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  2. So can someone tell me how I I install the lights through such thick wood? Do I just run them down the wall? I saw a video and they drilled holes but it was a greenleaf house.
  3. Beginner from Toronto

    You are our kind of people, Radhika ... welcome!
  4. One of my earliest memories is of a childhood friend who had this mesmerizing set of tiny furniture and accessories for her Barbies.  I was so jealous!  My next memories are of making homes for my dolls using cardboard from used boxes, masking tape, and scraps of fabric.  More recently I have noticed dollhouse ads posted on my facebook feed.  Eventually I clicked on one.  I have spent the last couple of days falling down this particular rabbit hole.  I am glad I have found this forum so I can learn more before I start this new hobby.  My other hobbies are water colour painting, knitting, sewing quilts, gardening, ceramics, pottery, beadwork, ....  I am a bit of a crafting / hobby junkie.
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  6. I'm posting about this "I'll probably never get to it" project only because we're going to Santa Fe next week for the Burning of Zozobra (the original Burning Man festival, now in its 95th year), and then later to New Orleans for Halloween (so fun!!). Anywho, I love obscure facts like I'm about to share. Since it involves a dollhouse, what the heck, I'll post it here! Warning: turn your sound down before you click any of the links I'm embedding. Some of them are really loud. So, little known fact, the same craftsmen who built St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans also built the Basilica of St. Francis in Santa Fe. The current cathedral on Jackson Square in the French Quarter was begun in 1850. About the time it was getting finished, construction on St. Francis in Santa Fe was ready to begin. Bishop Lamy of Santa Fe wrote to the bishop of New Orleans and basically said, "Hey, don't send your workers back to France; we need them out here." So westward they went. Here are the bells of St. Francis tolling out the news when Francis was selected as the new Pope. If you click that link, pay attention to the stonework on the cathedral; it comes up again in a bit. To make extra money, both in New Orleans and in Santa Fe, those workers did side jobs and built homes. Look around the Garden District and Uptown in New Orleans and you'll see their handiwork whether or not you realize it. They did the same in Santa Fe. Interestingly, although they were in New Mexico, they built in the style that they already knew: French Louisiana Architecture. They just did it in adobe since that's what was available. Few examples survive but one of them is the Francisca Hinojos house on Palace Avenue. New Orleanians and Louisianans in general may recognize it (pics below) as their style of architecture. That's because it is. The house almost didn't survive due to a fire about eight years ago. The owner wanted to tear it down after it burned so he could develop the relatively large lot it sat upon, but the City of Santa Fe wouldn't allow him to tear down what remained of the house. He left it sitting open to the elements for a few years hoping the adobe would simply disintegrate beyond repair. Luckily, a developer who specializes in restoring historic homes purchased it and brought it back to life. I lived in Santa Fe for a few years not far from that house and I know it well. I was heartbroken when it burned and its potential razing was a story I followed closely. It's right across the street from the La Posada Hotel, which is also interesting. The hotel was originally a huge French Empire mansard-roofed house. The old house is still there, it's just that it is now inside the hotel. They didn't tear down the house, they just built the hotel around it. The old front door is in the lobby and through it you enter the original home. If you ever visit, be sure to request one of the Victorian rooms in the old house. They're fabulous. And haunted. Supposedly. When the Hinojos house burned, I resolved to do it as a dollhouse because I loved it so much. The thought of having it disappear forever just killed me! I have two kits to bash that will recreate it pretty convincingly, IMHO, plus all the necessary components. One of many projects I hope to get to sometime! When we're back from Santa Fe in a few weeks, I'll try to dig out some of that stuff and do a mock-up. I hope some might find those things as interesting as I do. Below are pictures of the house. Oh, and earlier I mentioned to look at the stone that built St. Francis Basilica if you clicked that link. Note the front wall in the last picture below. That is built of stone blocks rejected for whatever reason for use on the cathedral. The construction workers hauled it over to the Hinojos house by wagon and built a wall out of it. I love trivial facts like that. The original house before the fire: I'm planning to do my dollhouse version like this, how I best remember it, with the rusty-red tin roof.   The house how it stood roofless, boarded up, and rotting away for several years after the fire:   The restored house as it looks today: Note the cathedral stones used to build the front retaining wall.
  7. Hurstwood Cottage Kitbash

