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    From the album Dora Kuhn

    Working on the railings now...
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    From the album Dora Kuhn

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    From the album Duracraft Linfield

    Working on the railings now...
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    From the album Arrow 10 Room Dream House

    Working on the railings now...
  7. IMG-7504.JPG

    From the album Arrow 10 Room Dream House

    Working on the railings now...
  8. Staircase - calling mathematicians

    Sorry, I know these pics don't help at all. This is the staircase that goes into my Barstow Belle. Part of the handrail is curved, as are the top and bottom rails of the upper railing that goes around the stairwell opening on the second floor. They've been filled, sanded and painted/stained so you can't really see the layered build-up process used to make them. I'll post them anyway, such as they are. :/
  9. Staircase - calling mathematicians

    That absolutely makes sense. The other thing I learned shopping for kits is that one woodworking supplier also includes a template for a curved cut-out in the upper floor. Duh! I won't be able to fit a curved stair into a square hole...Will have to consider that!
  10. Staircase - calling mathematicians

    Some of those curved handrails are notched to better enable bending them. You can see the notches clearly on the left handrail in the picture below. I think smoothing that over with stainable wood filler would effectively make those notches disappear. You can also do a build-up method using varying thicknesses of wood. You have to use sheets of wood, not stripwood. You cut out the entire curve on a flat sheet of wood, then another slightly smaller to put on top of that, then the top of the rail from a thicker piece of wood. That one has to be sanded a lot to give it a rounded shape or else you end up with a big block of wood for a handrail. Once layered atop one another, the pieces make a pretty good curved railing. Essentially, you're cutting the wood into a curve, not trying to bend the wood into a curve. Does that make sense? I have a staircase that used that method. I'll try to get pictures of it later.
  11. Staircase - calling mathematicians

    I guess that's why the already-assembled curved staircases with handrails are $50 and up! You're right, the handrail is the problem.
  12. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    That is rare! I don't think I've seen one of those kits for sale in something like five years or longer.
  13. Color Choices Real and Mini Houses

    I like those colors. It's such a pretty house, you should do it in miniature!
  14. Color Choices Real and Mini Houses

    This house came with fake shutters only on the front window, which had departed along with the former residents.  Unlike the other houses around us built the exact same way we replaced those with steel bahama shutters and put them on all the windows, so if we get a Cat4 or stronger storm the house may blow away, but the shutters will still be here.
  15. IMG-9510.JPG

    What a nice house. I hope you daughter carries on doing miniatures when she is older.
  16. aa7930ab51a3f7b74577000c61a03d58.jpg

    Okay, now I see the elves. They are perfect! Where did you get them?
  17. e68d2d28a794121c4b66668260078336.jpg

    Is this for the elves or Santa?
  18. eb6bc9cc0d5f72b3e7ccbed29ce32e86.jpg

    Lovely Christmas house.
  19. IMG_9768.JPG

    Reindeer on the roof, how fun.
  20. Color Choices Real and Mini Houses

    We had to have some of our shutters rebuild and new ones made that were missing. Its not cheap. All are of Spanish cypress to resist rot. But as you, it probably won't matter if we get a direct hit from a major storm.
  21. e2efaba1afeabac513099fdafbd2fc6c.jpg

    Love the wallpaper, too. Did you stitch the wall hangings? Great job!
  22. eb6bc9cc0d5f72b3e7ccbed29ce32e86.jpg

    Absolutely adorable!
  23. IMG_9883.JPG

    I can't believe this artist; what a sadistic way to torture a child with something that is not even real. I definitely will leave the kid with the as well unreal image of Santa that at least will not give him a nightmare.
  24. Weathered Cardboard Siding

    Yep wet worked, I painted the base coat let it dry, then put the layer of glue immediately followed by the layer of top coat. Cracked when it dried. I'm still gonna pick up some crackle medium tomorrow though and see which works best. Trying to make a mini Halloween village.
  25. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    This house has been posted for a while now. I contacted the seller about it twice, and never responded. 
  26. Color Choices Real and Mini Houses

    I’ve been in search of a manufacturer to make hurricane shutters for me like these but in a board and batten style. The county just north of me allows them but Broward and Miami Dade are considered “High Wind Velocity” areas so they won’t permit them. Maybe I’ll move my house 8 miles up north so I can get my shutters. Like it really makes a difference if a Category 4 hurricane hits my area, Boca Raton and Palm Beach county will get creamed too and I’m sure these shutters would do just fine.
  27. IMG_9883.JPG

    From the album Greenleaf Orchid

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