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  2. BeaconHillFancyFloor02.jpg

    From the album Beacon Hill Rehab

  3. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    That seems great for $75!
  4. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I get a 60s vibe. I like it. 
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  6. bpfdeskBash.jpg

    Nice job!
  7. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    You are too kind, but it's not something I'm into, either.  We have a lot of members in your neck of the woods, though.
  8. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I'll be happy to go pick it up for you, Holly  
  9. interior

    Thanks, Im happy with how the fireplace turned out.
  10. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    It would make a great Key West style guest house with dining room behind that huge window.
  11. wallpaper and wood moldings

    Welcome home, Jo.  I am not the Holly who submitted this:
  12. Hello from New Joiner

    Welcome to the little family, Donna.  Martha/ MLyle built a Garfield and had gone back to wire hers using round wire, which can easily be placed behind baseboards and run up either the corners or front edges of walls just behind finishing trim. You will find building a monster big dollhouse like the Garfield less frightening if you invest in a few rolls of masking tape or blue painters' tape and dry fit things before committing to glue.  Not only will dry fitting help you by letting you fine-tune the fit of tabs and slots as you go, but you will be able to see the areas (such as stairwells) that will need to be decorated before walls go up or stairs go in, making it impossible to get your hands in there later.  Also, to see what you will want either to prime or stain first.  I find that the house often begins to speak to me and tell me its story and what it wants during the dry fit (if not before).  Finally, you can sometimes find how to noodle a facet of the construction that wasn't clear from just reading the instructions.
  13. Hello from New Joiner

    Watch this video:
  14. Hello from New Joiner

    Welcome, you really can’t do tapewire prior to assembly. 
  15. bpfdeskBash.jpg

    This turned out very nicely!
  16. Hello from New Joiner

    Hi Donna, You can start an album here at Greenleaf once you've made 5 posts!
  17. Hello from New Joiner

    I am just beginning my first dollhouse build and have chosen the Garfield (I know I'm a bit crazy, but hey my daughter picked it out).  I'm wondering if anyone has electrified their Garfield and if they tried to do the taping pre-assembly so they could wallpaper over it before assembly. We're taking photos along the way and will share once we get the stairs installed.
  18. bpfdeskBash.jpg

    From the album Smaller Scales ( 1:48)

    The brown plastic furniture desk plus the hutch top. Covered the doors with a new pattern printed on card stock. I always found the original hutch a bit short, but this desk-hutch hybrid is a nice height.  
  19. interior

    The grunge look is perfect. Love the fireplace.  
  20. wallpaper and wood moldings

    Look at a Home Depot or Lowes video on crown moulding
  21. wallpaper and wood moldings

    The most important tip I can give is that when you make your pencil mark, say to yourself “do I want my cut to the left or right of my pencil line?How thick is my blade?” Never cut on the pencil line because your blade’s kerf will cut away too much material. Always cut next to, not on the line.
  22. Hi all. I’m a new member building the Garfield with my 17 yr old daughter in Sugar Land, TX

  23. Been out of touch lately

    Hi Amy. Sometimes life just gets in the way. Glad to see you back. Hope you work through to a smooth place very soon.
  24. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Dagnabbit, Janet! This one is ten minutes from me. I like the large front window. It would make a nice mid-century modern house. It's good that mid-century modern doesn't ring my chimes.  
  25. Spanish tile staircase

    They are having their miniature show at the end of June. I highly recommend going.
  26. wallpaper and wood moldings

    Hi, Been awhile since I have been on here.  Lots happened on the last year. Anyway, I had found a great tutorial for installing crown moulding, how to miter corners, etc.  of course now I can’t find it. Any suggestions? Thanks
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