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  2. Finished floors

    Nice job and so well done. Gorgeous! 
  3. Scored floors

    They look like real hardwood floors..  They don't even look like "simulated" hardwood floors at all.  A job well done by a professional for sure.  
  4. What are you up to today? This week?

    LOL  Meeces!   Thanks!
  5. I bought kits from sdk miniatures for building furniture for my 1:144 house and am wondering if there's a way to make them sturdier. The wood is sooooo thin (by necessity, I'm not saying it's an inferior product. They're beautiful little kits and well priced, but they add up and I don't want to end up having spend the time/effort in vain). I worry about the furniture being easily bent or not standing up straight. I'm brainstorming ways to add small bits of hidden wood to some of them but it won't work for most of the bendy pieces (chair backs, bed posts etc). Is there anything I can coat them with to make them sturdier? Or any really really thin material I can glue to the backs/undersides that would help? Thanks.
  6. Flooring

    I have used this floor and I don't remove the backing.  I really like the flooring, but cut it carefully as it chips easily.  When I have chipped it, I used a medium furniture pen to cover the chips, and it hides them well.  The furniture marker can also hide any seams that might show bare wood. Kathie's idea of not gluing works well with this flooring because it is heavy enough that it lays flat without being glued.
  7. Yesterday
  8. So how is the weather where you're at ?

    You guys are killin me. Sam I know right? Lol...pretty much started right after u left. I was afraid since we had such a dry, mild winter we would get a cold, wet, snowy Spring! 
  9. What are you up to today? This week?

    OMG Roxy your meeces are so cute!!!  
  10. What are you up to today? This week?

    Thanks Nell!  It was my first try at felting.   I think it could get addictive!    
  11. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    The last time that house was linked I think they were asking $14K.  I still don't think it's worth that much, especially with those sorry little bulbs in the fireplaces.
  12. So how is the weather where you're at ?

    I was debating finally closing the bathroom window and turning on the AC (high 70s - low 80s on the Gulf Coast), but the temp outside is beginning to fall, so I opened a second window, instead.
  13. What are you up to today? This week?

    Really a cute little house for all your mice. I think you did a great job on the mice .
  14. What are you up to today? This week?

    I was able to remove the front door and made a new door with skinny sticks.  The back door is a false door made with skinny sticks and the door in the kitchen on the other side is a false door.   I couldn't remove the window frames so I decorated them.  lol    I also tried unsuccessfully to remove those stupid blocks of wood in every room on the front edges.  I managed to get a few out but left the rest.   Its just a funky little house.   I want to try more felting although I am not very good at it.  Thanks for looking!  
  15. What are you up to today? This week?

    That is adorable!  I love your mice.  Nice job using scraps.  It looks so good!  Did you modify the door to make it a mouse hole door?
  16. Tacos anyone?

    So cute and appetizing!
  17. What are you up to today? This week?

    Here it is!   My Little Red Mouse House!   A funky little project that I did with an $8 toy house ( unfinished) that I picked up and scraps that I had in my stash. Thanks for looking!   Click on the link  Roxy's Blog        
  18. Tacos anyone?

    Wow!  Such detail in such a small space.  I think the tomatoes are my favorite cool!
  19. Scored floors

    I agree the floors look really good.  For a budget job...well done!
  20. Scored floors

    Thanks I'll have to remember this It looks really good 
  21. Scored floors

    Thanks- and yes, this was the original piece of wood that made the floor.  It was nice looking, and the client was on a budget so scoring is the cheaper way to go.   First I sanded the floor with my mouse sander and stained with the lighter stain. Sanded lightly when dry, then did the scoring with a small pointy Philips screwdriver I have.  I use a metal ruler to keep my lines straight.  I used to use the pointy part of a old school compass, but it broke and I had to find a replacement.   Sand again after scoring and then I added another coat of the darker stain, then 2 coats of gloss poly.
  22. So how is the weather where you're at ?

    Oh, we gave in Saturday and turned on the AC...
  23. So how is the weather where you're at ?

    Don't anybody shoot me, but I'm trying hard not to turn on the AC! It's 78 here in NC. Watching the Olympics to try and stay cool!
  24. inspiration for a porch scene

    Had to much itch in the creative mind toniht so just had to try to make a first trial one.... tacos anyone? 
  25. So how is the weather where you're at ?

    Of course it did! Right when I leave.. LOL!!
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