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  2. I'm recreating this photo

    Thanks, Kelly.  While researching paper clay I came across Rik Pierce, I was familiar with his work many years ago, but since had forgotten. All his stucco work appears to be done with paper clay. That may be what I use for the stone on the steps and up the walls as well. 
  3. Pennsylvania stone house

    Clever you!
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  5. Shingles changed colour

    Yes, and smack me for not touching on that. You may want to try a darker gray first, less watered down. At least on the lighter colored areas. You don't need to (and probably never could anyway!) get them all the exact shade. A wash will help blend everything together. I used three different shades of gray and just applied it haphazardly for a blended look. My shingles were all random from various lots I'd acquired over the years. Some were very dark, just like yours, and some were light. HOWEVER, I was applying mine randomly, and I just realized that (DUH!), I did not have to deal with that clear dividing line like you have. Can you remove some of the darker ones, say from the rear of the roof, and try out some different wash techniques to see how they blend? If you try the wash and it doesn't blend them together well, you can always try painting them first. I know you don't want a painted look and I don't blame you. However, if you do some light sanding afterward to tone down the paint and give variations in the shading, a wash should then work wonders to blend things together. I'd experiment off the house if I were you, even if that means having to re-do a small area of shingling. Easily removed, easily replaced.
  6. I'm recreating this photo

    I just remembered you need to search for wedding cake PILLARS if you're going to look for them on-line. You'll get more results with that term. I always think of them as columns in the architectural sense, but in regard to wedding cakes they're called pillars. I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out! And to answer an earlier question, paperclay is a breeze to work with. I order mine from Michael's. They usually have 40% off.
  7. Shingles changed colour

    But I guess I would have to get all the shingles the same darkness first?
  8. Scratch built contemporary DH

    You are absolutely right.  Good memory!  Bummer that they don't have a coffee maker right now.
  9. I'm recreating this photo

    I knew I came to the right place! Thank you! I think I'm going to try the wedding cake columns and paper clay around it. If I can't find the right size I'll try the toilet paper roll... that is an excellent idea! I should be able to find wood or foam core cut to size for the square stones.  I'm so excited to work on this part!  Thank you!  Kim
  10. Scratch built contemporary DH

    Keifer that is a wonderful kitchen and so inspireing. The photo and lighting is perfect.   
  11. Kitchen with lights

    Wowser, it looks like it came right out of a magazine like @Debsrand56 said.  You are so talented and wonderfully creative.  Love the dark color of the cabinets.
  12. Scratch built contemporary DH

    I am so glad you posted a larger picture so we could get a better look at your mastery.  Love your kitchen cabinets and all the detailing on the island is spectacular.  Do you make your own cabinets?  Love the light fixture too, definitely very creative.  You are so talented.
  13. Pennsylvania stone house

    I've been working on the interior off and on and here's where I am so far. I spent a good deal of the past 2 days fooling with the bedding and I'm still not happy. First I made a featherbed and worked a piece of fabric into a nice fringed blanket, but I didn't like the look in the room in the end. Then I thought a coverlet would look good, but it wouldn't work on the featherbed, so I went with just the original mattress that came with the bed, but the coverlet won't lay right anyway. I inserted a sheet of foil between the fabric layers, but I think the fabric I chose was too stiff, and it fights with the foil. BTW, I painted on the "crewel embroidery". 
  14. Shingles changed colour

    Holly beat me to it. I use watered down latex craft paint. Like, really watered down, 50/50. I've personally only used gray for that method, because I wanted my cedar shingles (exactly like yours) to have that weathered, aged cedar New England coastal appearance. It worked beautifully. I prefer that method to stain. It retains color variations from shingle to shingle very well so you don't end up with that "brand new, installed yesterday" appearance. Just be sure to use that blue painter's tape (or some kind of tape) under the eaves all the way around. Watered-down paint will run and you don't want that pouring down all over your house. It'll happen no matter how quick you are with a wipe-up rag.
  15. I'm recreating this photo

    Wedding cake columns are inexpensive and come in a wide range of styles and sizes. They're plastic but once painted or covered in paperclay made to look like stone, no one would ever know.
  16. I'm recreating this photo

    Not knowing how tall this column should be, I'd start with a cardboard paper towel or toilet paper tube and split it down the side so I could shape it to size, then glue and tape it. I'd check to see if I had a bowl or something like that to glue to the top of it. Shallow wooden blocks would form the base & top. I know I've seen some things that could form that rounded base section, like bangles or something maybe? Once it's all glued together, I'd do a couple of thinnish coats of paperclay over the whole thing.
  17. Scratch built contemporary DH

    @Debsrand56I think it was from this shop I see a coffee maker at the top of the page, but not in the shop.  
  18. Kitchen with lights

    *swoon* LOVE IT!  The lighting adds so much atmosphere, and I’m really digging the wood panelled ceiling. 
  19. I'm recreating this photo

    That's an interesting thought, Deborah. An old chair spindle... We have a column in our house, real-life measurement is about 24 inches around. 
  20. Hello from South Africa

    Hello Frances
  21. Not so new but kinda... :-)

    Welcome back Kim
  22. Hello Everyone!

    Hey Lisa
  23. I'm recreating this photo

    Would a dowel work inside paper clay?  You don't have to bake paper clay.   I'm thinking you might want some additional structural support for the column.  Also, I don't really know what the size should be, but would it be possible to take part of an old baluster or chair spindle to make it?
  24. Scratch built contemporary DH

    Ooh, an even bigger picture!  Yay!  Well, you definitely have to find a good coffee maker for your Peet's.  MikeUK used to find some incredible mini appliances.  I wish I could remember where he got them.
  25. Kitchen with lights

    Or Mini Architectural Digest!  What a beautiful kitchen! That is a great statement fixture over the island.  (And I see wine in the wine rack.  )
  26. Cleaning of Stash - Dollhouse Kits

    One McKinley has sold
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