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  2. That's a whole lot better edition of that tower roof!
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  4. I had an article on Duracraft and they had a nice SF with an addition. Here is the picture I saved:  
  5. Ok,  I'm late to the party,  but I would like to see the picture of the San Fran  addition. The link does not work for me. I am starting a DC San Fran 555 and want to add an addition to it. Can you repost the picture please, Colleen?
  6. Trailer License Plate

    I thought it might have to do with a birthday.   Your father and I share the same birthday  not the same year though...just want to make that clear 
  7. What's everyone working on?

    I’m loving your kitchen roombox  I’m now a little hooked on small scenes. So much fun to just do one little space with a lot of detail. 
  8. Hi everyone!

    Hwy Kelly
  9. What's everyone working on?

    Holly, it's by Reutter, and comes with eggcups. I have a set listed on Ebay.
  10. What's everyone working on?

    Where did you find the rooster dish?  It's perfect!
  11. “Practice” House

    Welcome to the little family, Kit & daughter.  What a neat house you've found for your daughter to play with!
  12. Welcome to the little family, Laurie.  There are some excellent wiring tutorials that one (or more) of our folks will be happy to point you to.
  13. Hello friends! I have recently acquired a large Shoenhut dollhouse with hard wiring. Since the wires are bare or frayed, I have decided to rewire this house for safety reasons. I have never hard wired a dollhouse, but have used tape wire in the ones I do own. Does anyone have any tips to get me started or point me in the right direction? Thank you, Laurie  
  14. “Practice” House

    Cute cottage! You will have fun with that! And welcome to the family.
  15. “Practice” House

  16. “Practice” House

    Hi All! I wanted to introduce myself. I’m finally diving into minis after 20+ years as an all-around crafter and textile artist. My grandmother made dozens of room boxes, and I’ve always loved them. She and my grandfather made me a 1:12 dollhouse in the 90’s that has been lovingly stored in  custom-built crate since I outgrew it, and my parents are going to bring it to my house next Christmas for my daughter to enjoy. I thought it would be nice to continue the family tradition and keep improving and upgrading it (I pined for real electricity in the thing when I was a girl), but didn’t want to make my newbie mistakes on a family heirloom. So. I recently acquired this 70’s “practice house” off of Facebook marketplace, and within two weeks had several Pinterest boards full of ideas and techniques and links. I haven’t gotten to do much work on it yet, because my daughter has been playing with it all day, every day since it arrived. We are having such fun diving into this together. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful tips and stories, this seems like such a nice community!
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  18. What's everyone working on?

    I glued in the subway tile sheets and the floor tile sheet and painted the wall above the tile a very pale blue color that's a faint echo of the color of the flooring. Next I get to work on the accessorizing.
  19. Trailer License Plate

    It does. The year 1966 is when my parents were married. Texas is the State my father was born in and December 6,1942 is his birthday.
  20. Thank you. I'll also see about downsizing some pictures.
  21. The coolest McDonald's yet!!

    Great share...thanks
  22. Trailer License Plate

    That is a great plate.  Does it have a special meaning?
  23. Yes, that's fine! Anyone who's interested can contact you by private message and you can discuss price there.
  24. Trailer Rear Lights Check

    Thank you both! 
  25. The coolest McDonald's yet!!

    Good on McDonald's!  Several apiarists around our black gum (tupelo) swamps are concerned, because the loss of bees is making tupelo honey extremely difficult to obtain, to say nothing of the farmers.
  26. Now this is pretty darn awesome for many reasons!!!    
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