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  2. Fairfield Rehab

    Ashley, if the kit was built with hot glue a blow dryer and a metal paint scraper to remove the softened glue will be your best friends.  I built two Fairfields to be halves of a Bar Harbor "summer cottage" and turned one of the tower rooms into a utility bathroom by cutting a doorway into the wall, using cardboard to make templates to extend the tower walls to join up with the attic and cut my own 1/8" thick plywood pieces using the templates as patterns and I made the tower roof removable for access.  I hung a Foucault's Pendulum from the roof of the second tower and cut holes in the second and third floors for it.
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  4. Fairfield Rehab

    Today I brought home a very used Fairfield that is in need of a lot of TLC. Would love tips on 1. Possible disassembly to make decorating easier/ suggestions on opening up the tower room...or not. I wanted to reconfigure the staircase but that looks impossible- although I’ve seen it done with this model, hence why I’m asking about disassembly. Also wondering what tools are best for cutting into wood cleanly, assembled or otherwise. 2. Electricity: I have a tape wiring kit but have never done it. House has been cleaned and sanded. Figuring out swatches for exterior paint right now. I have a basic outline broken down chronologically and room by room. My goal is to have electricity working and the exterior painted by mid October 2019. After that I will focus on one room at a time.  Thanks for your help! I look forward to getting to know you all. 
  5. Diorama in situ

    I love your cottage!!!  The diorama looks so good there!
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  7. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Hmmmm they are calling this a HUGE lot of furniture:
  8. Check My Small Obsession
  9. HW-079

    thank you! it's a really cool kit.
  10. Interior plan

    Can’t wait to see it coming together.
  11. Layouts

    LOL, poor kitty! I like the layout  
  12. Diorama in situ

    It’s ADORABLE!! It is such a cute cottage - love the colours and finishes.
  13. Carpet Shop Bell

    Thank you!
  14. Nutecote bed finished

    Thanks for the info! Sounds easy. I'll try it someday.
  15. Layouts

    From the album Creatin' Contest 2019

    Working on the layout inside and outside. The horse approves, but the cat wants his food cans back.

    © brae oktober

  16. Interior plan

    From the album Creatin' Contest 2019

    This is the basic plan for the interior with some placeholders.

    © brae oktober

  17. Rear axle assembly

    Thank you! 
  18. Tiny brass hardware

    Thank you! 
  19. Nutecote bed finished

    This is so pretty,  so cozy looking! 
  20. Diorama

    Too stinkin' cute!!! 
  21. Diorama in situ

    Yep, it’s RCM. Here’s the link for the hutch on her webpage. I modified the cupboard doors using tulle, painted with a sharpie, for screen. I made two interior trim pieces to hold the mesh in place, and I pin hinged the doors so that I can open them to fill the cupboard later. Almost all of the furniture in this house is from RCM kits, except the umbrella stand and bedside table which are both MiniEtcher kits. Hope this helps. Have fun!
  22. Last week
  23. Diorama in situ

    This is DARLING! I want the one you made. And I want that hutch - is that Red Cottage? I love the mesh on the lower cabinets. I definitely started a shipping bag on etsy...thanks a lo! lol!
  24. Diorama in situ

    From the album A Hermitage

    The tiny diorama in situ on the shelf. This is one of those houses I’ll be adding pieces to as time goes on.  

    © DAL Minis

  25. Exterior II: courtyards

    I enjoyed the pictures of the casita stove so much. Thanks for posting them. I have been absolutely stuck on what to do with the dollhouse kitchen I am working on. I haven't liked anything I have tried with it and have been browsing around trying to find some new idea that might kickstart the whole mess a better direction. Hmmm maybe a separate outdoor summer kitchen... I too love the colors you picked for this.
  26. Diorama

    They are fun kits! Here’s the link to Shannon’s web page.
  27. Please help ID this Dollhouse

    Now, they aren't visible to me? So strange!
  28. Diorama

    I loooooove this and want to get one!
  29. So, I am starting on clearing kits, since acquiring the Granville.  I have to admit, it is nice to have these kits, but some of them don't really speak to me, and the others I know I won't get to, as the ones I am keeping will be built first.  So, private message me if you are interested.  I have them priced below (including shipping) what I have found out there on Amazon, eBay, etc.  Shipping will be UPS as they seem to have the cheapest rates based on the box sizes and weight.  All of these are in the original boxes and are still sealed unless noted. Beacon Hill Fairfield Glencroft Pierce McKinley - I have 2 of these.  One is not in the original box, but it is complete. Real Good Toys Newport - it is an MDF Kit   This is the first round of selling kits.  I have a few others, but need to get them out, measure, weigh, and figure $$ and shipping costs.
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