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  2. Best Dolls

    My copy seems to have moved on, but Better Homes and Gardens published a couple of doll making books, Country Dolls and Cherished Dolls to Make for Fun; and one of them had patterns for an entire 1:12 scale soft doll family; I made a set for our first granddaughter's first dollhouse.
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  5. Best Dolls

    These are some furniture pieces I made probably 20+ years ago from one of the McCall's patterns. They are floppy because they are missing the cardboard inserts that hold them up.   
  6. Best Dolls

    If you search on eBay you can find old Butterick and Mcalls patterns for making your own cloth dolls and furniture! I think they look so charming.   
  7. Marie Antoinette style doll

    From the album Porcelain bisque dolls and miniatures in 1/12 scale

    I have more photos of her on my Facebook page Blue Moon Doll Studio where I show work in progress, doll making videos, etc. She is currently on eBay with low starting bid. The link is in the community trading post section.           
  8. Hi everyone, I’m sharing my current eBay listing in case anyone needs a Georgian style doll for a scene. There’s a long description in the listing. I started this auction at .99 with no reserve so everyone gets a chance to win her. There are more photos of her on my Facebook page Blue Moon Doll Studio. - Karin  
  9. New from Montgomery Alabama

    Welcome aboard !   
  10. blue walls

    From the album Captain January's Lighthouse

    make Star's bedroom look brighter
  11. tan paint

    From the album Captain January's Lighthouse

    makes the room warmer
  12. new table & chairs

  13. Last week
  14. New from Montgomery Alabama

    Welcome Kim & daughter!  This is the best place for help and advice.
  15. I don’t know. But a lot of artists use it. I’ve thought it might damage easily exactly because of the ease of carving or crushing it. But those are just my thoughts. I would try a test run on some scrap wood. Glue it, paint it, see how it holds up.   you might want to check out this artist’s blog.
  16. leading for "stained glass?"

    Thanks to all of you for the many tips. I will work my way through them all and decide which works the best for my situation. And I will share the results once I get it done.
  17. New from Montgomery Alabama

    Welcome to the little family Kim & daughter from down the road in Seminole, AL.
  18. My name is Kim and this is my first real dollhouse. I have been in love with the Garfield since I was 8 years old and my grandfather took me to the local hobby store to get some items for his train set. I am now 43 and for the first time I have a home that will allow me to finally have this house. I also have a 6yo daughter that will be assisting me with the project as much as she can.  All I need is as much advice as I can get on this. I do already know that I will be replacing the doors and windows so any help on that would be greatly appreciated. 
  19. Star's little bedroom

    From the album Captain January's Lighthouse

    new paint jobs on floors 2 and 3
  20. the Captain's room

    From the album Captain January's Lighthouse

    new paint jobs on floors 2 and 3
  21. lh1.jpg

    From the album Captain January's Lighthouse

    new paint jobs on floors 2 and 3
  22. Do you think it would still be damaged after sealing with acrylic spray?
  23. leading for "stained glass?"

    And with my little lead rant over, haha, I use simulated liquid leading. I get mine from Michael's but a quick search shows it's available in lots of places. Only snip off the tiniest portion of the top so the opening is not too large. I cut mine too small then just widened it by working the tip of a metal kitchen skewer into it. It worked well to make nice Tudor style diamond-paned leaded windows, but it does take a steady hand. EDIT: Always a P.S. afterthought with me! I remembered that I didn't care for the perfect black look as the leading. I used silver leaf Rub 'n Buff and just swiped it onto the leading with the tip of my pinky finger. I was concerned that it would look too shiny, like actual silver. Thankfully it did not, and I found it to create the perfect finish.
  24. leading for "stained glass?"

    Glad you shared that advice. I ordered rolls of leading from a UK supplier to do a lead roof on a slanted roof addition (similar to Greenleaf's Baslow Ranch kit) for a farmhouse. The instructions that came with it had at the top in big bold capital letters a warning to wear gloves so you didn't get lead poisoning. Okay, good enough for installation, but then what? Do you have to never touch it again, or make sure no one else ever does?? No thank you. I just put on some stripwood for the battens and age-painted the whole thing in slightly varying shades of gray. Looked fine and I don't have to worry about lead poisoning, TYVM.
  25. I use egg carton packaging material. It’s thicker than a regular egg carton, and heavily textured. You can see it on my Chanticleer build where I used it as stone. I like how light it is, and once it’s grouted (I used a tinted gel medium worked into the gaps and wiped off), and then painted, etc the finish is tough but lightweight. Styrofoam would also be extremely lightweight, but I’ve been concerned it would also damage easily.  
  26. leading for "stained glass?"

    I’ve used puff paint to create raised “leading” for one inch scale houses. It does require a steady hand. There is also this product which will give you the dimensional effect. It comes in precut shapes and different thicknesses too.
  27. How do you know when it's time to let one go?

    When I’m ready to let go I sell them. That’s when I know it’s time to give someone else the opportunity to love on the house and enjoy this cherished hobby.  
  28. Victorian Lady

    Unfortunately my Mom passed recently.  She did pour her own molds and even made some of her own molds.
  29. Victorian Lady

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