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  2. Floor advice needed - hardwood and tile

    As for texturing the tile paper...yes, I've done an experiment with that and it was passable.    I put the paper right side up onto my cutting mat and using a small ball tool and a straight edge ruler, I carefully pressed downward along the grout lines.  For some added depth, I then turned the paper around and used a larger ball tool to press around inside each tile block.   
  3. Floor advice needed - hardwood and tile

    For the tile, this might be more work than you want to do, but here's what I would try: -Glue to stiff paper or thin cardboard to give it more heft -Cut along the grout lines to make individual tiles -Glue them down on the floor (or on a template that you can put over the floor later). The floor or template should be an appropriate grout color. -Paint each tile with gloss varnish or clear Gallery Glass. Or you could use matte varnish if you don't want the tiles to be too shiny. -If you're not happy with that, you could add grout at this point. The varnish/Gallery Glass will seal the tiles so the grout won't damage them. I have some of that tile in my stash, I didn't like how flat it looked. Now you have me wanting to try this!
  4. Happy Easter

    Happy Easter!  She is so sweet!   
  5. Happy Easter

    From the album Porcelain bisque dolls and miniatures in 1/12 scale

    My latest doll, more info and photos can be seen at my new Facebook page Blue Moon Doll Studio. Check it out   Happy Easter everyone! 
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  7. Floor advice needed - hardwood and tile

    When I've used basswood for flooring, I stained the basswood before cutting and gluing.  This does two things--ensures that the strips will take staining evenly (or as evenly as basswood does) and helps to ensure that they'll stay flat once glued down.  If you stain after gluing, and you get any glue on the wood, it can prevent the stain from taking properly, as I learned the hard way.  I also weighted my floor, and I used wax paper between the floor and the weights.  I keep a roll of waxed paper handy at all times, as it is also a great base for gluing and painting.  And I totally hear you on not being able to draw or cut long straight lines.  I marvel at people who can do that.
  8. Floor advice needed - hardwood and tile

    Keith - yes, I definitely had to put a few of them in the scrapwood box. When you weigh down the floor what do you use between the weights and the floor? Wax paper? Carrie - yes, I've considered method too. Drawing long, straight lines is apparently a skill I'm never going to acquire no matter how much measuring and checking and re-measuring and double, triple, quadruple checking I do.  Tim
  9. Floor advice needed - hardwood and tile

    Another thing I thought of is, not all popsicle sticks are created equal.  There is probably a 25% non usable rate due to warpage and defects. 
  10. Pre-made Door Alterations ('store bought')

    Thanks, Carrie.  Great vid!!!!!!   
  11. Pre-made Door Alterations ('store bought')

    I just saw this video the other day, hope it helps. It shows you how to take a door apart and change it from a pin hinge to regular hinge.
  12. Floor advice needed - hardwood and tile

    I used a glue syringe tip to apply more glue to obvious lifting of certain planks. Popsicle stick flooring really does give you a lot of bang for the buck. Like Keith mentioned, weighting it down until it dries completely helps. Small hand weights, paint cans, heavy books work well. I bought some of green leaf's tiles, but i haven't used them yet. They are really nice looking, but I think they are just a large piece of real vinyl tile cut in 1x1 pieces. Maybe you can mosey on down to home depot or even Walmart and buy a vinyl tile and cut it yourself? You could get really creative and lay it in a neat pattern.
  13. All panelling glued!

      Brava!  You must be so happy!  It looks fantastic!
  14. Shop panels all glued in

    Bravo Rebecca . You have captured the essence of Master Raymond's shop.
  15. Floor advice needed - hardwood and tile

    Hello Tim.  In regards to the wood floor, its all about weighing it down as the glue FULLY dries.  Another thing that I think can be overlooked is after you apply the stain the floor must be weighed down as the stain dries, which could take several days depending on the humidity of where you are located.   Hope this helps.  P.s....I have no experience with the tile paper but it sounds like it would work. 
  16. What's everyone working on?

    Wow, Jackie - you're a fast worker!  Pretty colours - and yes, they do look yummy!
  17. I realize this is a old post but I'm having the same problems with not having the directions and schematics for Lily.  I can find the directions online but they aren't much help without the schematics.  I have contacted the company at least 4 times thru their website and I have called 3 times.  I can't seem to get past the general voice mail and no one is responding.  I partially built the Lily and was given a partially built San Franciscan.  I managed to find the information on the San Franciscan.  With the Lily I was only able to find 3 partial pages online.  My basement flooded and some of the sheets were damaged and I would like to know if I can get replacements on the damaged ones.  
  18. Hello all, Apologies if this has been covered before. I did some searching and couldn't find an answer.  I've decided that the paper imitation hardwood floor I put down in my Brookshire just isn't working for me. This house will eventually be played with a bit by my niece and nephew so I didn't want to break the budget on floors and the floor paper looked alright I guess but I just wasn't happy with it. It was also already starting to come apart in the second floor hallway so I already removed that section (at the same time decided that I wasn't happy with the wallpaper in the hall or bathroom, or the bathroom floor, and that the bathroom door wasn't sitting quite right so I knocked that all down and re-papered and floored - I'm sure this is a familiar story to you all).  I experimented with a hardwood floor from popsicle sticks. Didn't really expect much but after staining and polyurethaning it actually looks pretty good. The hall is sort of small and oddly shaped so the pop sticks were well suited to the task. I'll be using basswood strips for the living and dining rooms. My questions is: what is the best method for getting a pop stick floor to lay flat? Yes! glue or Weldbond or something else? I made a floor template out of mixed media paper then glued the sticks directly onto that then stained and polyurethaned. I made the floor in two separate pieces and there's a definite roll in them but not too bad. Is it more about applying weight on top of them as the glue dries and less about what glue you use? My second question is: is it possible to zhush up cheap "marble" flooring such as this by mounting it to mixed media paper or illustration board and then carefully tracing out the grout lines in order to give the floor some depth? I have some of this, I like the color and the speckling, it's nice and shiny, but it's very flat. I'd prefer not to waste it, but it just needs... something. Hoping my fellow miniaturists have some tips for me!   Tim
  19. What's everyone working on?

    Well....bit by bit I am getting things done on my donation house.....3rd floor walls are being painted before I put the roof on (looks like Neapolitan ice cream! LOL), shutters, windows and railings are being painted...
  20. 1st and 2nd floor staircases

    That rich color is just stunning!
  21. Shop panels all glued in

    I just love all of your paneling!  Gorgeous!
  22. 1st and 2nd floor staircases

    The stairs look great.  I bet they were not much fun to do.  I’ve always been too timid to try dark stains. 
  23. All panelling glued!

    This looks so good!
  24. 1st and 2nd floor staircases

    Yes. It is the Winchester.
  25. All panelling glued!

    From the album Outlander Apothecary

    Everything is glued in.  Just making a seperate panel for where you can see down the stairwell from the second floor, will then make faux steps from the top.
  26. Shop panels all glued in

    From the album Outlander Apothecary

    Just have to glue in the two columns and then I can start with the fun bits!
  27. Patio entrance off the kitchen

    Wow - they look fantastic!  Looking forward to seeing them in the building!  Did you use glass?
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