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  2. Scratch built contemporary DH

    I kept everything, all neatly packed in boxes.  I guess I should have been more bad.  Up to this point my whole project has been in a dry fit state.  Things need to permanently placed before I can move forward.  I also used shellac for the first time on the kitchen floor so that had to come out.  
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  4. 12.jpg

    Thank you!
  5. 12.jpg

    Thank you! The craft cart is a 3D printed model of a real life Ikea cart. I purchased it.
  6. Newbie in Ohio

    Hey Denise
  7. Crystal table

    I think it's just basic pyrite lol. Maya has a rose quartz pendant that I may put in there because she doesn't wear it. I eventually want to put two display tables in there. with all kinds of things. I need to find a tutorial for tiny cauldrons. 
  8. Scratch built contemporary DH

     Pulled it down!! Oh my things did get crazy. I absolutely love the black framework on your window wall.. Spectacular! So I hope you kept that at least, and I concur with Miranda and Holly.. that stonework rocks!  
  9. Crystal table

    I collect crystals - I have a rather large collection!   What's the one you have by the candlestick?  Also, if you'd like any more I'm happy to send you some! 
  10. Potions Room

    Love the bedsted!!
  11. Main room window

    From the album Godric's Hollow Shop

    Not sure how this will end up. I put a little vase on the floor as a stand in for a floo powder vase. I'll probably just make a big terracotta pot. I think I want to hang up the lanterns I made in the window and maybe the lantern looking beads too. 
  12. Reading room

    From the album Godric's Hollow Shop

    The couch and chair I made a while back fit perfect into here. I had gotten some extra little tea cups when I was in Myrtle Beach too. I can't wait to get some books and bookcases made
  13. Potions Room

    From the album Godric's Hollow Shop

    So many bottles! I had forgotten I had bought so many lol. Good though because they're perfect for this room.  I'm debating turning the bed I bought a while back into a fancy potter's table. 
  14. Crystal table

    From the album Godric's Hollow Shop

    Bought most of these when I was in Myrtle Beach last month. I LOVE the crystal ball being held by the eagle foot. I also love the green quartz crystals. The plate of clear crystals is just a plate I got with my vase set in Paris and some clear beads I had hanging around
  15. Right side

    From the album Godric's Hollow Shop

  16. The "Lily" dollhouse!

    Thank you.  I am so glad that you liked it!
  17. Scratch built contemporary DH

    There’s no such thing as a bad pun ;) This definitely rocks!
  18. Scratch built contemporary DH

    May I ask what you used for the stone?
  19. Scratch built contemporary DH

    I LOVE the framing for the kitchen's glass and that stonework totally blows me away (I started to say it rocks, but that's a very bad pun).
  20. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    That is the problem for me almost everything to my house is over $600 the smallest was over $400. Some great houses though. I'm sure the shipping includes crateing.
  21. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    The lucky ones would be the people close to Boston because I estimated the shipping to my home, and even the smallest item will ship for over $300!!
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  23. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I GOT MY PACKAGE! & everything in it. (Still want to know what the other people were doing with my package all this time...)
  24. Floor advice needed - hardwood and tile

    No, I think Popsicle sticks describes what you are using. Sorry I sidetracked.   I used the remnants of an old piece of plywood furniture which had been covering a hole in the fence when we bought our house 20 years ago and the layers of ply, which I cut into strips, were about the same thickness as a Popsicle stick. As everyone has said you need to put weight on them as they dry - I think I used PVA glue and left the weight on for a couple of days. This was about 8 or more years ago and they are still sitting nicely (mostly)  Have you finished yours yet? 
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