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  2. Bedding.jpeg

  3. Birds on a Branch - 2 hours

    One day I will learn this skill. Really loving the look of that leaf at top left. It’s a great indication of the beauty to come. 
  4. Cutting board vignettes

    Well welcome home, Tillie, and what a terrific way to introduce your lucky friends to miniatures!
  5. UK newbie

    Welcome to the little family, Dawn.  I've made mini crocheted and knitted goodies for my houses; I made this wee granny square afghan using candle wicking yarn: and the hook shown; it was a tad heavier than I liked for 1:12.  I prefer using a single strand of DMC cotton floss to simulate worsted in 1:12, and cotton sewing thread for crochet cotton.  I no longer have the link to the online source I got my extra-itty knitting needles and crochet hooks from, long enough ago I no longer remember the name.
  6. What's everyone working on?

    that rug is adorable! i am currently working is getting the basement sorted out, so i have room to do the renovations to my Ikea dollhouse, and then start my Magnolia.
  7. Project Updates - PROGRESS!

    Thank you for telling me that Sable, I will do that! I'll give the window and the siding a second coat as well and see how it looks later in the day. I'll post pics of it under good light after the second coat has had time to dry well. I was unsure of that blue. The sample pic on looks perfect. The pic of it in the bottle, eek, scary dark. You may have saved me a trip to the craft store.
  8. Project Updates - PROGRESS!

    I have that Americana Blue. It is very dark. Ok for trim but I don’t think I’d do an entire house with it.  BM paints need to dry really well before the true color comes out. See how it looks in the morning.
  9. Project Updates - PROGRESS!

    PAINT! GAH! *clunk* head>desk So I just sang the praises of Benjamin Moore paint on another thread. I may have to take it back. I drove MILES out of my way to get a pint sample of Yorktowne Green for my Dutch gambrel. This color. Pretty, right? And so Colonial! Green my @$$. I tried it on a window and then a long piece of siding to double-check. It was battleship gray. There is no other way to describe it. Hideous. There is no green or blue in it that I can see. I should have taken a picture. Maybe tomorrow. I was too ticked off to think of photographing it. Tomorrow I'll pop over to Michael's and give this one a try. Americana is my usual go-to. I should have just stuck with it. I'm going for the picture below. This one might be too bright a blue. I'll find out tomorrow. I'm using this for the front door. I painted the frame bright white and the front door bright cherry red. I looove it. Could it match that front door any more perfectly? So in happier news, I searched through box after box for those really plain basic Houseworks windows. You know the ones, where the framing is basically just flat board with no cornice or anything fancy? I knew I had a few. I didn't know I had EIGHTEEN, lol. I have no idea why but oh well. Going to paint those with the same color as the clapboarding (if I can find the right color!). I ended up sorting through more stuff and filled up four banker's boxes (FOUR!) with stuff to list on Ebay. Or just throw in the trash. I wouldn't offend any of you by offering it in the Trading Post forum. It is all utter garbage. Stuff that came with mixed lots I bought to get a few items. I just never got around to getting rid of the awful stuff. The happier news I mentioned is that I found a lovely Colonial dining set that had belonged to my mother. I'd glimpsed it before but had no use for it so didn't really examine it. This time I thought, okay, this is nicely made so I turned it over to see if it was Concord, Town Square, Bespaq? No, it's Roger Gutheil (!!!). It was one of those suck-in-a-breath moments. Now, do not take that as humble-bragging, la-ti-da, I got Roger Gutheil furniture. I freely admit I have never in my life been able to afford even one piece of his work much less an entire dining room set. So yay Mom for being willing to pay more for a dollhouse dining room set than I paid for my RL one. Tomorrow I'll put that set into one of her roomboxes and snap some pics. It's sooo pretty! There are some nice wingback chairs and camelback sofas with it as well but no maker's marks. I think they're Bespaq and not artisan made, but I don't recognize the upholstery fabric as one that Bespaq ever used. Maybe someone else will recognize it. Hubby spackled the Lincoln house today. Going to let it cure overnight and then he'll go at it with the belt sander again tomorrow. I'll post update pics of that one if it ever looks showable. Sue Cook is selling me some simple column bases and capitals sans dowels to do the French Quarter gallery. I can get dowels for something like six for a dollar at my local hobby shop. The shipping alone from England would cost more than that!
  10. Birds on a Branch - 2 hours

    My hat's off to anyone who has the patience to French knot. I can barely survive needlepoint. That is a beautiful rug.
  11. Cutting board vignettes

    I love them!
  12. UK newbie

    Welcome to the forum! Lots of nice and helpful people here. I can almost always find tutorials for mini things on Youtube. This looks like it might be a good one. I skimmed it and it seems comprehensive. I can needlepoint but anything other than that is beyond me. Hat tip to anyone who has the patience to French knot! 1/12th Scale Crocheted Granny Square Throw / Afghan   This book on Amazon also came up.   I have had very good luck buying used books from Many of their sellers are in the UK. You won't have to wait as long for delivery from them as I do here in the U.S. And it looks like my favorite UK seller has that same book pretty cheap. WorldofBooks is a good seller. Reliable and low prices. Just a week ago I got a Jean Nisbett dollhouse book from them. Cotswold cottages are so beautiful. I hope you post pictures as you go along.
  13. Cutting board vignettes

    Those are fantastic!  Lucky friends. 
  14. LibraryRightSideComparison2.jpg

    I love seeing the comparison. This has been so fun watching your journey. Such an amazing build.
  15. LibraryRightSideComparison2.jpg

    It's the library from Theodore Roosevelt's summer home, Sagamore Hill.
  16. LibraryRightSideComparison2.jpg

    It's the library from Theodore Roosevelt's summer home, Sagamore Hill.
  17. Seeking a book

    I can't wait to see what you make.
  18. SmallRug.jpg

    I am amazed at how tiny it is. Amazing
  19. Cutting board vignettes

    Thats a really special gift.   
  20. Cutting board vignettes

    What fun! Love the idea!
  21. Cutting board vignettes

    Lovely idea and great work!
  22. SmallRug.jpg

    It's lovely! I know what you mean about evenweave - not!  hahaha
  23. Cutting board vignettes

    Lately I've been creating these vignettes using real wooden cutting or chopping boards using 1 inch scale, kitchen-related minis.  I got the inspiration to do these from Pinterest and I give them as gifts to friends and acquaintances:
  24. Ivy Hollow Rural Free Delivery Post Office

    Thank you, Kelly and Holly!  I'm just starting a rug for my build.  
  25. Siding needed for Heritage dollhouse

    I built a Heritage where I changed one wall. I made the replacement wall from plywood and 1/2" lap clapboard siding sheets. It was a pretty close match.
  26. I have a passion for creating miniature vignettes such as room boxes, shadow boxes, lamp bases with miniature room settings, and my latest projects have been real, wooden kitchen cutting or chopping boards with kitchen settings with kitchen-related mini all which I give as gifts to friends & acquaintances: 





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