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  2. Furniture builds

    Try to make your seams at the corners rather than wrapped like a package. In other words cut the fabric like a cross and glue each corner together from the inside.
  3. 11/03/05 Where Are You??

    Lived in Enid, OK, Spokane, WA, Savannah, GA, Staten Island, NY, Fairfax, VA, Plantation, FL, Ridgefield, CT, Port Chester, NY, Rochester, NY and finally settled in Parkland/Coral Springs and Vero Beach, FL.
  4. What are you up to today? This week?

    Heading bank to Vero again tomorrow. I’m having the AC ducts and coil cleaned of residual concrete dust. Also, the Xfinity guy is coming to figure out why the new line is causing tv distortion. On Friday, hubby and our best friend are coming up to help put the artwork back up and then finally have a laid back weekend on the beach.  First thing I have to do when I arrive tomorrow is to purchase thank you gifts for my three neighbors. They were awesome during the whole renovation. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to call each of them to close windows and/or doors which the contractors had left open. I have a camera in my place that assisted me with monitoring stuff like that. We have some fabulous gift shops so deciding what to get each of them will be a challenge. 
  5. Today
  6. What are you up to today? This week?

    But is the back seat still big enough?
  7. 11/03/05 Where Are You??

    Well, after posting that I was in Missouri, we moved back to New Orleans ... and now I'm near Atlanta.  It's just the gypsy in my soul  
  8. Furniture builds

    Beautiful. It will be absolutely stunning when upholstered.
  9. My McKinley Restoration (and modification)

    What fun! Love houses with a backstory.  Your cabinetry is brilliant. 
  10. Doll House cake by the CAKE BOSS

    What fun! Thanks for sharing.  
  11. Lake View BoatHouse 07.jpg

    It's looking fantastic!  I love this house and I love that you're doing it with weatherboards!
  12. Lake View BoatHouse 08.jpg

    Here in NZ we have a load of weatherboard buildings.  Most of our 'old' houses here are weatherboard - it was something we missed when visiting the UK last year.  We don't have 'old' like UK's old however and I loved all the stone buildings over there.  We don't have those here!!  Our house is white weatherboard - very traditional looking for here and Australia.
  13. 5b2a7a338d241-LakeViewBoatHouse06.jpg

    Ok I have to ask cuz its been buggin me.  Whats with the curved raised floor on the bottom?  If its some design element you are not ready to reveal just yet I’ll understand but I had to ask. 
  14. Spanish tile staircase

    OK, lose the kitchen and eat out.
  15. Doll House cake by the CAKE BOSS

    Super cute!
  16. Yesterday
  17. Spanish tile staircase

    Ha ha, that's so awesome.  BTW your staircase is beautiful.  
  18. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I like this, cool idea:
  19. Doll House cake by the CAKE BOSS

    Thanks for posting, that was way too cool!
  20. Spanish tile staircase

    Already lost the dining room...
  21. Spanish tile staircase

    Or, like the enablers we are, we could keep encouraging Lita to build a hacienda next!  Lita, keep the hubs and lose the dining room.
  22. The Alison collection

    I’m not sure how to answer that, I mean I usually see a chair I like and think I can replicate it.  I study it, find measurements if posible and as many different angles of the chair.  Scale down the full size measurements and cut and sand the wood to size and glue it.   I need to get better at taking progress pics.  I do have a pic of my latest chair frame in my furniture builds thread.  Thank you for checking out my work and your kind words. 
  23. Mod chair

    Thank you, very nice of you to say. 
  24. Spanish tile staircase

    Not having much luck but I know in Key West they use assorted tiles. Also, yours could be a cousin of Cuban Tiles, see below. Also, See Robin Carey’s treatment of Key West stairs:
  25. My McKinley Restoration (and modification)

  26. Beautiful so far! I love your tiles. Where did you get them?
  27. Furniture builds

    wow so amazing .   
  28. Spanish tile staircase

    I think you’d be fine with those steps in a Caribbean house. The islands are filled with so many cultures, Spanish, Dutch, French, English...I bet I can find a real life Caribbean house that has those steps. Search is on.
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