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  2. oh goodness. I think I will have to watch some videos heh. I was planning to use round wire as I hate the tape wire lol.   I understand some of this.. like running the wire through the channels but not sure how to make the channels and I guess I will have to plan where the wires are going so they meet together right? They have to all go in the power bar thing? 
  3. 51 Prestonwood

    I see nasty mold.  Wear a breathing mask like the ones you get at the pharmacy to wear when you have a cold or flu and scrub that stuff away with a bleach solution, which may also help remove the wallpaper.  A metal paint scraper works wonderfully  well for removing stubborn yucky stuff from the walls.  You can use the old cardboard walls to make templates for new walls from the plywood, as Sable suggests.  The house has good bones.
  4. Long Time Lover, First Time Buyer

    Welcome to the little family, Brittany and hubs.  When you have made five posts you can share pictures of your house and its transformation from sow's ear to silk purse in an album in the Gallery here.
  5. Dollhouse Identification

    It’s not a Walmer. Walmer used trim at the joints to connect each floor. Your floors are channeled at the joints. Plus the wood is different.
  6. 51 Prestonwood

    As far as replacing the walls, you can purchase birch plywood in assorted thicknesses from a hobby store. Trick is having the tools to cut them to size. 
  7. 51 Prestonwood

    It’s adorable! I would start with removing all the cardboard and wallpaper. Use painters tape and paper to cover the floors and windows on both sides. Then spray the entire house with Kilz Primer. I wouldn’t strip it just prime it very well. Then you have an odor free clean slate to work with. I like the roof. You may want to protect that too before spraying.
  8. 51 Prestonwood

    So I bought this dollhouse at an estate sale today & I want to fix it up! I’m pretty sure it’s homemade, but wondering if anyone knows anything about it or has an advice on where to start. I think it was stored outside at one point because the cardboard interior walls are stinky & moldy. I know that will have to be replaced, but how? Also wondering what to use to strip the paint. It’s hard lacquer-like paint. Gah feeling overwhelmed, but super excited. I know my son will love this for many years if I can do it the right way.
  9. Hi — I’ve loved miniatures since I was a kid & often made crude furniture out of junk lying around the house. Fast forward to my adult years & I just follow a bunch of miniature makers on Instagram, until today...I found a homemade dollhouse at an estate sale & fell in love. My husband & I are going to fix it up, but realized we may be in over our head, hence joining this forum! Looking forward to diving into this new hobby, I’m a bit of a hobby-hobbyist, so I think this could be a great creative outlet. I’m excited to see everyone else’s projects too & learn from the experts! 
  10. Beacon Hill

  11. hello from philadelphia

    Welcome to the little family, Ben and Tanya. There is a limit to the number of photos you can post from sources outside the Gallery.  There is no limit to the number of photos you can post in your albums. There are building blogs for some of the Greenleaf houses, found when you click on "Blogs" at the top of the page; here is the one for the Westville:
  12. Beacon Hill

    Michelle, you need to make two more posts to start an album.  Also, if you want to post photos from your albums, I don't believe there's a limit on those.
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  14. New door frame

    Love how it’s turning out  
  15. What's everyone working on?

    I've been in a holding pattern on minis this summer, work drains me during the week and then on the weekends I just recuperate and hang out. I've been dreading staining shingles for my Lawbre Chateau, and its cooler in the last several days. What better time? I used Minwax Red Mahogany on my cedar shingles. They are drying now but here's the visual. Boy....I hate staining shingles...this is the first and last time. I made quite a mess, started out badly by spilling stain on the table and concrete patio. Table was covered with craft paper but that quickly soaked through. Anyway, I think these will work really nicely.   
  16. shingles stained

    From the album Chateau

    I bit the bullet and finally stained my cedar shingles with Minwax Red Mahogany. 1st bag on left, a little drier, 2nd bag on right. 
  17. Beacon Hill

    I have never posted or commented.   This was my first time.   I will try to create a gallery at some point.  Thank you for the advice and nice comments about my dollhouse!  
  18. hello from philadelphia