    Check your local hardware store for clear matte sanding sealer.
  8. What brand is it? You could try contacting their customer service to ask if they'll send you a new piece of canvas. I have contacted companies like Dimensions and Bucilla a couple of times for issues like this and they took care of it.
  9. Real bricks

    It was our wonderful Carrie! Here's the link for everyone:
  10. Porch decking

    If she doesn't like it you can trade her in for a new sister - me!!! 
  11. VictorianTimesCatalog Page-06.jpg

    Thank you for posting these - it's a wonderful resource to have so handy!
  12. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I would keep it attached but hinge the roof on the bathroom and do a removable panel or hinged side on the other side. I really do like this - now I want one in 1:48 scale!
  13. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Ooooh it does have great bones. I love it.
  14. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Interestingly, I love this house!  Well, not this house, but the plan and the potential. When the catalog was posted, I thought, "Well, great, there's another future house to build."  I would make the front portion removable instead of having it open on the side.   Here's a fun one...colorwise.
  15. Porch decking

    From the album San Fran 555 Build

    Possible stain color for the porch decking. I like it because it matches the pink trim,  hope my sister likes it also. 
  16. Testing a potential floor register ...

    You were the indirect inspiration, actually, Brae!  I was thinking about your wall outlets and just went from there.
  17. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I'm glad you mentioned the front rooms because I had meant to ask, does anyone know if the front or side walls for the kitchen and bathroom are hinged? How does one access those rooms? There are doors on the interior walls to those rooms, not big wide arches one could reach through. Seems odd to me. EDIT: NEVER MIND! The floor plan in the catalog shows that it has side walls with windows in those rooms. In the photos the seller posted, you can just barely see asphalt through those front windows. It appears to be open on that side, but only for those two front rooms. That makes sense.
  18. Dollhouse Identification

    I may be right on that point but I am the very last person to ask about who made what, lol. This is funny but Google brought me to this thread originally. I was only looking for ideas about how to do dollhouse dormer windows because I'm having issues with my gambrel. This thread was one of the hits and I had just seen that dollhouse on Ebay. I hadn't paid any attention to the questions about who made it until Jules Beth replied to my post. Anyway, I'm sure one day it will pop up somewhere and one of us will see it.
  19. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I think it looks like the younger cooler cousin of the Pepperwood Farm dollhouse. Smaller, peppier. I like it all - love the front room that can be peered into.
  20. Dollhouse Identification

    The one listed on Offerup has pictures of the interior that might prove useful.
  21. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    For Victorian Times, this house is definitely the least of their offerings. I like the B&W picture of it finished that 1martinimomma posted from their catalog. I'd like to see it in color. Instead of clapboard siding and fancy shingles, though, I think it would make a wonderful stone cottage with simple trim.
  22. 20190618-175659-resized-2.jpg

    From the album San Fran 555 Build

    Not actually a duplicate. It shows the attic ladder in the down position. Since this picture, I've cut off the lower ring so the ladder hands straight down. Much better.
  23. Arts & Crafts Wall-Hanging

    Love this, love the colors! 
  24. First Carpet on Display in the Shop!

    It is stunning and perfectly coordinated with the space.  the plant by a window is also a nice touch. ! creates a sense of who the homeowner is. 
  25. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I love the bathroom and the kitchen and the bedroom and the library and the front and and and lol!
  26. Hurstwood Cottage Kitbash

    I don't want to stain the wood - I think it looks fine as it is. So I'm not sure what product to use to seal it so it's Matt and doesn't change colour..
  27. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Looking at the photos of the interior, it's probably just as well we don't know...
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