!!!  I will start a new album titled Outlander Apothecary and put some of the reference pics in there.  The bottles he has on his shelves are utterly beautiful.  I have found some blown glass bottles similar - but they're about US$30 each!!  I've chatted with hubby and what I'm going to do is buy a few really nice bottles with lids that come off.  I won't spend $30 each but I don't mind spending a reasonable amount on them.  Then I'll attempt to cast those - not bothering about the lid coming off as they'll just line the shelves.  Hubby is also really keen to try casting resin - he has some car parts in mind!  I've been looking at this brand which we can get here in NZ and it's not too expensive....  They have really, really good instruction videos too.... You can get resins that turn white when they're cured which is what I'll try first.  Hubby and I are going to research them tonight and place an order.  Hence I also want to buy some bottles and get them on the way.  Ginger jars are quite a nice shape and would work.  There are some really beautiful ceramics and bottles out there....I'd prefer just to buy from one - but I may end up choosing a couple of different sellers!! I have thought about attempting to make some out of polymer clay.  I do need them to be almost identical however and I don't know how clever I am!!  I've not heard of boiling clay?
  5. Trash to Treasure Artwork

    From the album Newberg Dollhouse Kit Bashing

    I love how the best mini treasures can also be the most unexpected. These came from the back of an old calendar I had forgotten to toss, and fortunately I noticed that the little preview images on the back of the calendar for each month were the perfect size to be 1/12 scale artwork. Now to frame them! If anyone's interested in knowing the names of the artists who did these, I have a list of them.
  6. Georgian architecture/interiors etc

    I've also seen bedside tables with the chamber pot in it.  The cupboard beds - more a day bed inset into the wall, I've seen only in the Paris town houses etc I've been looking at.  This is some of the info I've since found... "Seventy-one percent of Paris residences had three rooms or less, usually a salon, a bedroom and a kitchen, the salon also serving as a dining room. But forty-five percent of residences did not have a separate kitchen; meals were prepared in the salon or bedroom. In the second half of the century, only 6.5 percent of apartments had a toilet or a bath. Forty-three percent of Parisian property owners were merchants or belonged to the liberal professions; thirty percent were shopkeepers and master artisans, who usually had had one or two employees and one servant, and lived above or behind their shop or workshop." He is an Apothecary so I'm picking will spend most of his time on his craft.  Yep - I reckon he'll be down the tavern for most meals - or at other's for dinner.  This particular Apothecary does work for many of the nobles so is potentially a little more wealthy.  Certainly looking at his shop, all the bottles etc are beautiful which he must have spent a fair bit of money on over the years!
  7. Lake View BoatHouse030.jpg

    It really suits the build!!!
  8. She Sleeps in a Piano!?!

    I did a bit of reading, and it seems that most white piano keys from the late 1800s were made of celluloid, not ivory.
  9. Question about lights

    Hi Holly, Thank you. Just a good quality regular doll house carpet from the 'Doll House Emporium' in England. I found by trial and error that there is 'good' and 'cheap' qualities in carpets as well as wallpapers.
  10. My Introduction

    Checked out your gingerbread house, really cute. I’ve looked all over for a flocked deer, yours is cute and a good size. I found one but she’s a little big for 1:12. Thanks for posting. I also got into this hobby because of my daughter, she was 5 when we bought her a dollhouse cabin and decorated it. Now she’s 26 but I’m still playing with dollhouses  
  11. Question about lights

    Welcome home, Muriel! (hug)  Your scratch build is totally awesome!  What did you use for the red shag-looking carpet?
  12. Pierce with missing pieces

    Wood contains acids and other chemicals that leach out over time and do, indeed, discolor the paper.
  13. Question about The Theresa dollhouse

    In that case, why  not post photos of it on the Trading Post Forum and request folks PM you for pricing & shipping info?
  14. Beacon Hill: a Garden District Mansion

    Kathie's a dab hand at wiring her mini homes.
  15. She Sleeps in a Piano!?!

    Probably not, since the specs describe the keyboard as sham.  I hate to think how many elephants lost their tusks (and lives) to make the keys for those sham keyboards.
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