    You're in luck there. This is a Greenleaf forum and that is a Greenleaf house. I know several members have built that kit and would probably be happy to share their tips and tricks. When you start that one, you may want to start a thread in the forum for Greenleaf houses at this link. Be sure to put the name of the house in your subject line. Also do a search for Westville. You'll get a lot of results. Some may answer your questions. Others may give you and your wife inspiration on finishing it. Speaking of inspiration, here is NellBell's album for her Westville.  
  19. hello from philadelphia

    Your help is greatly appreciated.  I cant wait for her to see your posts.  I have driven as far as 4hrs in one direction to pick up dollhouses.  just yesterday I got 2 cast iron potbelly stoves and rocking chairs (salt and pepper shakers) that I later read about on here.  I cant wait to start the gallery and get more help.  We might put this one aside for a bit and work on a westville, I think that needs way less work. 
  20. hello from philadelphia

    Yeah, I think someone modified that house at some point. Mine doesn't have windows on one side either. The original kit comes open to the rear. Someone made a full rear enclosure and hinged the front, which is exactly what I'm doing with mine. They opted to put a bay on the rear side. That appears homemade to me (the rear side, not the bay window). I doubt the house originally came fully enclosed. It's a house with a lot of potential, IMO. It could be a real charmer. And before I forget since I immediately pounced onto the house... WELCOME!! You will find a lot of help on this forum when it comes to decorating the interior, finishing the exterior, etc., etc..
  21. Dollhouse Identification

    Here are some new pictures of the interior.    
  22. hello from philadelphia

    Easy fix. Get some stripwood to use as a foundation board to bring it up to the right height. Mine doesn't even have a foundation. The addition I'm putting on mine comes with a 1 1/4" high foundation. It's really thin though so I'm probably not going to use it. I get 1 1/12" high by 3/4" thick wood from Manchester Woodworks. I don't think they keep it in stock but if you ask them to make you some, they will. They did it for me. I've not used foundations provided, and removed foundations already attached more times than I can remember. I replaced all of them with the wood I mentioned. It works like a charm and makes everything sturdy and at the same height. I'd recommend keeping the additions unattached (if they already are unattached) for ease of moving. You can easily cut the foundation boards with a hand saw if you don't have a jigsaw. Mitering the corners may be more "professional" but I've found that task unnecessary. I just butt them up against each other, glue, then nail or screw.
  23. hello from philadelphia

    Ok, rasping?  Lol.  I'm saving all of this for my wife.  I looked at your pics and although the houses are similar,  I see some differences.  She will measure the windows and reply I'm sure.  There are no windows on the left side (using the porch as the front) of my house.  There is also a bay window on the first floor.  Thanks so much for your help.  I will use my laptop to post more pics for you since i dont know how to resize them on my phone. 
  24. hello from philadelphia

    Lol, I hear that. Get the magnets like the kind used to hold kitchen cabinet doors closed. They are perfect for this purpose. That slanted piece at the front eave line is exactly like mine. The wood on mine is very thick too. Mine has milled-in siding but yours appears to have applied clapboard siding strips? They're about 3" high and I can just make out the seams on the side. Maybe Batrie made a smooth-sided kit at one time. Mine is a full gambrel roof but yours is done exactly like I've been thinking of re-doing mine. Basically the front half of the roof to make it taller, with a flat enclosed rear side. I posted about that here: Are your window and door openings standard-sized? The windows should be 2 9/16" wide by 5 1/16" high to accommodate standard components. Mine sure weren't! They fell short by about 1/8" in width and height. I'll warn you, the only way i found to widen them was with a strong metal rasp. A sanding block and dremel grinder didn't make a dent in them. Rasping is a LOT of work but a heck of a lot easier than building windows and doors from scratch.  
  25. hello from philadelphia

    Yeah, the whole facade is removable.  Gravity will remove mine if I move it a little bit lol. 
  26. hello from philadelphia

    The owner got it for xmas in 1979 and added the addition later. It has copper strips for wiring and a few outlets.  We have amassed 8 dollhouses in the last month and some tools.  The wood is thick on this one. It's well built but I dont know where to start.  If you think this is what you have kells, ask for specific pics and we will post them.
  27. hello from philadelphia

    KathieB recently explained that a member can create a gallery once they've made five posts.
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